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About Jackie


Jackie Go is a wife to James, a hands on mom to her kids Jasmine and Juro and a lifestyle blogger. Her stories about mundaneness & reality as homemaker, small victories & triumphs as a parent, food and shopping discoveries as a consumer, visits & sojourn to destinations around the world as a traveler, and her workouts & ways to be healthy as a fitness enthusiast make up her blog Go Jackie Go which she started back in 2010. Eight years of online presence has paved way for her to work with local and global brands such as P&G, Smart Telecommunications, Dyson, Estee Lauder, Singapore Tourism, HGTV Asia, Mango, & Lactacyd Baby among others.


Now the blog has extended it’s online presence on YouTube as well. Watch Jackie’s random videos of unboxing, moments with her kids, trips to different places, workout sets and even what she eats. Click on the button below and subscribe to her Youtube channel.




What Christmas Is All About #PaskoNaPuregoldNa

18 days to go before Christmas! I do love this time of the year when I scout the city for the perfect gifts to family & friends, fill up my calendar with get together brunch & dinner, and do grocery shopping for potlucks & family lunches.  Aaaah grocery shopping, it's really one ... READ the POST

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Here's a roundup of Christmas gift ideas for 2018. I'll be updating this post as we come close to Christmas because I know like me, some of you guys like doing some last minute shopping too. Hihi! FOOD Christmas cookie decorating kit A great gift to give to your nieces & nephew. You can ... READ the POST

Weekly Recap: Hello December!

The holidays are officially here! And the last week of November felt the same way. As we ushered the last month of 2018 & the long weekend, I can't help but feel that the year is in a hurry to end. So Mr. JG & I made sure we got to spend more time with our kids last week. We kinda bonded ... READ the POST

Christmas 2018 Photos By Mayad Beginnings

Our 2018 Christmas photos by Mayad Beginnings is here. This is our third year (see the previous years HERE) doing this and I love how it has slowly becoming a Christmas tradition. This year we opted to go with the traditional red and green theme. My babies growing more and more each year. So ... READ the POST

Parenting Diaries: Reading Progress Report

Last month's post, I shared with you all how I"ve felt guilty about measuring my children's development based on their physical growth. I've shrugged off the idea in my head and now I'm more focus on developing not just their cognitive skills but as well as their emotional growth. At the start of ... READ the POST

Weekly Recap: Socializing, Skincare, Sunday Slowdown

It's no longer weekend recap since the past few weeks have been busy, I decided to share more than just the weekend since some socialising happened on what was for me regular days of motherhood. In between school pick ups, I've had enough time and energy to attend social gatherings and the like last ... READ the POST


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