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About Jackie


Jackie Go is a wife to James, a hands on mom to her kids Jasmine and Juro and a lifestyle blogger. Her stories about mundaneness & reality as homemaker, small victories & triumphs as a parent, food and shopping discoveries as a consumer, visits & sojourn to destinations around the world as a traveler, and her workouts & ways to be healthy as a fitness enthusiast make up her blog Go Jackie Go which she started back in 2010. Eight years of online presence has paved way for her to work with local and global brands such as P&G, Smart Telecommunications, Dyson, Estee Lauder, Singapore Tourism, HGTV Asia, Mango, & Lactacyd Baby among others.


Now the blog has extended it’s online presence on YouTube as well. Watch Jackie’s random videos of unboxing, moments with her kids, trips to different places, workout sets and even what she eats. Click on the button below and subscribe to her Youtube channel.





My 4-Day Detox Experience

My good friend & fitspiration, Nikki Torres of Pretty Darn Fit & I were randomly talking about our New Year's plan as early as November of last year. One topic that came up was detox & how it's something we can do at the start of the year. I didn't take it seriously up until after the ... READ the POST

Week 7 of 2019

This week's highlight is LOVE simply because it's Valentine's Day. While I'm not a fan of celebrating this holiday, I do however am all for taking some time to love yourself & the special people in your life. I always start my week with a good workout. Monday mornings are usually spent at ... READ the POST

Gabbie’s Birthday Beach Weekend

My first born and favorite girl in the world turned another year over the weekend. And what better way to celebrate her day than to drive out to the beach? I can't believe my daughter is now on her last single digit age! Looking back at the photos I posted on my Facebook, I am reminded of how ... READ the POST

30 Day No Sweets Challenge Done!

I've never done any 30 Day Challenge in my life. The thought of committing to something for thirty days really scared me because I'm afraid I might fail. So talking about doing it with my roomie Nikki last year literally got my hands cold & my palms sweaty. Haha! My last indulgence before I ... READ the POST

Week 6 of 2019

Last week was a mix of slow days & busy days. Something that I actually enjoyed. To be honest I still get a little bit OC fixing our weekly schedule. The homemaker in me just wants to do chores & finish them all every Monday. I usually tend to stress over things like this I'm practically ... READ the POST

Self Care: Easy Ways to Invest In Yourself

Self care has become an obsession with the millennials. While the term had existed long before hashtag love yourself was ever trending, it was only recent that this noun was used one too many times as netizens give importance to their overall health & wellness. While there are many ways you can ... READ the POST

Week 5 of 2019

Last week of January went by so fast and yet it was also slow. I was down to my last four days of my 30 Day No Sweets Challenge and I was literally counting the days, hours, minutes until it was over. I'll save the whole story about it on another post. Hahahuhu. Anyhow, it was an interesting ... READ the POST


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