Lunching At Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater And Japanese Buffet In Manila

Calling all buffet lovers! There’s another buffet restaurant that recently opened in Manila and it’s called BANZAI. But what makes it different from all the other buffets in town? It’s the only authentic Japanese buffet restaurant to date. I got to sit down with one of its owners, Sheryl, over lunch as we visited their new baby- Banzai: The Great Authentic Japanese Buffet Restaurant, situated at the Seaside Blvd. of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

I, together with my fellow SoMoms, Tin, Jenny and Cai brought our kids along as we feasted on anything and everything Japanese. We were so delighted with the food offerings that we totally forgot to have a group photo. Anubaaaa. This is what food does to us! Nonetheless, I’ve got tons of photos from our lunch.

BanzaiI posted this photo on my Instagram during our lunch. I’ve never been to Japan but this gave me a feel of how it is there.

Banzai3I was super excited to try their Teppanyaki and ramen!


The three Japanese chefs that are behind every dish created at Banzai. They supervise all the other chefs, ensuring that each dish exudes authentic Japanese flavor.

Banzai1The best thing about Banzai is that everything is cooked on the spot. No need to wait as they will serve your orders directly to your table. No more lines, no more waiting for the chaffing dish to be refilled.

Banzai2According to Sheryl, they hand-carried these Japanese lanterns on their way back to Manila from their trip to Japan. Love that these decors came all the way from the land of the rising sun!


Banzai4When I grow up I wanna go to Dotonbori. But for now, I’ll take these neon signages that light up at night. Lakas maka-Osaka!

Banzai6Banzai operates with an open kitchen where you can see the chefs prepare each dish.

Banzai8Details in the entire restaurant speaks of Japanese.

Banzai7This 1,200 m2 can seat up to 300 people and has different elevated areas perfect for large groups. I’m just not sure if they are planning on enclosing some parts of the restaurant so one can hold an intimate gathering such as birthday parties or any other events that call for a celebration with your family and friends.


Banzai10I’m amused at how they’ve thought about sprucing up the place, giving it a quaint feeling that you’re in Japan!

Banzai12MapNow if you’re too overwhelmed as to where’s where, here’s a reference to know where each food station is.


Banzai15Teppanyaki Stations

Banzai13See the products displayed on the counter? They’re not for sale but they’re the actual ingredients the chefs use to cook the food they serve. These Japanese ingredients are imported straight from Japan, giving you authentic flavours for each dish.

Banzai14You may request however you want your food to be cooked, spicy, salty, sweet teppan, medium cooked or well-done.

Banzai18You may also request if you prefer a specific vegetable over the other. Do you love Yakisoba but aren’t a fan of carrots? Ask the chef if he can make you one without.

Banzai19Tempura & Tonkatsu Station beside the Yakitori & Grill Station

Banzai20Salad Station


Banzai16Authentic Japanese posters.

Banzai22Gohan, Noodles and Ramen Station.

Banzai23Gyoza Goodness!


Banzai25Takoyaki & Kaniyaki Station



Banzai27Pizza Station

Banzai28OMG. This Japanese pizza was so good, I had 2 slices under 5 minutes!


Banzai30Salad Station

Banzai31 Banzai32



Banzai35My favorite Spicy Tuna Salad. Noms.

Banzai36Sushi, Sashimi & Rolls Station

Banzai39Desserts Station




Banzai41Snow cones in different flavours, very Japanice!

Banzai42Beverage Station

Banzai45Did I mention you get unlimited draft beer? Yes! Premium Japanese beers & sakes can be purchased separately.

Banzai43Drink-all-you-can soft drinks, iced tea, and iced Milo!

Banzai44Another plus points for Banzai for having this coffee & hot tea station. Love the coffee I had. It was delicious.

Banzai46The icing on the cake during our Banzai experience was the Trick Art Gallery. It transports you through time and lets you fulfill your ninja or sumo wrestler dreams!


Banzai48Choose any costume you want and have a photo of yourself taken with the appropriate backdrop of your choice.

Banzai49If you wanna fight a sumo wrestler…

Banzai50…or fight these ninjas…

Banzai51…or perhaps be a geisha or just enjoy being a local in the streets of Japan. Maybe you can try all three?!

Banzai52Like my kids who opted to pose in the “streets of Japan” with their friend and Cai’s daughter, Y.

Banzai53My mini sumo wrester (look at how big lil’ Mr. GJG’s tummy is, so busog from our lunch) & his new found friend. Heehee.

Banzai54Cold Milo drinks for everyone.

Because I was too busy devouring all the food served to us, I only took a few photos of the food we had. Sensha naman! The rest were downed in just a matter a minutes after it was delivered on our table. Heehee.

Banzai55I’m not a fan of oysters but the Oyster Teppanyaki I’ve tried was so delicious! I’m definitely ordering that again next time.

Banzai56Tantanmen Ramen was so comforting and flavourful.

What I like about Banzai is they have two sizes when it comes to their noodles and rice dishes. You can opt to have it in single serving (served in a small bowl like my Tantanmen Ramen) or order their regular size. This way, you won’t be forced to finish each dish and be filled quickly which can prohibit you to try other dishes.

Banzai57Aaaah desserts! Flourless chocolate & red velvet cakes according to Jenny, Tin & Cai, were good! I wasn’t able to try them as I’m chocolate free for Lent.

Banzai58Green Tea cake

Banzai59Creme Brûlée ala Banzai is one of the best I’ve had! I ate 3 out of 5 because it was THAT good!

Another thing that I like about Banzai is they provide high chairs and utensils for kids. Also, since it’s new, the place is clean, including their restroom and wash area. We just hope they would put additional air conditioners as the place feels a little warmer due to the open kitchen. Nonetheless, I would recommend those who would dine here to try their beef teppan and squid as they’re oh so tender and really good! Do also try their ramen as they’re delicious!

Here’s Banzai’s current rates:

Banzai Buffet RatesYes, you read that right- no service charge.

Thank you so much Sheryl for having me, my kids and the other SoMoms! We truly enjoyed lunch and do expect us to be back! 🙂

Come celebrate with them and avail of their ongoing promo: For every 5 full paying guests, 1 other guests dines for FREE!

Also, come and celebrate your birthday at Banzai for 1 week for free! Celebrants can eat everyday for FREE during his/her birthday week (3 days before, day of birthday and 3 days after) as long as he/she is accompanied by 3 full paying adults.

Banzai: The Great Japanese Buffet

Bldg. J, By the Bay, Seaside Blvd. SM Mall Of Asia, Pasay City

For reservations please call: (02) 5527368, (0922) 8413859 or (0906) 3873353

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    Hi Bern! No, it is open 10:3-0 am to 2:30 pm and 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm 🙂 Monday to Sunday 🙂


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