Big Change Brings Something Better

I consider being a mom as one of the big changes in my life. It’s not easy, in fact, being a mom is challenging. Yet I find that having a piece of me that I can literally hold, love and care for is something that makes all the challenges worth it.

Despite being hesitant of change, becoming a mom was one change in my life that made a big impact– something I will always be forever thankful for. It has lead me not only to better care for others but for myself as well. It made me get to know myself more–that I had the capacity to love someone even before I met them– and learn more about the things that no one else can teach me but my children.


Flashback to the time my lil’ Mr. JG was just a few months old. I truly miss him when he was this young.


My kids when they were both too young. My son was 6 months & my daughter was just 3 years old.

I can say this big change gave me a better life. When I look at my kids, I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

The days are long but the years are short. A line by author Gretchen Rubin that mothers know too well. One minute, it’s sleepless nights then next thing I know, they’re already in school.

Thankfully, technology has helped me preserve moments that are turned into memories. I love taking photos of my kids. I have thousands of photos of them–I haven’t had the time to sort and print. Eeeep! I’ll get to this one day–which I love sharing online especially on my Instagram and Facebook. So much posting and updating online that I was so happy when Smart launched their #GigaSurf50 promo!

#SmartGigaSurf enables Smart subscribers like me to share more milestones and celebrate change with their 1 GB offer. Not only do you get 1 GB data valid for 3 days. You also get 300MB data for iflix, YouTube and more. Best part? If you’re a mom like me, you can even PASADATA to your kids.

Just text BIG 50 to 9999 to activate #SmartGigaSurf


These two are mostly the reason why my life is more colorful, fun and beautiful. They’re certainly the big change in my life that I am really grateful for.

My kids get to watch their favorite YouTube channels even when they’re not connected to a WiFi. Thanks to #SmartGigaSurf, it’s easy to PasaData. Thank you Smart for always coming up with deals for everyone to enjoy!

To know more about Smart Giga Surf, visit #BiggerisBetter


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