Meet The PLDT Telpad Quad Core & Its New Online Ambassadors


I've been a PLDT Home subscriber for years now and once in a while I'd receive phone calls from their agents offering upgrades. One of which they eagerly promote is the TelPad. To be honest, I would always politely decline because it isn't something I think would interest me nor my family, given we already have our gadgets such as laptop, smart phone and tablet. But then I got a closer look at the newest PLDT Home Telpad and I have to say, it did change the way I feel about owning one as I ... [ Read More ]

I’ve Learned About My Real Beauty At The Dove Summit


Did you know that only 7% of Filipinas think they are beautiful? Would you believe me if I tell you that I am part of the 93% of Filipinas who think otherwise of themselves? To better understand what I'm trying to say, watch this video. How do you feel after watching the video? Can you relate to the women who described themselves in a negative way? I can. I never really gave much thought about my physical appearance until I started working as a model. I grew up an ugly duckling, very awkward ... [ Read More ]

Join CORELLE’s Search For Women of Health And Style


Two of the things I am passionate about as a woman are health and style. For my long time readers, you know by now how, despite having no help at home nor yaya for my kids, I still manage to exude my personal style. It is evident in our home and the way I dress. Also, I am consciously making an effort to try and be healthy for my family in order for me to be a better wife and a better mom. A stylish home houses chic and durable products that its homemaker uses in serving her family. I’d like to ... [ Read More ]

My Finds At Metro Department Store Ladies & Children’s Sections


After featuring the home section of Metro Department store, I'm now sharing some great finds at Metro Dapartment Store ladies and children's sections. Since its summer, the highlighted products are perfect for the season- swimwear, beach wear, accessories and the likes. Apart from these, what caught my attention the most are the in-house brands that only MDS offers. Summer is all about bright and light colors so go ahead and wear a clothing or even accessory to amp up your look. After all, ... [ Read More ]