Watsons Hair Affair, SM City The Block

Hair care products are sort of my addiction. I like trying different shampoos and conditioners. If you check out the Divasoria’s Glossy feature on me, you’ll see some of the products I use on my hair and these vary from time to time.  When it comes to hair, the only thing I like experimenting on is hair care products. I was not the type of girl who can’t wait to finish high school so that come college, I can go all out on a total makeover.

My first ever hair color was when I was 20 years old. It’s not even a personal choice as I had to have it done for work. Since then from time to time I would have my hair colored to dark brown or ash brown, nothing drastic just the right color to give my head a fresh look. Fast forward to last year when I had the courage to up my hair game a notch when I had my hair cut & have it colored to bright red. It sparked interest, especially to the people who know me as it was so out of my character to do something as drastic as changing my hair color to red. But I got the hang of it and people appreciate how well it suited me. After having it colored back to dark brown for work, now I’m back to being a red head.

My hair story was picked up by Watsons- the one-stop-shop for all things beauty and through their Hair Affair event that happened late last month, I was able to contribute to the celebration of how hair coloring can really color one’s life.

We had our shoot a few days before the event and here’s a quick look at the BTS.


Quick tip: when doing a shoot or having your hair and make up done, always wear a button-down shirt so it’s easy to change into your outfit and not ruin your hair & make up. 🙂


Make up transformation. Ahihihihi. I really want to learn how to do my make up like this, especially my brows! Thanks Kristine Ramos for doing my make up.



This is the second year I’ve been invited to be part of Watson’s Hair Affair. Last year, I gave tips on how one can use hair style as an accessory when dressing up. This year, it’s all about hair color for Watson’s Hair Affair.


The Watsons Hair Affair featured the season’s trendiest hair colors and hairstyles last June 27, 2015 at the Block, SM North Edsa. The mane event was graced by beauty-lovers, fearless females, and all those ready to join the biggest and brightest hair transformation.



Denise Laurel and DJ Peter hosted the first half of the event.


Hair coloring stations for those Watsons shoppers who bought hair color products. I lavett! It’s a great way for those who want to try coloring their hair but are a bit hesitant or lack knowledge to do it properly themselves. Now the next time these ladies want to change their hair color, they can easily do it at the comfort of their own homes.



Daryl Ong serenaded all the lovely men and women at the Wastons Hair Affair.


The highlight of the event was the fashion show were local designers and SM Woman clothes were showcased to complement vibrant hair colors giving a preview on how fashion and beauty go well together whether its on a daily basis or on a special occasion.


I, together with Aryanna Epperson, Helga Weber & Kim Palanca shared our hair color story and how it has transformed us & our lives.


My take on changing one’s hair whether it’s a cut or a color or both? Go for it! I’m not attached to my hair so when the opportunity comes for me to change the way I look through my hair, it’s easy for me to grab it. If you don’t try now, when? So go lang! It’ll always grow back and you can always have it colored to whatever color you want.


Solenn Heussaff & Bianca Valerio capped off the event.


Such an empowering and inspiring event. Thanks so much Watsons for having me in this year’s Watsons Hair Affair!


“I used to be quite shy so ever since I changed my hair color I find that it brings more attention and it’s helped me break out of my shell. I find that I have more fun—as the saying goes, ‘Blondes have more fun,’”- Aryanna Epperson


“It makes me feel a bit different and it’s taught me to be more confident in my own skin. It’s the easiest thing you can change in your appearance. Makeup can be washed away but when you change your hair, it’s like you’re a new person. You can also have a bit of a new personality too,”- Helga Webber


“I’m a hair color junkie, and working in the beauty business gave me lots of opportunities to change my hair color. I’ve tried almost every color in the lot…but now I feel very at home with this kind of brown. It’s classy, it’s easier for me to edit it, and I feel like finally, I can be myself. I’m more comfortable with my own skin…and it’s not too crazy for the husband.”- Kim Reyes-Palanca


“I grew up very awkward, so, hair color wasn’t really something I considered back then. I do get a lot of compliments ever since I started sporting my red hair and it’s something that gives me self-fulfillment because I own it more than it owns me. Even my daughter’s classmates call me The Little Mermaid whenever I pick her up from school because they see me as someone who’s very confident.”- Jackie Go

Nahiya naman ako sa hesitant honey to hot mama! Eeeeep! But seriously, I feel so much more confident ever since I became a red head. Thinking if I’ll stick to it for good but I can’t help but experiment now more than ever especially since it’s easy to update my look as I can just buy my hair care needs from Watsons.


I’ve got new babies to play with! Thank you Watsons & W Elite for my new gold hair dryer and hair curler! 😀


Head on over to your nearest Watsons store and transform your tresses- transform your life- today!



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