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Reflect, Relax, Rest


I know I posted on my Instagram yesterday my last blog post for the week, this is in observance of Holy Week. This was okay with me as I was drawing blanks and have not had ample time to sit down and really write. But then again I got inspired by Chinie of Fab After 40 about how one should write everyday, because writing begets writing begets writing. Truly after thinking about it, it does make sense. My blogging mojo has been missing and I think the long weekend has something to do with it. ... [ Read More ]

Style Series: The White Button Down Shirt


Hello everyone! I'm starting a style series together with Kelly of The Traveling Boots where we'll share and highlight some key pieces that we believe every woman (and man) should own. As essential as these key pieces are, they shouldn't be limitedly worn. As you know, fashion and style vary depending on each individual. Some like to wear these key pieces according to how its supposed to be worn. While a few brave souls would dare fashion and experiment by incorporating their own style to it. I ... [ Read More ]

Itsie Bitsie Boutique: A Haven Of All Things Chic


"Opium den of the hopelessly fashionable" is what Harper’s Bazaar Singapore dubbed Itsie Bitsie boutique. The chic boutique located at Joya Lofts and Towers, just right across Powerplant Mall, Rockwell is all about resort wear. Their house selection focuses on resort collections, Spring-Summer fashion, holiday wear, swimwear and après-sun ensembles. Itsie Bitsie definitely fills the need of stylish and chic women suited for tropical climate like the Philippines. My first visit at Itsie ... [ Read More ]

Giveaway Alert: How Would You Wear A Yosi Samra Pair?


If you type in Yosi Samra on the Go Search feature of this blog located at the bottom part of every page, you'll see I have written a few times about Yosi Samra. Ballet flats. It's the one pair I know every woman owns as it's a very versatile type of footwear that can get you from day to night. When you've got a fashionable, foldable flats like Yosi Samra, wearing sky high heels ain't a problem as you can bring your YS pair just when your feet are about to give up. For a full day of errands for ... [ Read More ]