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About Jackie


Jackie Go is a wife to James, a hands on mom to her kids Jasmine and Juro and a lifestyle blogger. Her stories about mundaneness & reality as homemaker, small victories & triumphs as a parent, food and shopping discoveries as a consumer, visits & sojourn to destinations around the world as a traveler, and her workouts & ways to be healthy as a fitness enthusiast make up her blog Go Jackie Go which she started back in 2010. Eight years of online presence has paved way for her to work with local and global brands such as P&G, Smart Telecommunications, Dyson, Estee Lauder, Singapore Tourism, HGTV Asia, Mango, & Lactacyd Baby among others.


Now the blog has extended it’s online presence on YouTube as well. Watch Jackie’s random videos of unboxing, moments with her kids, trips to different places, workout sets and even what she eats. Click on the button below and subscribe to her Youtube channel.





Woman, You Can Have It All

Every once in a while, I initiate the 'ask me a question' post on my stories so my Instagram friends can get to know me a little bit more. More often than not, I get comments & questions like these: It's pretty amazing how social media and having an online presence can inspire and empower ... READ the POST

My 4-Day Detox Experience

My good friend & fitspiration, Nikki Torres of Pretty Darn Fit & I were randomly talking about our New Year's plan as early as November of last year. One topic that came up was detox & how it's something we can do at the start of the year. I didn't take it seriously up until after the ... READ the POST

On The Go With My All Day Trainer

If there's one shoe that I've been using and abusing for months now it's my pair of Cole Haan All Day Trainer. Ever since I got it I've been wearing it to the gym to lift weights, to meetings in my smart casual look, and even when I travel. I've brought these shoes to China on a weekend trip and ... READ the POST

Taking A Step To Better Health With Mebendazole Antiox®

I know as a mom, we parents are particular when it comes to what we give our kids. Basic needs such as shelter, clothing and food are given while love, devotion, and protection almost instantaneously kick in as soon as we have first sight of our kids. Because all dads & moms only want one ... READ the POST

Week 14 of 2019

This week I spent a few days in Balesin for Active Health's Fitness Retreat. It deserves a separate post because I learned so much during this trip. But here's a look at the lovely island as shot by Pinoy Fitness using his drone, bongga! Managed to take tons of beach photos while getting a ... READ the POST

Staycation: New World Manila Bay

A few months ago we did a quick staycation at New World Manila Bay. Initially I planned to do a vlog about it and even let my kids use the GoPro so I can add footage they took. Unfortunately upon checking the videos that we took, the audio was inaudible and the device kept on producing this annoying ... READ the POST

Week 13 of 2019

I can't believe this week closes the first quarter of the year. 90 out of 365 days of 2019 done. Tthe first three months went by quickly. To recap it was about welcoming the year, celebrating the lunar year, celebrating my firtborn's birthday, finishing school, and welcoming summer. With a lot of ... READ the POST

Week 12 of 2019

My kids & I being clingy with each other for summer. They're so used to having me around now that school's out. So I brought them to the gym with me on Monday. Thank God Upperdeck has a lounge area where they can stay while I workout. Here they are complete with baon of toys & gadget to busy ... READ the POST


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