You’re Finally Four!

Today, lil’ Mr. JG turns four.


I’m still in denial because for me, he’ll always be my baby. *cue Mariah Carey’s Always Be My Baby song* hahahahuhuhu.

The past year, all he wants is to turn four years old. This is mainly because of Kidzania. Ever since his first time there all he wanted to do is to explore it. He wants to ride the ambulance, ride the firetruck, make ice cream, take care of the babies, deliver packages and do the other activities for 4 years old. He always ends up in the toddler house and for him, he’s long graduated from that kind of play. So now that he’s finally four, he cannot wait to go back to Kidzania.


I love being awoken by this guy’s infectious laughter and sloppy kisses. Taking chance on moments like this because they really do grow up so fast. As parents, we may not feel it nor see it since we’re with them everyday but your Facebook memories will tell you otherwise. Then you’ll realise time really is flying by and these kids grow up fast! So I’m cuddling them as much as I can, while they still want to!


Now I’m not as much bothered as I used to whenever they make a mess while they eat, because in a few years time, I’m sure I’m gonna miss this. So I’m trying to be a chill, cool mom na. 😉


I never thought I’d be so affected with the inevitable–my kids growing up. During their all-milk, all-poop days, I admit I would sometimes wish they’re old enough that they can sleep through the night. Now I long for sleepless nights and moments where I couldn’t get out of the house, all ‘coz they only want me and no one else. I miss the days where we would just spend the entire day at home, doing nothing. But thankfully, I’ve had enough moments turned into memories that I look back to whenever I feel all sentimental about it.


My lil’ Mr. JG isn’t afraid of dental nor doctor visits. In fact, his doctors are amazed at how he looks forward to seeing them–very unusual for a kid–now his sister is no longer distressed whenever she gets a shot because she sees her baby brother being brave and wanted to be like him. Thank you Juro for influencing your sister to not be afraid of doctors!


Our funny guy. He brightens our life with his funny antics. Though he is most of the time kulit, I’m just very lucky that I am his mom. He & his sister make me want to be a better person every day. Challenging maging nanay but challenge accepted! Just asking God for guidance and praying to be able to properly guide & raise my kids all for His glory.

First time to walk the aisle last July as a ring bearer. No instructions needed, he was confidently enjoying every minute of it that he even asked if he cold do it a second time. GabbieJuro

Though they have a love-hate relationship, I wish they grow up to be close to each other and have each other’s back no matter what.


With you I’ve learned to be patient, to understand more and to see things not just the way I want to see them. I’ve also learned to listen (because he doesn’t like it when people interrupt him when he talks) as in really listen. I’ve also learned that it’s okay to show your emotions, to express how you feel even if it’s not always happy. I’ve learned to be more vocal, to be more showy. I’ve also learned not to take things seriously, to enjoy the moment and to just be in the moment. Thank you my love for letting me learn this things and for letting me enjoy life with you, your Achi & your dad.

Ending this post with a cute video of the birthday boy entertaining himself in traffic. 😀

May you continue to help other people, be respectful and kind to everyone around you. Happy birthday shoti! I love you!




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