The build up and anticipation of Christmas Day for me is the thing I like most about the holidays. There’s something about the countdown to Christmas Day that’s giving me the feels – excitement, happiness and joy. I’m guessing it’s about the lights, songs and festivities experienced with family. Since we’re all about feasting during this time of the year, my family & I decided to celebrate #holidaysbythebay and do what we do best – enjoy a meal together.

With over a handful of restaurants to choose from, SM by the Bay is the perfect place to feast with your family. Stretching 1.5 km of entertainment complex, it is your Premier Lifestyle and Leisure Hub. Located at the SM Mall of Asia Complex, it houses a wide range of dinning options and provides a unique park experience with a breathtaking view of the famous Manila Bay a sunset.

A lovely fireworks display greeted us as we approached Charaptor where we had dinner.


My kids were too enthralled watching the sky lit!



Pretty cool fireworks display. What perfect timing do we have!

Catch the music and fireworks every Friday and Saturday at 7PM.


SM by the Bay has amusing Christmas decorations and lights installed at the entire stretch which creates a cozy, Christmas ambiance. These, plus a 75-feet Christmas tree in partnership with Firefly LED and Holidays by the Bay Hollywood signages are also located at the central park.


There’s also amusement rides like the iconic SM MOA Eye. You can also get a glimpse of the Grand Festival of Lights Parade from the bay.

SM by the Bay has a row of food havens from mouthwatering buffets to delectable sweets. It’s home to the biggest buffet restaurants in town such as Vikings, Four Seasons, La Fiesta, Banzai and Charaptor.


My kids couldn’t get over Jurrasic Park so they were thrilled (and a bit scared) to see a dino at the entrance of Charaptor.


Charaptor is a meat and BBQ lovers restaurant.


They have the basics covered  – soup and salad for appetisers and a few dishes to compliment your grilled meat.



Charaptor has over 50 kinds of food ready for grilling. This includes a mix of Korean and Japanese yakitoris, traditional Filipino barbecue like isaw na manok, and different types of fresh seafood.


My family & I wiped out that tray of fresh scallops and shrimp! Hihi.


Create your own sauces and dips. You can also consult with the list of sauce combination found on your table.

Caught in the act picking out what to grill. Hihihi.

Here are some of the dishes that need no grilling.

My kids picked spaghetti, carrot & corn, and macaroni & cheese. While I helped myself with generous servings of crispy pata, pork ribs, and chicharong bulaklak. If you follow me on Snapchat, you most likely saw how much I ate that night. I was protein and carbo loading guyyyyyys!

Clockwise from top: corn and carrot, mashed potato, caldereta, chicken wings, crispy pata, pork ribs, chicharong bulaklak, beef tadyang and macaroni & cheese.


First batch for me! I have to say, go for the isaw, barbecue and scallops! They’re all so good!


The buffet also includes drink all you can juices and coffee.

Dessert was minimal but it’s a good mix of sweet bites, fruits and ice cream.


Our weekends are mostly spent with my mom and dad-in-law. They unwaveringly spoil my children, so in return, we spoil them with good food and ahem, our great company! Heehee.

“Mom, let’s take a picture with the dinosaurs because I’m not scared anymore!”

The simple things in life include time with family and enjoying a good meal. Remember, this Christmas, more than the lavish gifts you give and receive, spending time with your loved ones is what truly matter. Go ahead and celebrate #HolidaysByTheBay.


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