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Concepts by Giordano Group, The Block SM North EDSA


Back in the 90s, wearing loose shirts with straight cut high waist jeans paired with Birkenstock & socks were the in thing. One of the brands that dominated the uniform polo shirt trend was Giordano. Wearing the iconic "man" & "frog" logo makes you a cool kid. This prompted me to constantly nag my sister- to let me borrow her Giordano shirts for she has it in different colors. Visiting the newly opened Giordano Concepts Store in SM North The Block rekindled my love for the brand. The ... [ Read More ]

Kids TV Now On PLDT HOME Telpad


I barely get to watch TV all because the lil' GJGs have called dibs on it. Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Nat Geo are just some of the channels they frequently watch.  I admit I kinda miss watching my favorite shows. I'm sure some mommas can relate to me- those who have kids that have hijacked their TV at home. Now, there's no need to battle it out on who gets to watch, for PLDT Home gives us another reason to love the Telpad. Introducing, Kids TV. In partnership with Cignal Digital TV, ... [ Read More ]

Touring Yoki’s Farm Tagaytay


As I mentioned during our stay at Wilson's Place in Tagaytay, we also toured Yoki's Farm & Balay Indang. Yoki's Farm is also named after the owner of Wilson's Place. The farm also houses Yoki/Wilson's growing antique collection. From life-size statues to trinkets of all sorts. According to Marge, Yoki loves collecting vintage, one of a kind, dated pieces just because. The farm houses a few animals such as birds, fishes, chickens and pigs and it's also where they grow different vegetables ... [ Read More ]

Review: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara


I received a package from New York. It's pink & green and it's from Maybelline! I grew up with Maybelline and I remember, it was one of the few make up brands that I owned. So receiving this package brought back so many memories especially the time when I was starting as a TV commercial model. This #EyeLoveMNY luggage is one of the cutest packages I've ever received. Immediately, even before knowing what's the content, I was reminded of one of Maybelline's iconic products, the Maybelline ... [ Read More ]

Wanderskye Luggage Covers


Summer is definitely the travel season especially for us who live in Manila. It's either we go explore the beautiful beaches that surrounds us or we go somewhere cold to escape the summer heat. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or an occasional traveler, don't you find spotting for you luggage in the luggage belt a tedious task? I get dizzy because we own the very generic black luggage. What we usually do is tie a bright colored ribbon on it so it's easy to spot if it's ours or not. But why ... [ Read More ]