Trick or Teeth

Aaaah Halloween! It’s that time of the year when it’s legit to scare other people and dress up your kids in fancy costumes–of either cute lil’ pumpkins and fairies or scary zombies and monsters. Not that I’m the grinch of Halloween, I have a love-hate relationship with it because: A I love seeing my kids in cute costumes yet B: too many sweets isn’t good for anybody.


Here’s a throwback photo of my kids when we had our Trick or Treat at the beach. Their choice of costumes–superheroes!

Like any other kids, my kids look forward to Halloween because they can dress up and be who they want to be all while getting all the treats their heart desires!

Though I am cool about having sweets especially during this time of the year (for I’m a sweet tooth myself), one scary fact about Halloween is that the sugars found in most Halloween candies and chocolates turn into sugar acids which is the number one cause of cavities. 🙁


I think we parents know that sweets can really cause cavities. But have you ever wondered what exactly is IT that causes cavities?

Cavities are formed from harmful acids in the mouth. These harmful acids are called sugar acids which are really the root cause of cavities. Unfortunately, sugar isn’t only present in Halloween sweets. For sweets are in almost everything we eat–chips, chocolates, soda, orange juice, carrots, peanuts, grapes, banana and even yogurt.

So what can you do to prevent the cause of cavities?

Use Colgate Maximum Cavity plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser.


It’s the first Colgate toothpaste that uses a patented breakthrough technology that is clinically-proven to fight the no.1 cause of cavities – sugar acids.

  • Its patented Sugar Acid Neutralizer helps de-activate sugar acids in plaque before they can harm teeth.
  • With Fluoride & Calcium, it also strengthens and remineralizes the enamel to help prevent cavity formation.


Even though it’s not Halloween, my kids get weekly treats from Sunday school. Thankfully, they already know the drill. Whenever they eat too much sweets, not only do they drink a lot of water immediately after, they would also ask for the “purple Colgate” so they can brush their teeth. I’ve already told them that the purple Colgate fights the nasty sugar acids that causes cavities–kinda like how much they love dressing up as superheroes to fight the bad guys.

I’ve had my first encounter with Colgate Sugar Acid Neutralizer almost two years ago (and you can read it all HERE) and ever since I discovered it’s power to de-activate sugar acids while providing fluoride and calcium, I always make sure we have it at home.

Moms, we can’t really keep our kids from indulging in sweets once in a while but we can help them protect their teeth from cavities by using Colgate Maximum Cavity plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser. No need to worry about indulging on Halloween sweets when there’s the ‘purple Colgate’ to brush away all the sugar acids.

Colgate Maximum Cavity plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser is available in all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. You can also buy it online at


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