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I received a few emails asking what camera I use because my pictures are waaaaay more decent than the past years I started blogging. They’re sharper, brighter and overall just prettier. I use Fujifilm XA-2. Out of all the mirrorless camera, I picked Fuji because it’s within my budget (under P30,000) and has presets that make taking photos easy peasy.

I love it and a few friends were sold that they also bought one for themselves upon my recommendation. While I like the kit lens that comes with it, I also wanted to invest on a prime lens that can further level up my photos. So for my birthday, I gifted myself a 60mm macro lens. I know, I know, I don’t do much ‘up close and personal’ photos so why get the lens?

Upon researching, I found out that this lens is perfect for portrait. So I figured since I’m investing on gadgets to make my life easier, might as well go for the lens. After all, I got it on sale so push na talaga!

Here’s the first of the series of OOTD I took using my Fujifilm XA-2 with 60mm macro lens. Despite it being a macro lens, I think it did a pretty decent job and I’m happy with it.
MANGO_BlueWhite_JackieGo_2The 60mm lens is quite challenging to use because one is prompted to step back in order to capture a particular subject. In this case, our helper had to go across the pool so my whole body is included in the photo. If it’s up close or portrait lang, there’s no issue.MANGO_BlueWhite_JackieGo_1Depth is also different compared to my Fuji’s kit lens but I like that I pop out from the background.MANGO_BlueWhite_JackieGoThis outfit is so me. Loose, flowy top paired by trendy skirt is my no fail easy dressing. I can’t seem to get enough of this kind of blouse. I have more than a handful and they all look similar save for a detail that sets them apart from each other, such as the buttons or piping.


MANGO_BlueWhite_JackieGo_5The weave skirt is such a beauty. You can dress it down with a plain white V-neck shirt paired with white tennis shoes.MANGO_BlueWhite_JackieGo_6

Loving this white wedge shoes because it’s super comfortable. So much so that I wore it walking around SM Megamall building A, B, and Fashion Hall like I’m just wearing slippers.

top & skirt, Mango| shoes, Comfit

What do you guys think of my new camera lens? 🙂

If you’re interested to get a Fujifilm camera you can check out http://henryscameraphoto.com. This is where I bought mine and they also offer at 12 months instalment 0% interest. Winner!


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