Mothers Who Brunch Goes Asian

Two Saturdays ago, I traveled down south for a feast as Mish of Momma N’ Manila and Sabrina of Sinfully Sabrina hosted a lovely brunch for a bunch of mommas and they call it Mothers Who Brunch. It was raining men hard and I drove my father-in-law’s car so it was challenging for me. Thankfully, Tin & I made it! Heehee.

I know I couldn’t miss it the second time Mish & Sab invited me. I know these two women always cook up a storm in their respective kitchens, so I could only imagine the feast they had in store for us.


Lovely Asian inspired table setting by @boquerialifestylemarket.


Beautiful fans that were used as part of the table design. Lucky for us, we were able to take home one.

MothersWhoBrunch_JackieGo_4While waiting to start, Mish & Sab offered the early birds – Tin & I – some appetizers.  MothersWhoBrunch_JackieGo_14First dibs on Chicken Satay and…MothersWhoBrunch_JackieGo_5… this beauty that is Fresh Spring Rolls. Yum!


Portrait by Jay Santos.

Shortly after we had appetizers, we headed to the second floor of the Viking Showroom where we learned Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. MothersWhoBrunch_JackieGo_9

How lovely is this showroom kitchen?! Peg ko to! The white counter makes it look even more spic and span!

Our teacher demonstrated how levelling is important in Ikebana. According to her, levelling will add more depth and using different kinds of flower also makes the design more interesting.


I find the whole process therapeutic despite having a messy workspace.


The mothers who learned Ikebana. We suddenly feel like we can do anything! Heehee.


Here are my creations. They look effortless yet the challenge was to make sure that each element is seen from different angles. I guess the trick is to create balance.


Before we watched Chef Arnold Bernardo’s live cooking demo, we got to taste another one of his creations, this delicious goat cheese in olive oil dip. It was so good I almost ate the entire serving! Chef Arnold said this will be available soon along with is other bottled products called Deep Dips.


Deep Dips by Chef Arnold Bernardo.

This is what Chef Arnold cooked, Spicy Tinapa Fried Rice using Deep Dips Spicy Tinapa in Tomato Sauce. It’s really easy and flavourful! So much so that I had extra serving because it was THAT good! I’m excited to cook it at home!

Here’s the rest of the dish that completed the Asian menu of Mothers Who Brunch.


Asian Chicken Lettuce Wrap


Cedar Plank Asian Salmon


Hot off the oven, Spicy Lechon Belly.

What a beauty!

Crispy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside. Perfecto!

MothersWhoBrunch_JackieGo_17Fresh Fruit PlatterMothersWhoBrunch_JackieGo_23Dessert SpreadMothersWhoBrunch_JackieGo_24Kaffir Lime TartletsMothersWhoBrunch_JackieGo_25Matcha BlondiesMothersWhoBrunch_JackieGo_26Kashi MakiMothersWhoBrunch_JackieGo_27Sweetness is my weakness. 😉 I’m not a fan of matcha but I gotta say, the matcha blondies were my favorite!
MothersWhoBrunch_JackieGo_28We also got to try The Perfect Matcha ice cream. Yum!MothersWhoBrunch_JackieGo_29Mish with Em & I.

After our sumptuous brunch, Mish together with Randy Rivera, Viking Range Head of  Sales gladly showed us some Viking Range kitchen appliances.

MothersWhoBrunch_JackieGo_30One of the key features of Viking Rangetops/ Cooktops its safety feature. If the flame accidentally goes off – wind blown for example – it will automatically turn on again. Whuuuuut?!MothersWhoBrunch_JackieGo_31Mish also demonstrated how a Viking cooktop/ range top’s lowest setting can melt chocolate without burning the paper! Galing.

Viking also has a self-cleaning oven that automatically cleans for you. All those drips and sauce or batter spills from all the baking and roasting you do, once it hardens can make cleaning your oven such a drag. This Viking self-cleaning oven cleans  itself by burning everything in, all you have to do is wipe it after and you’re done! No more scrubbing and rubbing drips & spills. Aaaah. I want this!!!


For condo dwellers like me, these Viking refrigerator and conventional microwave oven are perfect for limited space. The French door bottom freezer has adjustable Cold Zone™ drawer and air purification system that helps keep food fresh.MothersWhoBrunch_JackieGo_34

This Viking Conventional Microwave lets you roast or bake. Eeeeh perfect na to di ba? No need for a huge oven with this baby!  They mount perfectly on your kitchen modular and they’re practically the basic kitchen appliances one needs to efficiently prepare and store meals for the family.

Nakakainis, parang I suddenly want to renovate my kitchen and have these Viking products.


Mothers Who Brunch Goes Asian. Happy wives, happy bellies, happy life! Heehee.

Congratulations Sabrina & Michelle for another successful Mothers Who Brunch. I hope Tin & I can be there again for your next one. 😉


Thank you so much again Mish, Sab and Chef Arnold for the lovely afternoon of great food and great company. Traveling down south to the Viking Range Showroom and spending my Saturday with all of you, despite the crazy rain was really worth it!

I’ve learned a handful of recipes which I hope I get to prepare and cook for my family. Thanks also Viking for hosting the brunch. I want all your appliances tuloy! Also thanks to all the sponsors who extended their generosity for this event.


Grabe the pangkabuhayan showcase you guys gave us! I love the Glad products and Deep Dips! Nanay na nanay lang bilang very useful for our home. Heehee. Til the next one! 😉


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