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Better Me, Better Together: Bento Making with Oreo


 The SoMoms recently had another Better Me session and this time around we learned how to make meal time exciting for our little ones through a one-day workshop that's all about Bento Making. I couldn't think of better way to incorporate fun than to have Oreo as our sponsor during the SoMoms X Oreo Bento Together Workshop with The Bento Mommas. Just like any other form of art, bento making needs effort and tools that one must have in order to create a fun and cute food box for the little one. ... [ Read More ]

Matrix 8 Inch Cut For Cancer Challenge


It is still a mystery for those who don't personally know me why I decided to have my hair cut last month. While most of the people assume that I am expecting- as I have always had my hair cut when I was pregnant- no I am not. Others assume that I got tired of the usual long hair and just had it cut to make change. The truth is, I did want to make a change. Not only because I want to have different hair style but because of a deeper meaning. The truth is, I've wanted change and what better way ... [ Read More ]

Five Things: Cute & Useful Kids Stuff


Sharing some of my newly discovered things for babies, toddlers, well, kids in general which I find cute and useful. Euky Bearub Eucalyptus Chest Rub Php 489.75 Rainy days can trigger colds and flu. Clogged nose can make your child irritable which can lead to sleepless nights. Euky Bearub is a chest rub that helps relieve sore throat, stuffy nose, irritating cough, muscle pains and minor insect bites. This rub is suitable for children above two years old and is also safe for pregnant women. ... [ Read More ]

Giveaway Alert: What’s Your Forever 21 Pre-Fall Look?


Forever 21's Pre-Fall campaign is all about self-expression. We mix and match our clothes based on our mood. This is evident in most days when we just want to let loose and let our creativity run wild. This individuality of ours let us show the world who we are and who we're meant to be. Thus the Forever 21 shopper is not afraid of being their authentic selves, using the fashion as means of expression; stepping out of the crowd, into the spotlight and owning their own style. I can totally ... [ Read More ]

Family Weekend Wear


I don't really plan our weekend outfit as a family. No, I don't even choose lil' Ms. GJG's outfits anymore as she has a mind of her own. Maybe this will be the same for lil' Mr. GJG in a year or two. Most of the time, we incidentally wear something from a particular color palette which gets us tagged by friends & relatives as a "matching family". This would come in handy on family days or events where we all need to wear a similar outfit so we can be identified as the GJG family. But we did ... [ Read More ]