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What’s In Store: Collezione C2


Polo shirts have become a staple part of one's wardrobe here in Manila. Easy dressing has always been a priority especially for us who live in a tropical country, and polo shirts are definitely a uniform for those who thinks that casual dressing shouldn't be out of style. Collezione C2 is dedicated to provide polo shirt lovers options not just for them, but also for their family. I got a chance to visit this local brand's Trinoma store and took some photos to share to all of ... [ Read More ]

Royal Restore: Designer Repair & Restoration Specialist


I admit, I am not one who would really take good care of her things. For me, bags, shoes and other accessories are created to be used and abused. But when you invest on good quality and quite expensive accessories, wouldn't you want to get your money's worth and use it for years, even decades? For someone who has started investing on luxury goods, I have come to realize that I should take better care of them so they can eventually become vintage for lil' Ms. GJG to use. I have started taking ... [ Read More ]

Last Year Being A Twenty-Something Someone, Somewhere

Today will never happen again

Today marks the beginning of the last year I'll be a twenty-something someone, somewhere. Thinking about it, I've had a pretty colourful life. I've had quite a head start than most of you, when it comes to learning on how 'life isn't fair', as I've experienced my fair share of challenging situations. It really is true that road blocks can make or break one's journey. Thankfully, I made it through life's detours bearing some scuffs coupled with a few marks that always serve as a reminder that ... [ Read More ]

Get To Know Propan TLC


I recently discovered Propan TLC's interactive website where you can learn, watch, play and talk about nutrition and what Propan TLC Syrup is all about. LearnDo you know what's the tamang (right) nutrient for your child? Propan TLC has Lysine to boost appetite, Chloeralla for growth, Taurine to learn more everyday, Vitamin E for beautiful skin, Vitamin B for more energy, Vitamin A for clear eyesight and Vitamin C para iwas sakit. Watch Play Propan TLC  has Tamang Lusog Challenge where ... [ Read More ]

Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales In Manila

Disney Live Show

 Disney Live is back and this time around, parents and children get to enjoy three classic fairy tales in one show! I cannot wait to bring lil' Ms. GJG to watch Disney Live this year. She gets to see princesses Cinderella, Snow White and Belle along with the other Disney characters Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald! Catch Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales for a 5-day show only!  If you're a BDO or American Express Cardholder, you can avail of the 25% discount offer. Simply purchase ... [ Read More ]