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On Being A Cool Tita


Before I became a mom, I was first a Tita (aunt) to my nieces. I admit I miss being with them everyday. We only see each other once in a while because, well, everyday life (school & work) gets in the way. Thankfully, this isn't the case for my lil' Ms. and lil' Mr. GJG. So glad that they have a cool Tita Kim to hang around with & be there for them.  Here's lil' Ms. GJG about eight months old with her favorite Tita. Lil' Ms. GJG takes after her Tita Kim. They look alike & have ... [ Read More ]

Beginnings Baby At SM Grand Baby Fair


My posts for Beginnings Baby garnered a great feedback from my readers. They were as enthusiastic as I am with the brand, so much so that I hosted two giveaways for Beginnings Baby. It's so overwhelming to know that not only moms & dads want to win the starter kit set for their babies, but also Titas, Titos, Godmothers & Godfathers wanted to win it for their niece, nephew or godchild. Beginnings Baby & I are so thankful to everyone who participated. Again, congratulations to my ... [ Read More ]

Review: Rejuvenated Be Skinny Re-Set Capsules


Last year, I made a conscious decision to take care of myself more in order for me to be able to take care of my family. While it is very noble and very motherly for us moms to put our family first, sometimes we gotta put ourselves first in order to better serve the people we love. Tama ba? Yes. I truly believe that a happy wife/mom makes for a happy life/home. ... [ Read More ]

#Fredified At Hairshaft Salon


It's been more than four months since I had my hair colored red. It garnered positive & pleasant reaction from people as they love how it gives a refreshing characteristic to my hair. I admit, I was at first hesitant to have my hair colored to something bright & loud but I realized, life is too short to have boring hair right? Also,  if I don't try it now, when? Fastforward to 2015 and the new year urged me to do something about my hair. So when Angela of Lush Angel invited me to ... [ Read More ]

Into The Woods


Still on a Baguio high as Manila's temperature slowly returns to its hot & humid state. So here's a quick OOTD of lil' Ms. GJG & I during our trip up north. My kids love the cold weather. So much so that sometimes, they're immune to it &  needing a jacket isn't necessary. Still, lil' Ms. GJG was as excited as I am to dress up for the cold weather. It isn't everyday that she gets to wear the jackets she shopped for, just like me. Heehee. She's had this riding pants ever since ... [ Read More ]