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When I hear the words design & studio I think about interior, home decor and the like. But this association has now changed ever since I visited Design Studio Salon a few weeks ago.

Design Studio is a salon for men and women tucked quietly along Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City. Coincidental or not, it’s surrounded by stores such as Kenneth Cobonpue, Mav Furniture, Hunter Douglas and Shell Canvas, all of which cater to interior and design.
DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_3Design Studio Salon is the brainchild of partners Chiara Echiverri and Chase Tinio. The need to provide a haven for both men and women, to enjoy good, relaxing time while they get their nails done (or any personal beauty treatment for that matter) either alone or with their friends is the top of mind of these two lovebirds/entrepreneurs. Their vision soon turned into reality and all the things they ever want in a salon, they make sure Design Studio has.
DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_1The interior speaks sleek & modern yet exudes a relaxing and steady vibe.DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_2

DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_4According to Chiara and Chase, every bit of element you see in Design Studio was well thought of. From the made to order chairs down to the plants. There isn’t anything unnecessary that consumes space.DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo

DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_5One thing that sets Design Studio Salon apart from all the other salons here in the metro is their high tech rinsing chairs. It tilts back automatically and has a soft head support that prevents its client from straining his/her neck. I super duper loved it! I wish I could stay longer in this chair because I’ve never been this comfy while having my hair rinsed.

DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_6Cleanliness is non-negotiable for Design Studio. They make it appoint that each station is clean  & sanitized for each client.DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_9They even have a dedicated sanitation station where all the staff are required to sanitize first before proceeding with any service or treatment. All my OC friends will love this salon, I swear!DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_11Just so they and you know, Design Studio keeps tabs of your treatments and takes a before and after photo of your hair for reference. This makes it easy for everyone, especially if you had your hair colored and want a touch up in the future.
DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_12Design Studio menu via iPad. They also have a handful of pegs for style, cut and color that you can browse through for inspiration.DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_7Tea & treats were served for me.
DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_16While I’m waiting for my hair treatment, I had my nails done using Sally Hansen gel polish.DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_15

DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_13When in Design Studio Salon, ask for their delicious goji berry tea.DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_10

DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_8Across the row of hair stations are three lazy boy chairs that Chase had custom made for the salon. The moment I sat down on one, I felt as if I was sitting on a fluffy cloud. The buttery soft leather contours perfectly to my body and wraps me, as if luring me to sleep. I could stay on it forever but I had to go back to my station to finish my hair treatment.

You must try Design Studio for a foot spa or mani-pedi so you’ll know how relaxing it is to sit on one of these lazy boys.

DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_14The cape crusader! Eeer I mean the cape that lets you check you phone. No need to waddle your arms out because this cape has a window that lets you use your gadgets conveniently. It’s another nice thing to rave about Design Studio Salon.
DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_17I feel like  a queen being pampered like there’s no tomorrow. Can I do this every week? 😀DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_18I got a lot of compliments with my nude nails. DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_BEFOREHere’s my hair before I had my permanent blowout.

Here’s my hair after having Design Studio Salon’s Permanent Blowout. Sleek and straight. I love how I don’t have to let my hair dry nor blow dry it every time I need to look decent for an event or a meeting. You can ask your hair architect how sleek or straight you want your blowout to be. If you have layered hair, you can request to have the tips curled a little bit so it won’t look too stiff. According to Chiara, their permanent blow dry can last up to 8 to 10 months! I am in love with my hair now more than ever. And if I get bored with my sleek and straight hair, I can always style & curl it and it wouldn’t affect my blowout.

Design Studio Permanent Blowout is perfect for all modern Filipinas who find fixing their hair every morning a tedious and exhausting task that they can’t keep up with. For those interested to try this service, Design Studio Salon currently has an ongoing promo at Deal Grocer.DesignStudioSalon_JackieGo_19With the mom & dad of Design Studio Salon, Chiara Echiverri and Chase Tinio. It is such a small world because Chase & I have worked together for a TV commercial. It was so nice catching up with you and congratulations to you & Chiara on your “baby”. Good service and excellent facilities Design Studio Salon, I can’t wait to go back!


908 G/F Arnaiz Metrobank bldg. A. Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road), San Lorenzo Village, Makati City.

02-832-5508 or 02-899-9977

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    • says

      Hi Ann! The Permanent Blowout is a volume-straightening system. It’s a more natural straight as compared to rebond and the service is patented to Design Studio Salon. 🙂 I love my hair now, it’s wash and wear and I like that I can still curl and style it. 🙂

  1. Iya says

    Hi! Ms. Jackie. Is your hair still the same as your hair on your “after photo”? Is it as “Sleek and straight” as before?

    • says

      Hi Mari! They applied the treatment, (it smells good) let it sit for t a few minutes then rinse. After they blow dried my hair and used steam bond. Since my hair is treated already, they didn’t have to repeat the process. What makes it different is the treatment is mild,no strong sensation on my scalp. 🙂


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