Why Hello There Twenty Six

The Go's :)

"Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy Grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city" *insert Ke$ha's Tick Tock video here* Okaaaaay, that's not really what I felt upon waking up today. I definitely didn't feel like a mogul rapper nor did I leave my daughter at home to explore the city. BUT! yes, I woke up to that tune. LSS perhaps? Or was it just a dream? Nonetheless, I know today is MY day and this was my theme song. Aaaaah, another year! My second birthday that I've ... [ Read More ]

Today’s Outfitey: Mustard Swing Cardigan

swing swing!

Mabuhay! Pardon the lack of post the past few days. The long weekend was wonderful but sadly I caught the flu bug and so my attempt to post entries over the holiday was replaced with DVD marathon and frequent trips to the mall (for G's sake of course). Now that I'm a bit better it is just right that my first post for the week should be an outfitey post. For today's key piece: a mustard colored swing cardigan. Perfect for the rainy season (here in the Philippines). It's really very hard ... [ Read More ]

Stay Mommy, Stay! (At Home With Me)

bringing G with me to work

Raising a one year old kid is a tough job. It requires constant patience and understanding. You have to harness all your energy in trying to do so, and it helps to pray for guidance as well. Playing with a one year old person needs creativity and imagination, things that most people tend to overlook (believe me, it's not easy to be creative at all times). One must be armed with stories, backed with colorful yet meaningful explanation of how the world is. Yes, this is what I deal with everyday, ... [ Read More ]

Today’s Outfitey: Leather Moccasins

Mocca Moccasins! LOL

Moccasins are back! (have they ever left in the first place?) I love how classic items are being reinvented, fashion indeed is evolving. For a shoe lover like me, I can honestly say there's more to shoes than being just all pretty. And yes, sometimes I unconsciously judge a person based on his/her shoes. (Sorry naman, tao lang!) But seriously, there's a lot to say about someone who has nice shoes. It may not be expensive but the style & heel are always important (okay, I will make a post ... [ Read More ]