Giveaway Alert: How Would You Wear A Yosi Samra Pair?


If you type in Yosi Samra on the Go Search feature of this blog located at the bottom part of every page, you'll see I have written a few times about Yosi Samra. Ballet flats. It's the one pair I know every woman owns as it's a very versatile type of footwear that can get you from day to night. When you've got a fashionable, foldable flats like Yosi Samra, wearing sky high heels ain't a problem as you can bring your YS pair just when your feet are about to give up. For a full day of errands for ... [ Read More ]

SoMoms For Elin PH


Remember the teaser photos I, together with the other SoMoms kept on posting on our Instagram accounts? Well, here's the reveal- SoMoms got to do a shoot wearing our favorite go-to brand, Elin. What is Elin? Elin is a Manila based and Philippine made apparel brand with a collection of timeless and comfortable wardrobe essentials for women. The Elin clothes we got to wear during the shoot. Thank you Gex Garcia for doing my make up and for making me feel pretty! :) It was such a ... [ Read More ]

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemon Water


It just sort of hit me as I was concocting my morning cup of coffee at nine in the morning last Monday. Morning is always the most busiest time of my day. When my kids are awake, I start going around the house like a headless chicken, because I have to do everything myself as I'm maidless and yayaless. I'm beginning to feel like this is my destiny. Growing up not having any helper, my mom raised my sisters and I to do household chores. This sort of trained me, helping me to endure my current ... [ Read More ]

This 2014 Is All About FOCUS


The holiday break has given me enough time to think about how I can make things better. Although the break didn't give me much time to rest, since hands-on moms & homemakers like me don't really get a break do we? :) Nonetheless, it has given me the chance to asses myself and what I can improve for 2014. Out of all the positive, inspiring resolutions we always tend to make every New Year, I have chosen just one word to summarize what I want for this year. This 2014, my aim is to ... [ Read More ]