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Meet The PLDT Telpad Quad Core & Its New Online Ambassadors


I've been a PLDT Home subscriber for years now and once in a while I'd receive phone calls from their agents offering upgrades. One of which they eagerly promote is the TelPad. To be honest, I would always politely decline because it isn't something I think would interest me nor my family, given we already have our gadgets such as laptop, smart phone and tablet. But then I got a closer look at the newest PLDT Home Telpad and I have to say, it did change the way I feel about owning one as I ... [ Read More ]

Style Series: Shorts


For the second style series, we give attention to shorts. Denim, colored, cut off, short shorts, bermuda shorts and every other kind. I, personally like wearing shorts most of time, if not, on a daily basis. And because it's part of the style series, of course its a staple piece in one's wardrobe. Unless you really dislike wearing one. For me, denim shorts is as staple as a WBD shirt. I like wearing shorts, like dresses, I can live in them. But sometimes wearing them with a shirt or a tank top ... [ Read More ]

Swimsuit Shopping At Velvet Rose Lingerie


Confession: I'm obsessed in finding the perfect one piece swimsuit. Even when I was single, I'm one of the many women who feel so awkward wearing a bikini. Sabi sa inyo #medyoawkward talaga ako. Even back when I had an almost visible abs and smooth tummy, (read: no stretch marks) I still feel conscious wearing a bikini. Maybe because I'm really a monokini, one-piece swimsuit kinda girl? Up until I have abs, as in no more jelly belly I swear, I shall conquer my fear of wearing bikinis. For now, ... [ Read More ]

Mom Find: Baby & Beyond Store


Lil' Ms. GJG was a Tommee Tippee user since she was a newborn baby. Tommee Tippee bottles and sterilizer were the first items we bought when I just six months pregnant with her. Lucky for me, all my trips to the mall window shopping paid off as I discovered Tommee Tippee,  because I wasn't too satisfied with the other brands the SAs were offering to me. Soon after I got pregnant the second time around, I still considered using Tommee Tippee to lil' Mr. GJG. In preparation, I had to have the ... [ Read More ]