What’s cuter than kids who are so game to dress up? Dressing up alike and almost twinning that’s what!


Polo shirt. Such a classic piece that can work for girls and boys. Why did I only think about dressing my kids up in polo shirts? Back when I was younger, I have a dozen in different colors and up to now it’s always on top of my stacked clothes, ready to be grabbed whenever I couldn’t think of anything to wear.


This cutie wearing a polo shirt is too much!!!


He asked me to take a photo of his Storm Trooper shoes because it’s lights and its cool.


My lil’ lady can no longer be forced to wear what I want her to wear. When she saw I got her the same shirt a her lil’ brother she was beyond thrilled. Even asked me to snap away photos of them together.


Love-hate relationship these two. They love how they’re matching but still look different overall.


This post is flooded with photos of these two. So many cute pictures that I just wanna put out here to preserve this time.

Again no direction needed. All I had to tell them was to look at me so they’re facing the camera. 🙂


Joined in on the fun because I’m twinning with my baby girl! I particularly love this photo because they way my son looked at me is priceless.

We love our matching polo shirts from Giordano!

Recently, the classic brand launched their #WeAreFamily campaign comprising of different collections from September to December. The campaign draws inspiration from treating the family as a team, with whom one increasingly spends more fun and intimate moments.


ME: Okay, lets do the serious look.


ME: That’s your sungit look!


To kickstart the campaign, Giordano focuses on the polo. A wardrobe staple loved and shared by family members, the polo remains to be the ultimate classic – a casual comfort as well as a dressed up essential. Available for male, female and kids, Giordano offers different styles, designs and colors that can be worn by the whole family.



On lil’ Ms. JG: polo shirt, Giordano| skort, Gingersnaps| sneakers, Payless|

On lil’ Mr. JG: polo shirt, Giordano| pants, Gingersnaps| sneakers, Star Wars X Skechers

On me: polo shirt, Giordano| skort, Zara| sneakers, Adidas NMD

Giordano currently has a promo you would want to avail of. 😉


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