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Mom Find: Okiedog Diaper Bags


One of the baby things I never purchased was a diaper bag. I figured I have a lot of tote bags that pass as our diaper bag. I am one of the few moms who find diaper bags really unnecessary. Although I was gifted by friends with a few ones, we still prefer the ever roomy ordinary backpacks or my ever so trusty tote bags. When it was just lil' Ms. GJG, packing a diaper bag was easy peasy. A little tote bag is all we need to put the essentials: milk, water, nappies, a set of extra clothes, face ... [ Read More ]

Just A Little Sparkle


Rainy days take away the brilliance in almost everything. While the gloomy weather is a valid excuse to dress snuggly and comfortably in our lounge pants & sweat shirts, I feel like its the perfect time to dress up and beat the unwelcoming feels that cast like a dark cloud on what could've been a beautiful sunny day. Being stuck at home last week for four days due to Typhoon Glenda (Rammasun) gave me cabin fever. So I decided the next time I was out for a day, I'm out with just a little ... [ Read More ]

Mom Finds: Zoli Bottle For Kids

Zoli BOT

For a parent of young children, one of the things that keep on growing in terms of quantity in our home would be drinking bottles. I admit, I partially blame myself for this because really, one can never have too many bottles right? Every once in a while, companies would launch different innovative drinking bottles, all have different features but equally have the same mission: to provide the safest drinking bottle for our use and for our children too. So when Gretch of Modern Mama, gave me ... [ Read More ]

A Pretty Way To Organize: AdoraBella


Women can never have too many organizers. May it be for the home, office or personal things, we love anything that can help us contain our clutter knick knacks. Sometimes the things that irk us are those that are manageable such as tangled cords, disheveled shoes, and all those littered bitty things that we don't know where to put. If only you can fill your home with plastic organizers in different shapes and sizes, but that would lead to a storage-like appeal of your home. If you're into ... [ Read More ]

Blue Carreon Home


You know you're becoming a domesticated diva when your window shopping priorities change. While I still love looking at window displays of shoes, bags and other apparel stores, I am more drawn appreciating home stores and the way their windows are styled. Unconsciously, Mr. GJG & I have imagined what our future home would look like. Our future house may be far fetch as of present because we have no plans of moving out of our cozy apartment, but still we indulge on window shopping for ... [ Read More ]