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About Jackie


Jackie Go is a wife to James, a hands on mom to her kids Jasmine and Juro and a lifestyle blogger. Her stories about mundaneness & reality as homemaker, small victories & triumphs as a parent, food and shopping discoveries as a consumer, visits & sojourn to destinations around the world as a traveler, and her workouts & ways to be healthy as a fitness enthusiast make up her blog Go Jackie Go which she started back in 2010. Eight years of online presence has paved way for her to work with local and global brands such as P&G, Smart Telecommunications, Dyson, Estee Lauder, Singapore Tourism, HGTV Asia, Mango, & Lactacyd Baby among others.


Now the blog has extended it’s online presence on YouTube as well. Watch Jackie’s random videos of unboxing, moments with her kids, trips to different places, workout sets and even what she eats. Click on the button below and subscribe to her Youtube channel.





2020 Recap: The Year Of Adapting

Last day 2020. Well that was fast. Despite the blur of the last three quarters of 2020, I won't let this year go without my year end post. I've been doing this two years since I started blogging and you can back read on my year end post for each year here: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, ... READ the POST

The year we all had to adapt.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

This post was on my draft list for almost three months now. I've been meaning to write more but weeks passed by being busy with my kids' online distance learning and preparing to relocate to another country (more about this on a separate post). Thankful that I finally have the time and have gathered ... READ the POST

Foreo UFO Review: Mask Made Easy

It's been a while since I did a review here on the blog. Being in quarantine for almost 5 months has given me time to take it slow. It has prompted me to do things I like but have not gotten around doing it. Like read a book, play a video game, or as simple as be consistent when it comes to my skin ... READ the POST

Aegle Wellness Center: A Day of Total Wellness

Last month, I visited Aegle Wellness Center after being in quarantine for 80 plus days. Now more than ever have I been vigilant about my health and so A Day of Total Wellness is something I was excited about. Prior to my full day at Aegle, I went to get my blood tests done. This is so that my ... READ the POST

My Current (Pandemic) Essentials

It's been a crazy few months of uncertainty as we stay home for more than 100 days now trying to keep ourselves healthy & at the same time help our frontliners fight the virus. Though we're still in quarantine, I look forward to the coming weeks when our new reality slowly unfolds. While it is ... READ the POST

Thoughts In Time Of Coronavirus

We're almost two weeks in on our community quarantine and it took me this long to compartmentalize my feelings and dissect my emotions on what's going on. This pandemic caused by Coronavirus is something we shouldn't take lightly. What started as an outbreak in one country rapidly spread around the ... READ the POST

I Ran A Marathon And Here Are My Thoughts

RUN A MARATHON. CHECK More often than not, running a marathon is part of someone's bucket list. To be honest, it wasn't really mine up until I finally did it last month. I think I've said it one too many times but I have a love/hate relationship with running. Growing up with asthma, running was ... READ the POST

2021 Word: Pivot

Hi 2021, I've got zero expectations from you. I didn't even bother to write any new year's resolution instead, I'm dedicating a word for the new year to help me navigate the uncertainty it brings. 2021 word: PIVOT. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jackie Go ... READ the POST

Foreo Bear Review: Workout For Your Face

On my last beauty post, I shared about my latest gadget the Foreo UFO. I love how it makes masking easy! Being in quarantine for half a year has made me focus on my skin since I couldn't do my usual facial treatments, I have to find ways to make sure my skin is still taken cared of. This prompts me ... READ the POST

My Top Three Tips To Go Organic

In the past few years, the word "organic" has been thrown around along with health & wellness. But what is organic really? Organic is anything produced without the use of fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial agents. When I started to shift into a healthier lifestyle a few years ... READ the POST


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