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What Makes A 100% Whole Mom?


Once you become a mom, you'll forever be a mom. There are no time outs, no vacations, no off seasons when it comes to being a mother. I honestly believe that being a mom really one of the hardest "jobs" EVER because the job that comes with the title is very demanding. So much so that the demands can sometimes leave us drained, if not, exhausted. You really can't give what you don't have. If you don't have the time, the energy and the love in you, how can you pass it on to others? Particularly ... [ Read More ]

A Weekend At New World Makati Hotel


New World Makati has been known for the-hotel-right-across-Greenbelt. At least this is how I describe it. New World Makati reminds me of my dear friend Patty. We shared a lovely lunch at Jasmine Restaurant and it was one of the best lunches I've had. The food was great and the company, even better. Two weeks ago, I went back to New World  Makati not to have lunch, but to do a staycation with the GJGs.   New World Makati is a deluxe hotel offering modern Oriental hospitality to discerning ... [ Read More ]

Ogalala World At Shangri-La Mall


 Play-based learning is always effective. Why? Because children enjoy playing so much that they don't have an idea that they're learning along the way. While lil' Ms. GJG loves school and listening to her teacher, I can't say the same for lil' Mr. GJG. My kids, though they like the same things and activities, they are pretty much different particularly when it comes to learning. One is a visual learner while one is a kinesthetic learner. I've learned this during our visit at the first Ogalala ... [ Read More ]

Project Collab


As some of you may know, I've been doing television commercials for years now. I wrote about my claim-to-not-so-much-fame story HERE. Doing TV commercials is not something I expect I'd be doing for a long time because I grew up shy, timid and very awkward but somehow, the universe lead me to this path and this job of mine has paved way for me to send myself through college and earn a degree in Communication Arts. Long story short, I love doing TVCs. Despite the long hours of shooting and ... [ Read More ]

The Beauty Rush


We're back to regular programming and this means I'm back to driver mode as I bring my kids to and from school. Grabe, it's really a struggle to adjust especially when I have to wake up before the crack of dawn. I think I'm slowly shifting from nocturnal to a morning person and I'm kinda liking it. Now that I think of how rigid our every day is, I find myself stressing even on the little things. When our schedule gets crazy and my flow gets disrupted, I really get stressed. I also don't get to ... [ Read More ]