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Online Shops For Your Christmas Shopping


I am not yet done with my Christmas shopping. For a stay-at-home mom, you'd think I'd be done by now, assuming I can frequent my favorite malls, ticking off one by one what's on my list. I could have been, but half of the time I have work and I have momma duties so my trips to the mall aren't as frequent and as accomplished as I hoped them to be. I could only imagine the career women & men who have little time to shop and have no other choice but to brave traffic and mall crowd on weekends. ... [ Read More ]

Tiny Buds For Your Lil’ Ones + Giveaway


One of the things I like about being a mother is that I get to discover different brands & products for my children. There will always be new things to discover and like. I know I'm more giddy for my kids to try new products for them than they are. They're not as keen nor as meticulous as I am, but I gotta say they have a thing for anything cute and anything that, as what lil' Mr. GJG would say "smeeeeeeeh goooooood". These two criteria my children look for when it comes to using products ... [ Read More ]

The Go Family Portrait 2014


It's becoming an annual thing for us to have our family portrait taken. However, what makes this year's portrait different from the previous year is that we got to shoot it outdoors. The thing about shooting outdoors is that there are a lot of things to consider: weather, natural light, venue and the mood of the people involved. These are some of the things we had to keep in mind when we agreed to shoot outdoors with the super cool, talented and rising life + style photographer, Louie Arcilla. ... [ Read More ]

Pratical Christmas Gift Ideas

GoJackieGO Practical Gift Guide

Christmas is the time of the year when everyone is busy. The thing most of us are stressed with (apart from the crazy traffic) is thinking of a good gift to give to the special people in our life. Aminin, it's not easy to buy gifts especially to the people who have it all! Apart from giving the gift of time & love (medyo cheesy but true), I think the best gift we can give to our loved ones are things that can be used in their daily life. With this, I've round up a few items that are ... [ Read More ]

H&M Home Opens In Manila


If I were to build my dream home, I would go for a minimalist scandinavian interior. Modern, clean, homey with a hint of quirkiness. For the longest time, I've had pegs of what my future home would be like. Now, I won't rely on just scanning and browsing online for home interiors as more and more brands are opening their stores here in our shores. Pottery Barn initiated it, followed soon by Crate and Barrel plus there's a chismis that Zara Home is also joining in the home invasion. But one thing ... [ Read More ]