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Ever since I started working out January of this year, I’ve been trying (yes, try talaga) to eat healthier. The reason being is because I don’t want the minutes I’ve clocked in the gym to go to waste only to be replenished with empty calories that I need to burn again the next day.

Let’s admit it, we’ve always associated healthy food with bland, unappealing meals that take out the fun in eating. But what if I tell you there are more options now for us who try to eat healthier? Such is Earth Kitchen and for you southern belles, they’ve opened up their second branch in BGC and I got to visit them during their first few days of operation.


I’ve first tried Earth Kitchen during the Wholesome Mom event which was held at their White Plains restaurant. So I pretty much know what to expect of their offerings. What I didn’t expect though is the lovely interior made mostly from reclaimed wood. As if the restaurant was lifted from a nature ground where the other modern elements just grew like sprouts.

Despite being on soft opening, I have to commend that the staff were pretty alert and attentive to the customers that night. Two years after opening their first ever restaurant that is Earth Kitchen in White Plains, they’ve now expanded their capacity to serve and cater to new and hopefully old customers as they opened their second restaurant in Bonifacio Global City.

Their BGC branch exudes a very retro picnic vibe, complete with picnic tables, faux green turf and this Bambike.

Earth Kitchen is a partnership project of Hizon’s Catering, Got Heart Foundation, Chef David Hizon, and Chef JR Trani. Early that year, Got Heart built its first shop in a refurbished container van. The shop sells local and all natural food and nonfood products, including organic vegetables from the Got Heart Farms in Tarlac. To complement and support this venture, Got Heart and Hizon’s Catering teamed up to establish Earth Kitchen as a healthy, local, and organic restaurant.


Can I just add that there’s no corner in Earth Kitchen that isn’t Instagramable? 😉


An enclosed area is also available for private functions for small groups, perfect for team meetings and mini reunions. Got Heart merchandise and products are put on display, so customers can bring home goodies for themselves and as gift items.


Got Heart Foundation was officially registered in 2007 as a non-stock, nonprofit organization, with the objective of providing better opportunities to marginalized communities by helping them develop sustainable livelihood programs. It serves as a platform where grassroots enterprises can grow, advance, and innovate for a long-term success.


Each food has a story to tell. This much is true for Earth Kitchen. The chefs draw inspiration from the communities it serves. The local and indigenous communities provide Earth Kitchen with more than their produce but also the gift of ideas.

The salad greens are grown by the organic farmers in Tarlac. Other ingredients include pili nuts from Bicol and wild honey foraged by the Mangyans of Mindoro.

One of the challenges encountered by Earth Kitchen is the fluctuations in supplies due to erratic weather and other natural calamities, but its commitment is always twofold – to offer its customers healthy choices and to help sustain the livelihood of its community partners. It’s never one without the other. Because of this, the menu may change due to supplies in and out of season.

EarthKitchenBGCMenu_Appetizers EarthKitchenBGCMenu_Pasta_SoftTacos EarthKitchenBGCMenu_Mains_Dessert EarthKitchenBGCMenu_Drinks


Fish & Mango, P230

Loro fillet with ripe mango and chili plum sauce. This appetizer is good enough to eat with a cup of rice, although I wish the batter was crunchier.


Curried Squash Soup, P190

The combination of pumpkin and yogurt with a hint of mint was surprisingly good. The yogurt made the soup rich and creamy without giving off too much flavor. It’s actually one of the best squash soups I’ve had.


Watermelon and Rocket Salad, P300

I’ve raved about this to Mr. GJG so I knew I had to let him try this for himself. It was a mix of naturally- produced (read: organic) aragula, edible flowers, pili nuts, home-made kesong puti, watermelon and vinaigrette.

It’s a refreshing take on salad. I like the texture of ingredients which gives the right mix of sweet & salty, soft and crunchy.


Risotto Balls, P275

As per my recommendation, my husband ordered this to try. It’s breaded and fried mushroom risotto balls stuffed with mozzarella cheese, served with tomato sauce. Unfortunately, the consistency isn’t the same as that of Earth Kitchen in White Plains. It was overcooked inside making it a ball of gooey. I have high hopes that eventually, they’ll get it right once they operate regularly.


Our appetizers kept our hunger at bay while waiting for more food to come out from the kitchen. I had Go Heart Mix drink at P200, while Mr. JG had Mango Yogurt Shake, P130 that’s not in the photo.


Beef Bulgogi Soft Tacos (2 pcs), P210

Boneless beef ribs, kimchi rice, salad greens and seaweeds. I would gladly have this again on our next visit. It’s just too good! Now I wonder if the other soft tacos taste as great as this.


Scallops and Aligue Pasta, P480

If you want a different seafood pasta then you might want to try this. It’s made of local scallops, squid ink pasta, aligue, anise liquor, and mild chilies. It’s not spicy at all so don’t get scared of the mild chilies. It’s a good dish that’s best to share. Eat this together with the soft tacos and you’re pretty much set!


Goat’s Cheese Ice Cream, P270

We requested for a sample size only because we were literally full that there’ just no more space to shove dessert in. But since I cannot pass on dessert, I knew I had to try Earth Kitchen’s Goat Cheese Ice Cream. Not a fan of any other ice cream flavor aside from chocolate or mocha but this goat cheese gave me a reason to love cheese. It literally tastes like goat cheese yet the honey drizzled over dried figs & cashew nuts complimented the tart flavor of the ice cream.


Overall, we had a delightful dinner at Earth Kitchen in BGC. Hoping to be back when they’re fully operational to see if there’ll be adding new dishes to their healthy menu and of course to try their other specialties, like the Braised Bacon!


Congratulations Earth Kitchen for opening your second branch!


UG/F, Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Avenue Corner 29th Street South, Bonifacio High Street

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