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Flight Mode


I've never experienced long haul flights. I never knew what jet lag feels like nor what boredom and cabin fever are because my trips out of the country are all just within Asia. But if there's one flight-related concern I am bothered with, it's wearing the perfect travel outfit. Travel articles and blogs would always advise us to travel light and to keep it simple. As for our travel outfits, we are warned to always go for comfort. I was once a dress/ shorts kinda girl especially when I travel ... [ Read More ]

The Struggle Is Real


Being lucky is not enough when it comes to getting what you want. While I know some people attribute their success as 50% luck and 50% work, I believe it's always 100% work.  I  agree with Louis Pasteur "Chance favors the prepared mind". While it is easy to focus on our dreams, channel The Secret, pray and call out the universe, it is expected that in order for things to work, you gotta work for it. I am very traditional when it comes to achieving success. I want it slowly but surely. The idea ... [ Read More ]

Face Wardrobe With Dior x Cristina Madara


Beauty and fashion really go hand in hand because one would work better with the other. Most women (myself included) love building their wardrobe as they discover their personal style but when it comes to their beauty arsenal, they'd rather use what they've already tried and tested. It's when I started blogging that I realized discovering beauty products to add to my arsenal is as essential as learning to edit my wardrobe. Dior had an exclusive event at Lusso last week where image consultant ... [ Read More ]

Amorita Resort, Alona Beach, Panglao Bohol


As what I mentioned on my FitFlop sweet escape post, Amorita Resort along Alona Beach in Panglao Bohol deserves a spotlight of its own. Alona beach is a 1.5 kilometre stretch of white sand and clear blue waters. Alona beach was originally named Tawala seaside. Back in 1980, a Filipina film actress named Alona Alegre shot some scenes along the beach. Since then, locals started calling Tawala, Alona. A few decades after and the name Alona stuck through. Amorita (means "little darling") is a ... [ Read More ]

No Vacation From Sun Protection With Daylong


I think I've confessed to this lack of skin care regimen of mine many times over here on the blog. I only wear sunscreen when I'm at the beach and back when I was younger (read: teens, early 20s) I don't even put sunscreen while I'm soaking up the sun, getting a tan! I know, I know, I'm more prone to premature wrinkles and I've come to learn & understand this a few months ago when I started noticing how bad my skin has become. I've been more prone to acne, breakouts, dryness and uneven skin ... [ Read More ]