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It's my second year to join Bloggers United and this time around, I pretty much got a good hang of it. Despite the early call time to fix up our booth, it was a great day of interactive shopping as we shared to those who read our blogs, pieces of our lives, well at least part of our closet. I love that I always get paired with Kelly. So to make it more fun and memorable, eh umerffort talaga kami. Meron na kaming tarp. Heehee. We didn't really plan for anything else, save for the tarp so that ... [ Read More ]

Online Shops For Your Christmas Shopping


I am not yet done with my Christmas shopping. For a stay-at-home mom, you'd think I'd be done by now, assuming I can frequent my favorite malls, ticking off one by one what's on my list. I could have been, but half of the time I have work and I have momma duties so my trips to the mall aren't as frequent and as accomplished as I hoped them to be. I could only imagine the career women & men who have little time to shop and have no other choice but to brave traffic and mall crowd on weekends. ... [ Read More ]

Unboxing BDJ December 2014 Box


Another exclusive box for this month's BDJ Box. December's BDJ Box is designed to help you achieve that Covergirl® look of easy, well-blended flawless day-to-night looks. The highlight of this month's BDJ Box is Covergirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup. It picks up your skin's undertones wherever they may be and duplicates them flawless. I'm pretty much eager to try it myself as well as the other Covergirl products. So, let the unboxing begin! Love Katy Perry's Covergirl look. The sleek make up is ... [ Read More ]

MiPow Launches PlayBulb


I often re-iterate that I am not really a tech savvy person. I only use gadgets for their main purpose and everything extra is just an icing on the cake. So I don't really get excited when a new gadget is released (save for some exceptions) as I enjoy what I have because I need them in my life, like my laptop, phone and camera. But when innovations become tools which can further help non-techie people like me, that's a different ball game. One of the brands that I've come to know when it comes ... [ Read More ]

P.S. From Aeropostale Kids Fair


Spent one fine Sunday at UP Town Center to witness an afternoon fair dedicated for kids hosted by P.S. From Aeropostale. Of course a kids fair would be much more fun to attend with my kids, so I brought them along with Mr. GJG. The afternoon fair gave a vibrant and quirky vibe. Activities were lined up for kids and of course, for kids at heart. Shoot some hoops. Fooooosball! Temp tats Totes customization Of course a fair wouldn't be complete without some food. Did I ... [ Read More ]