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International Lipstick Day With SM Beauty


Did you know that the first people who wore lipstick were the Mesopotamian women? They grind precious gems and use their dust to decorate their lips? source. Since then, the idea of applying something on the lips was considered in almost every civilization, either as a form of marking or an ornament. Eventually, the very first commercial lipstick product was invented more than a century ago, somewhere around the year 1800. Lipsticks. It's my thaaaaang (yes, slaaaaaang talaga dapat). I am one ... [ Read More ]

Review: Up & Up Skin Lifting Serum


Confession: I'm afraid to grow old. Does this make me vain? When I started trying out beauty products, I realized I am afraid of aging. Yes aging. Having no skin care nor beauty regimen in my younger days, I fear this will get back at me when I am older. I'm afraid I won't age gracefully because of how late bloomer I am when it comes to taking care of my skin, body and self in general. While there are so many options for us women now, invasive treatments are still a no-no for me. First, because ... [ Read More ]

But First, Coffee!


I am one of the many people who cannot function properly without first having a cup of coffee. These funny coffee mugs basically sum up how I am with my first cup in the morning. photo source photo source photo source The moment I wake up, I check my phone and immediately as if by cue, my mind would softly utter BUT FIRST, COFFEE before even attempting to think about the gazillions things I need to do. I cannot remember the first time I had a sip of this powerful beverage. But I believe ... [ Read More ]

Bag Brand Alert: Hervé Chapelier Paris


Check the Instagram accounts of popular and stylish personalities and you'll see how they oftentimes opt for the simple arm candy bags, designer or not.  Most of these trend setters opt for good silhouettes and eye catching textures & patterns over screaming brand logos. Is this just a trend or have monogrammed bags become so 2000-and-late? This I can relate to. I find myself tucking away my monogrammed totes and bags at the back of my closet. As I choose to use bags that are simple yet ... [ Read More ]

Make Your Own Minion With Monde Special Mamon


Ever since we knew the existence of minions when we watched Despicable Me, we've become slightly obsessed with their cuteness. I mean, can you resist the yellow loving, banana eating creatures?! My lil' GJGs minions! When we learned that the Minions will have their own movie, we planned on watching it. So we were thrilled to get an invite from Monde to watch Minions. Minions + Monde = cuteness & fun! During the movie screening, there was a Monde stall letting the movie goers try ... [ Read More ]