What Makes A 100% Whole Mom?

Once you become a mom, you’ll forever be a mom. There are no time outs, no vacations, no off seasons when it comes to being a mother. I honestly believe that being a mom really one of the hardest “jobs” EVER because the job that comes with the title is very demanding. So much so that the demands can sometimes leave us drained, if not, exhausted.


You really can’t give what you don’t have. If you don’t have the time, the energy and the love in you, how can you pass it on to others? Particularly to your family? The question got me thinking as I entered Earth Kitchen and saw this huge art on the wall during the launch of 100% Whole Mom.

Three wonderful ladies, Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, Marilen Montenegro and Cheska Garcia-Kramer, started a passion project and they called it 100% Whole Mom. I witnessed how they shared their story over lunch with a handful of other women who are as passionate as they are in their respective fields.


100% Whole Mom aims to inspire moms to make happy homes, embrace her beauty and nurture her heart. 100% Whole Mom is a series of workshops that ascertains self-care for all the mommas out there.

Home. Beauty. Heart. Three topics that are so close to a woman’s heart but oftentimes get neglected especially if one is a mother.

The launch was nothing short of lovely. Every detail of the event gave a sense of nurturing, very much how a mother is to her children.


We were handed these lovely and yummy personalized cookie by  Cuki Confections upon entering Earth Kitchen.


Beautiful set up during the 100% Whole Mom launch coordinated by Teena Barretto, styling by Oomph Styling, artworks & props by Habil Crafts and flowers by My August Flowers.

WholeMom_Launch_9The Greenhouse Project had a station during the event where the guests were able to pick a plant of their choice to take home.

Paint your own plant pot.


Chesca has a desire to see more moms paying attention to their own style and beauty while Marilen wanted to encourage moms to think about how home organisations affects family dynamics. Rica, on one afternoon while she was nursing his son, she realized why not the three of them have a project together that focuses on “The Home, The Beauty, and The Heart” of a mother? Rica is in charge of the last topic for she believes it is crucial for moms to pause for reflection and rejuvenation. A mom must need a sane and sober heart if her main task is to give much love and service to others.


The 100% Whole Mom workshops will be filled with practical advices like creating your own space at home, skincare basics that teach how great skin is the best foundation for any makeup, as do healthy diet and exercise as good basis for a great boyd; and writing exercises that are guided by reflective questions.


Delicious refreshing salad by Earth Kitchen.

My favorite station was the dessert station by Kitchen’s Best.


The Kitchen’s Best White Chocolate Macadamia Cheesecake is to die for! That’s the first one on the left on the plate. It was too good, I think I had six or more of it.


“We will encourage our participating moms to interact with each other; to connect; to share stories over yummy food; and to allow us to only briefly interrupt so we could give away exciting prizes!”, says Rica who is more than thrilled to be alongside Cheska and Marilen in this passion project of theirs.



If you ask me, what makes me a whole mom, I would say it is finding balance, happiness and love in the things I do daily not just for my family but also for myself. This is what makes me a whole mom. Despite multitasking and being really busy bringing my kids to and from school. managing our household, running errands and doing chores on a daily basis, I make sure I have time for myself. I like working out so while the kids are in school, I squeeze an hour at the gym because sweating out and seeing my progress makes me feel good about myself. And when I’m happy, it radiates not only through me but I pass on the energy at home and to my family.


“Most importantly, we will close and send off these women with a heartfelt prayer, so that we could have divine guidance and the awareness to put things into the right perspective and to personally remind ourselves-that not even the greatest of efforts will work apart from the saving grace of Jesus.”


Good food and good company brought together by three amazing women who choose to give their time and share their knowledge through a passion project that all women, particularly moms, would want to be part of.


Here I was with Happy Skin founders Rissa Mananquil-Trillo and Jacque Gutierrez. I gushed over how much I love Happy Skin, particularly their Shut Up & Kiss Me lippies!


With THE Mommy Mundo herself, Janice Villanueva.


With NTC Trainer and soon-to-be-fellow-mom-blogger Tata Garcia-Long. Good luck Tata, can’t wait to read your adventures!


Thank you Cheska, Rica & Marilen for having me. Congratulations on your passion project, 100% Whole Mom. I truly believe that a woman should never forget to give time for herself, her home and her spiritual relationship. All these can help her become a better person, a better woman, a better homemaker and of course a better mom.

Watch out for 100% Whole Mom as they conduct their first workshop which is slated to happen sometime in August. For now, you can follow and like 100% Whole Mom on Facebook for updates.

Take a look at what happened during the launch with this video created and shot by Cinema Works.



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