MetroMart: On-Demand Store Delivery

I love grocery shopping. It’s part of my me-time as I indulge and take my time, slowly scouting aisle after aisle for things that I just don’t need but want to to try as well. But sometimes, I don’t have enough time in a day to squeeze in grocery shopping. Since I became a mom, I’ve always wished for a grocery store delivery service to open here in Manila. Some countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, United States and those in Europe have long had this service.

Thankfully, I no longer have to wait because I’ve discovered that MetroMart is finally here.

Metro Mart is an on-demand delivery service here in the Philippines. An online avenue where users get to purchase items from their favorite local stores via their web or mobile platform and deliver it straight to their doorstep within 90 minutes.

What? 90 minutes? Yes!

Given last week was a blur of overlapping schedules for both my kids & I, I decided to finally try MetroMart.


Here are some of the stores under MetroMart.

I love how my eyes were fixed on the stores that carry wine, heehee, but that was for a brief moment. I proceeded to order from one of the stores that I’ve been wanting to regularly purchase from–Holy Carabao.


Holy Carabao is a holistic farm that sells fresh organic produce. I ordered our usual vegetables–carrots, eggplant, cabbage–and added some organic frozen fruit juices because they’re deliciously natural. Aside from Holy Carabao, I also ordered from Food Source and got my much needed Deep Dips by Chef Arnold fix and a pack of multigrain rice from Sunnywood Harvester’s.

I like MetroMart because…

… it’s a no fuss way to have items delivered to your doorstep.

… registration and navigation are both easy and pleasing.

… they offer the same price as store price. Yep. No added tax, no added fee for every item they offer.

… you can schedule your delivery. You order now & you can have it delivered whenever. Just indicate the date and the time.

… there are options. If there’s an item that’s not in stock, you can either have the personal shopper select a replacement on your behalf or have him call you. There’s also payment options and you can note down how much change yo need. See, it’s the little things like these that make customer experience more convenient and hassle-free.


… you can track your order. No need to worry about your order because you can conveniently track it on the site.

… you get your order in 90 minutes! Yep. And I thought this is another empty promise that can easily be blamed to traffic and other unpredictable circumstances but to my delight, my order arrived on time. So impressed by this!

… after a few minutes of placing my order, MetroMart called to inform me some of the items on my cart are currently unavailable and offered other similar items for replacement. I like that it only took them a few minutes to check my order. Only shows how committed they are in giving excellent customer service.


… the runner was very, very courteous. I’ve never met any delivery guy who has very pleasing personality.

… my order was efficiently packed. Though I had to return the eggs because one was cracked open, the runner was very accommodating about it, apologized and went back to get another carton of eggs.

… no minimum fee. You’re not pressured to reach a minimum amount for you to order. Whether you’re craving for a croissant from Eric Kayser or a cupcake from Cupcakes by Sonja, you can get them even if they’re under Php 100.

It was such a pleasant shopping experience from the moment I registered up until my order arrived. My only wish is that MetroMart can open up to more cities and offer more stores for my area–the availability of the stores depends on your location. Other than this I’m very happy with my MetroMart experience.

Follow MetroMart on their social media sites and watch out for their regular promos.





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