Go! Jackie Go is the successor of the author’s (Jackie Go) old blog My Nocturnal Journal. What started as random thoughts that needed publishing blossomed into so much more. It had been designed to share whatever firsthand experience the author has on products, events, and even life lessons. Owned and managed by Jackie Go, who is a  twenty-something year old wife and a mother to a toddler (girl) & a baby (boy). In between her family & blogging, she works as a television commercial & print ad model. A work in progress homemaker who is fond of dressing up and like all things pretty & quirky. She is passionate about inspiring & finding inspiration from other women and believes that every mom should look pretty even while changing diapers and doing the laundry.

In a nutshell, Go! Jackie Go is personal blog of a young wife & mom in search for the stylish bargains & finds in between homemaking & attending life’s beautiful events.

Jackie Go. Woman. Wife. Mother. Professional Commercial Model. Coffee Addict. Bookworm. Vintage Hunter. Park & Nature Lover. Style Savvy. Cartoons Freak. Sweet Tooth. OC. Movie Maniac. Defensive Driver. Beach Bum. Curious Cow. From Manila.

Come join her as she proves that there are treasures waiting to be discovered as she goes along her everyday journey while spreading good vibes along the way. ;)