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Modest In Midi


 The midi skirt trend has gotten me.  I once wasn't a fan of this alanganing (uncertain length) skirt as I prefer short skirts because they look more chic and girly. Now I find myself liking midi-skirts because they're pretty comfy to wear and they make me look all girly without worrying of having a Manilyn Monroe moment while walking around the metro. There are so many ways to wear a midi-skirt and I have a few more ideas on what to pair it with which hopefully I can shoot and share next time. ... [ Read More ]

Healthy, Happy Meals By Diet Diva


Diet is often a misunderstood term. I hate it when people would give their opinion on how I lost weight and then attribute it to diet as if it was a bad thing. Seriously, di ba pwedeng it's because I work out regularly and eat healthy food? I never had any weight problems when I was growing up, I was slim and thin. But after having two kids, my body and metabolism have changed. I may still look slim and thin but I'm far from being healthy. Loose skin and saggy parts that gravity have ... [ Read More ]

New Normal


When you wake up in the morning and have trouble figuring out what to wear, then you seriously have a problem. Dressing up daily shouldn't be a hassle. That's if you have the basics covered. A closet's backbone is composed of basic wardrobe, a wardrobe that's very easy to mix and match with trendy or other basics. You can never go wrong with a white shirt but in order to turn the plain ol' basic into a decent outfit, pair it with a chic bottom. Such as this culottes which I've been wearing ... [ Read More ]

Like Mother, Like Daughter


My lil' Ms. GJG & I might not look so much alike as she gets her dad's side more but in terms of  dressing up, we're very much alike. We like girly clothes yet we like experimenting, trying trends to see if it also works for us as much as the classics. So I didn't pass the opportunity to yet again play dress up with my mini me with clothes from Mango & Mango Kids. Channeling our inner boho-chic with our matchy-matchy fringed kimono. Spruce up a plain white tee and denim jeans with ... [ Read More ]

10 Reasons Why I Love iFlix


My Facebook was bombarded with spoilers from the recent season finale of GoT. My timeline was filled with cursing and too many friends threatening to unfriend their friends because most of them forgot to put SPOILER ALERT on their status updates and obviously were spoilers. Honestly, Game of Thrones is one of the series I can't seem to start on because it's too intense and would know my full attention to watch it. Also, it's now its on season 5 and this would entail a full-day marathon of it ... [ Read More ]