Just Lacing It

Something about lace that makes me feel more feminine & pretty. It’s the intricateness and the delicate detail that make it so. Though I like feeling more girly, sometimes wearing it restricts me to be my clumsy, awkward self. For the reason that I always feel like I need to be more prim & proper to compliment my look.


Fail proof outfit if you need an extra boost of pretty. Like the other basic pieces, this lace skirt works with anything. I’ll show you later how I paired it with another top to change it to a more casual look.


Lunch out with friends, meeting over coffee or off to work. This look pretty much covers any social activity that warrants you to look polished.


So hard to find a decent mustard top so I’m thankful that my persistence pursued. Hahaha! After scouring each floor of Platinum mall, I spotted this top and immediately bought it.


Again, see how I mix textures? Plain top with printed bottom. I like how it creates a more balanced look, well at least for me.


Changed the top to a denim button down and it gives a totally different feel. I could also wear this with my New Balance sneakers to make it more casual and more laid back.


A denim button down top is such a basic that you can easily wear on most days. Pair it with a different shade of denim pants and you’re denim on denim look is a go. Wear it with trousers and you’re office appropriate. In my case, I like wearing it with skirts to balance the ruggedness of denim.


I hate it when my shoes look a tad bit bigger than what they actually are, especially in photos. But promise this one fits perfectly. Haha! May disclaimer talaga guuuuys.

Tan pumps is equivalent to nude pumps & serves the same purpose. Neutral and subtle enough to wear with color compared to black pumps. I like how soft its padded sole is–makes it easy to walk around.

lace skirt, Zara| denim top, Levis| cape top, unbranded , bought in Bangkok| shoes, YSL



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