Find Happiness at Your Feet: What’s Your Perfect Fitflop Pair?

You probably know by now I have a few pairs of Fitflop which I use and abuse on a daily basis. You can read my previous posts HERE.

My recent visit at their BHS store to find me yet another perfect pair of Fitflop lead me to bust out my camera and take tons of photos from their latest collection. I thought I’d share what’s in store so you have your picks and favourites even before you head to the nearest Fitflop store.


Why choose between comfort & chic when you can have both? 😀

top row: Blossom, middle row: Blossom and Glitterosa, bottom row: Rosita

top row: Boho & Sweetie, middle row: Petra, bottom row:  Carmel Suede & Sweetie

top row: KYS™ Leather Slide & Lulu™ Shimmersuede

second row: The Skinny Leather Embossed & Superjelly™ Rubber Slide

third row: Superjelly™ Twist Print

fourth row: F-Pop Ballerinas

fifth row: Shuv Patent and Leather Clogs & Banda™ Suede & Slide Sandals

top row: Jeweley Flip Flops & Slides, middle row: Ibiza™ Cork Leather Flip Flops, bottom row: Gladdie™ and AIX™ Leather Slides & Gladdie™ Leather Flip Flops


Gladdie™ Leather Sandals is love at first sight!

I couldn’t decide what to get because the newest pairs of Fitflop are chic and summer ready! My favourites are Banda, Jeweley, AIX, The Skinny & Gladdie. All are too comfy –like walking on cloud nine– & are all respectively stylish. So you see, it was a struggle for me to find my ultimate perfect pair because every pair I tried brought #HappinessAtYourFeet

So after more than a few minutes of choosing, being indecisively in awe of the newest pairs, I ended up getting myself this…


… now ain’t Gladdie a beauty?!

You too can feel #HappinessAtYourFeet with a perfect Fitflop pair!





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