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About Jackie


Jackie Go is a wife to James, a hands on mom to her kids Jasmine and Juro and a lifestyle blogger. Her stories about mundaneness & reality as homemaker, small victories & triumphs as a parent, food and shopping discoveries as a consumer, visits & sojourn to destinations around the world as a traveler, and her workouts & ways to be healthy as a fitness enthusiast make up her blog Go Jackie Go which she started back in 2010. Eight years of online presence has paved way for her to work with local and global brands such as P&G, Smart Telecommunications, Dyson, Estee Lauder, Singapore Tourism, HGTV Asia, Mango, & Lactacyd Baby among others.


Now the blog has extended it’s online presence on YouTube as well. Watch Jackie’s random videos of unboxing, moments with her kids, trips to different places, workout sets and even what she eats. Click on the button below and subscribe to her Youtube channel.





Week 23: London Baby!

A few weeks ago I took my very first long haul flight. It wasn't as scary as I expected it to be. You see I developed anxiety while flying a few years after I've given birth to my second child, Juro. I couldn't remember any trauma that triggered this but riding a plane hasn't been the same ever ... READ the POST

Ariel Instashine: Making Clothes Look New

If you remember a few months ago I posted about my recent grocery discovery: the new variant of Ariel called Instashine. Instashine's claim to fame: cleans like new in 1 wash ARIEL INSTASHINE What sets Ariel Instashine from Ariel Base is it's beads-in-power aka Power Booster beads. This ... READ the POST

#Love2Trade: What You Need To Know

I like money but I hate numbers. This is the line I often say to people whenever I need to compute for something or anything that involves numbers in general. Hahahuhu. It's funny but it's true. Growing up, I've learned how to save at a young age. I put myself through college and have been ... READ the POST

Week 31: Hi August

I can't believe one of my favorite months is already here. Started this week doing my first ever 15k run. It's my longest run to date. I've never tried going past 10k because, well my body is so used to 10k, I literally stop when I reach this distance. This was in preparation for my first ... READ the POST

Week 30: Bidding July Goodbye!

Started the last week of July strong by trying out Elev8 for the first time. This lagree class was hosted by Cat Arambulo to introduce Elev8's service–the nutrition evaluation. Because being your fittest or achieving a certain fitness goal isn't all about working out, it is also about proper ... READ the POST

The Plan: Stay Fit And Well at 65

Of all the people I know who incorporate fitness and living an active lifestyle, I never see myself as one. Growing up I was relatively active and never really had any health concerns (except I was asthmatic) that needed drastic treatment. I did try different sports all because these were ... READ the POST

Week 29: My Design For Mosaic X ICA Falcon Collection

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jackie Go (@gojackiego) on Jul 15, 2019 at 6:36am PDT Happy to share I am part of the fundraising efforts of ICA Falcons batch 1995. They created a collection in collaboration with Mosaic clothing and came up with a handful of ready to wear ... READ the POST


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