Viola Marsala

Remembering 2015’s color of the year and probably the only color I can add to my wardrobe –black, white, grey and navy blue forever – that I can mix and match with my existing color choices. Marsala exudes an elegant touch to any kind of clothing, whether it’s a simple cut or a complicated bias, I can see this tasteful hue in my closet.
Starting off with this number.


I’m a sucker for jersey-fabric clothes, particularly dresses. Though it clings to places that may or may not be flattering (read: puson) –I still love wearing it!


Meet Viola. This lovely maxi dress is from a local brand that offers timeless pieces that can take you from day to night, weekday to weekend. #golocalMarsala_ColeVintage_MaxiDress_JackieGo_2


Tip: spruce up a simple dress with a standout accessory.Marsala_ColeVintage_MaxiDress_JackieGo_3

Viola ruch softly just under the bra line which gives that lovely draping.


Another local brand to love is this accessory label that offers handmade one-of-a-kind pieces. This necklace is an instant outfit maker no? You’ve probably seen me wear this piece HERE. 


Another tip: always, always wear seamless underwear whenever you wear anything jersey. Since it hugs to your body, you wouldn’t want to be caught with VPL now would you? 🙂


Notice how vertical the whole outfit looks? Thanks to the beads of the necklace and the drapes of the dress), it kinda gives an illusion that I’m more elongated. Yeeesssss. #tangkadtips


Of course, 3-inch heels always works for added height. 😉


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