Tea & Treasures At Makati Shangri La

 A good advice I learned from Coach Pia is to spend quality time with each of my kids. While I’ve been doing this for the past years will lil’ Ms. JG, unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to go on a date with lil’ Mr. JG alone (because his Achi always wants to go with us). Hopefully I get to do this when a chance permits. As for my lil’ princess, we make it appoint to go on weekly, if not once every two weeks date together.

Our date last week was a fun one, as we helped ourselves to an afternoon tea full of treasures & treats.

MakatiShangriLa_LobbyLounge_TeaAndTreasures_JewelryBox_JackieGoThe Lobby Lounge of Makati Shangri La hotel offers Tea & Treasures, an afternoon of all things beautiful and delicious.MakatiShangriLa_LobbyLounge_TeaAndTreasures_JewelryBox_JackieGo_1It’s basically a tea set for two and the food are neatly arranged inside a big jewelry box for you to consume in delight.MakatiShangriLa_LobbyLounge_TeaAndTreasures_JewelryBox_JackieGo_2

MakatiShangriLa_LobbyLounge_TeaAndTreasures_JewelryBox_JackieGo_3A choice between coffee or tea. Though I’m a heavy coffee drinker, I opted to have tea instead.MakatiShangriLa_LobbyLounge_TeaAndTreasures_JewelryBox_JackieGo_4Two things I like presented before me: chocolates & shoes. I couldn’t resist these chocolate shoes & immediately had the green one. MakatiShangriLa_LobbyLounge_TeaAndTreasures_JewelryBox_JackieGo_5An assortment of savoury & sweet treats for you & your afternoon tea date to indulge.MakatiShangriLa_LobbyLounge_TeaAndTreasures_JewelryBox_JackieGo_6




MakatiShangriLa_LobbyLounge_TeaAndTreasures_JewelryBox_JackieGo_13As if having afternoon high tea is not enough, you get serenaded by a 14-piece orchestra while you’re at it. This is the kind of date I don’t mind getting used to. I felt like time isn’t against me for once. I didn’t scramble to multitask nor think about pending things. I really felt in the moment, enjoying the moment with my lil’ Ms. JG. It felt good.MakatiShangriLa_LobbyLounge_TeaAndTreasures_JewelryBox_JackieGo_10Shoe that’s made for eating! So hard to eat this pretty one. *om nom nom nom nom* heeheeMakatiShangriLa_LobbyLounge_TeaAndTreasures_JewelryBox_JackieGo_12

MakatiShangriLa_LobbyLounge_TeaAndTreasures_JewelryBox_JackieGo_14Enjoyed tea time with my princess, Mish of Momma N’ Manila, Patti Javier & Aencille Santos of Makati Shangri-La. Thank you for having us ladies.


Tea & Treasure is available daily Makati Shangri-La Lobby Lounge. You can have it anytime but preferably in the afternoon since most people like having tea in the afternoon. The set is good for two but I believe its good enough for 3-4 people to share (just order an extra set of tea or coffee so you can pair it with the jewelry box goodies).MakatiShangriLa_LobbyLounge_TeaAndTreasures_JewelryBox_JackieGo_Menu



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