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Glambox Cosmetics


Three words that always catch my attention: exclusive, beauty, and glamour. I don't know about you, but whenever I see these words I feel a sense of connection, as if the object these words are describing is calling my attention. So I was really delighted when I saw these words printed on a box that was waiting for me at home. A package from GlamBox Cosmetics containing exclusive things that speaks of beauty & glamour. You may have heard of GlamBox Cosmetics. It's known for its GlamBox ... [ Read More ]

Is Your Child A Picky Eater?


One of the things that concerns us parents is when our children become picky eaters. I get questions related to feeding almost all the time as I know a lot really do struggle when it comes to this aspect of parenting, especially parents who are working and don't have the luxury to be a hands-on to their children. My kids aren't really ac picky eaters but I have to say they have their favourites. They like pasta and noodles more than rice and grains, vegetables and soups more than meat. While ... [ Read More ]

Unilever Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Awards

Unilever Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneur Awards

Hello Monday! Received this bagful of Unilever goodies a few weeks ago. The first thing I noticed is the bag's made from recycled Sunsilk sachets and the little notes attached to some of the Unilever products. One of the very first few things we learned when we started school was how to reuse, reduce and recycle in order to help our environment. By doing these three Rs, we do our part everyday in reducing environmental waste impact, but we can only do so much as individual citizens. What we ... [ Read More ]

Mom Find: Okiedog Diaper Bags


One of the baby things I never purchased was a diaper bag. I figured I have a lot of tote bags that pass as our diaper bag. I am one of the few moms who find diaper bags really unnecessary. Although I was gifted by friends with a few ones, we still prefer the ever roomy ordinary backpacks or my ever so trusty tote bags. When it was just lil' Ms. GJG, packing a diaper bag was easy peasy. A little tote bag is all we need to put the essentials: milk, water, nappies, a set of extra clothes, face ... [ Read More ]

Just A Little Sparkle


Rainy days take away the brilliance in almost everything. While the gloomy weather is a valid excuse to dress snuggly and comfortably in our lounge pants & sweat shirts, I feel like its the perfect time to dress up and beat the unwelcoming feels that cast like a dark cloud on what could've been a beautiful sunny day. Being stuck at home last week for four days due to Typhoon Glenda (Rammasun) gave me cabin fever. So I decided the next time I was out for a day, I'm out with just a little ... [ Read More ]