Browhaus Manila #WeaponsofMassSeduction

My favorite #browarchitech, Browhaus Manila recently released their brand’s very own makeup line that can really be #weaponsofmassseduction.


Here I am with Rowena of Animetric, Marj of The Traveling Heels and Shari of The Misty Mom. We’re all excited to know what Browhaus has to offer. Thanks Shari for the photo!


They released 5 new products mostly to enhance the beauty of our peepers – eyebrow, eyeliner, bi-liner, mascara and makeup remover. Have I got your attention now? 😉


The launch was held at Cafe Naya & it was very laid back. I, together with my fellow bloggers enjoyed our lunch and took the time to catch up with each other. Until Sanya, who hosted the event called Nikki & I to participate in a game! Heehee. Here I was with Nikki doing the eye makeup challenge. Can you see how intense I was swatching the products while Nikki was busy concentrating on her cat-eye look. Thanks for capturing this moment, Shen!

Now here’s a look at Browhaus’ #WeaponsofMassSeduction


Browhaus Precision Eyeliner, Classic Brow Lead, HD Mascara, Heavy-Duty Bi-Liner and Erase Make-Up Remover (not in photo). 

Browhaus Heavy-Duty Bi-Liner

Double the function, twice the action

Browhaus Heavy-Duty Bi-liners (Php 498.00 each, Php 1998.00 for a bundle set of all five colours).

Designed with a waterproof gel pencil on one end and a soft smudge-tip and sharpener on the other, the Browhaus Heavy-Duty Bi-Liner offers long-lasting wear for up to 24 hours. It comes in five eye-catching metallic shades with a hint of shimmer. Available in Noir Shimmer, Midnight Blue, Burgundy, Amber, and Blush.

True enough, this highly pigmented bi-liners are heavy duty. No matter how much I smudge it off my arm, it just won’t come off! Though it can be a bit of a challenge to apply on the lids – takes a bit of an effort to blend it using the smudge-tip – it’s a good eye product that can last the whole day without touchups. Use it as an eyeliner and eyeshadow, either way you get eye-catching peepers.

Browhaus Classic Brow Lead

Fill your brows in with strokes of genius

Browhaus Classic Brow Lead, Php 648.00

Amp up sparse brows with the smooth-finish pencil and neaten by adding finishing touches using the soft-bristle brush on the other end. Each Browhaus Classic Brow Lead comes with a sharpener so your brows will always look on point. Available in Blonde, Soft Brown, and Asphalt (swatched from bottom to top).

I like that it’s colors are buildable no matter what your hair color is (save for bright colors such as blue, green, purple, pink ha). It’s a great brow product especially if you’re only concern is to fill out gaps to crate an natural-looking brows.

Browhaus Precision Eyeliner

Just wing it!

Browhaus Precision Eyeliner, Php 750.00

The Browhaus Precision Eyeliner – part of Browhaus’ first ever range of eye makeup – offers long-lasting smudge-proof wear and intense colour for up to 24 hours, making it ideal even for ladies with oilier eyelids.

Its specially designed felt-tip applicator allows for precision lining so you can change up your look from fresh thinly-lined lids to dramatic Cleopatra wing-tips with ease, and erasing mistakes are a breeze as the Browhaus Precision Eyeliner washes off easily with warm water. Available in black and brown.

Browhaus HD Mascara

Don’t clump your style


Browhaus HD Mascara, Php 998.00

Browhaus HD Mascara – part of Browhaus’ first ever range of eye makeup gives you longer lashes with a curl effect that lasts for up to 24 hours, even when the going gets wet, thanks to its durable waterproof formula. Clay minerals add gloss and help lengthen and hold the curl without your lashes feeling stiff or dry, while the specially designed brush picks up just the right amount of formula to ensure that your lashes are evenly coated and well-defined without being clumpy. Talk about HD quality! Available in black.

Browhaus Erase Make-Up Remover

Leave no makeup behind!


Browhaus Erase Make-Up Remover, Php800.00

Browhaus Erase Make-Up Remover – an oil-based formula that complements the existing range of waterproof Browhaus eye makeup! Suitable for sensitive skin, it is fragrance- and paraben-free, and does not leave any oily residue.

I used one drop of Browhaus Erase Make-Up Remover for my swatches. I added a few drops of water to emulsify and massaged it until makeup is slowly erased. What I like about it is that its fragrance free and despite being oil-based, it doesn’t feel heavy. It can effectively remove makeup especially those that are waterproof. Best to just gently massage it and not rub it as to not cause any skin irritation.


My #FOTD using Browhaus Heavy-Duty Bi-Liner, Precision Eyeliner, Classic Brow and HD Mascara. Love how it can instantly brighten my eyes. Hashtag eye game strong. 😉


Check out the different Browhaus services that can help you give you gorgeous brows.

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