Juro’s Avengers Birthday

I can’t believe this lil’ guy is 4 years old already! For his school celebration, all he wanted is to dress as a superhero. JuroAvengerParty_JackieGo_14My lil’ super hero!

Heroes are his thing now and he’s a fan of Thor, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Ironman and Spiderman to name a few. So he decided to celebrate with The Avengers. A simple celebration in school only requires cake and food but loot bags for friends are always a welcome treat.

It’s the little things that make something special. So for Juro’s loot bag, we put together a few simple things for his friends to enjoy.

Yummy cookies from The Little Whisk. Maggie, (who I met at Mothers Who Brunch last year) is the sole cookie master and the momma behind The Little Whisk. We chose to give cookies this year because last year for Juro’s Minion-themed (which I totally forgot to blog about!) party in school, we opted for cupcakes and it was a bit of a hassle for the kids to bring home–it was ruined coz it tumbled inside its box.


No GJG celebration would be complete without some personalise items from Booth’s Republic. They’ve been providing my family personalized items for our annual celebration–from pens, clips, whiteboards, bag tags, and so much more. I prefer ordering for them items for my kids to giveaway to their classmates because ordering is a breeze and items are conveniently delivered home.


I added a tub of Play Doh and here’s lil’ Mr. JG’s loot bag. 🙂


I bought the Avengers invite at National Bookstore. I was thinking of printing the invites but since there’s already an available one in store, I saved myself from the additional task and got the ready made one instead. I got the chevron bags from Paper Chic which you can get at Common Room store in Powerplant Mall.


My kulit Super Hero was very excited to celebrate with his friends in school.

I know how rowdy kids can get during parties, so to keep them on their seats, I ordered this cookie decorating set, also from The Little Whisk.


Each kit comes with two cookies, two icings and bag of sprinkles.


Safe to say it was a success! The kids had so much fun decorating their own cookies.


The birthday boy so serious in decorating with his kit.


Everybody had so much fun decorating their cookies. It’s definitely a fun and engaging way to keep kids entertained. Most of them immediately ate their masterpiece. Heehee. JuroAvengerParty_JackieGo_13


Instead of the usual character cake (that can get a wee bit expensive), this lil’ guy asked me to get his favorite ice cream cake.


So we got him DQ Kitkat Cake and put Captain America Potato Head Masher as a cake toper and voila!


This lil’ guy is surrounded by his super hero and princess friends! Thank you everyone for making it so much fun!


Birthday celebrations need not to be expensive, you just have to know what your child wants and work your way into making the celebration fun for him and his friends. Cookie decorating was definitely a hit and the cake was something lil’ Mr. JG was really looking forward to, so here he is all smiles after a fun morning celebrating his birthday in school.


You can order cookies & cookie decorating kits from The Little Whisk on Facebook or Instagram.

You can order personalised items from Booths Republic on Facebook or Instagram.


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