Oreo Transform It + Giveaway


I bet most of you by now have already watched Transformers: Age of Extinction. How did you find the movie? The movie maniac in me liked the usual Hollywood franchise of the film. As expected, the CGI was great. Kinda reminded me of our Singapore trip when we rode the Transformers ride. It was wild and I felt like I was really in a scene where Megatron was chasing after us and Optimus Prime. Feeling Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Nicola Peltz (who I like more in The Last Airbender) lang ... [ Read More ]

Senti Sabado With Shakey’s + Giveaway


Back in the 90s where brownouts (power interruptions) were usual because of the shortage of electrical power supply, it was a struggle to do anything because brownouts in a tropical country feels like being inside an oven. There are two things one can do during times like these: A. stay home, listen to the radio, light a candle and fan your heart out until power comes back B. drive out and head to an open establishment like a hotel, a mall, a convenience store, or anywhere that has back up ... [ Read More ]

Better Me: Three Tips On Keeping The Home Full Of Love


One of the perks of blogging and being a SoMom is that I get to attend Better Me sessions facilitated by no less than Coach Pia of The One Core Group. Last month, we had another #BetterMe session that focused on keeping the home full of love. This was very timely as school for lil' Ms. GJG started this week! As much as I want to cradle her in my arms until she's old enough to decide for herself, (say 28 years old? Heehee) I know at some point I'd have to loosen up that tight grip as she'll be ... [ Read More ]

Like Owl Coffee & Win Gift Packs


Remember my post about Owl Coffee & Tea? Two of the things that I like most combined is just pure happiness for me! Coffee + owl always perk me up. Honestly, I couldn't imagine myself not drinking coffee everyday. Okay fine, maybe I did survived three days without coffee when I did my juice detox for the first time in forever! Heehee. But still, coffee always starts my day. Especially during the months when I had no maid nor yaya to lend an extra pair of hands. I need coffee or else I'll be ... [ Read More ]

EmerginC Scientific Organics Review + Giveaway


A few weeks ago, I received a package from Glamourbox containing EmerginC Scientific Organics products. I was very excited as I am really leaning towards investing on skincare more than make up, solely because I am not getting any younger and it's high time I take care of my skin. Honestly, this all started when I attended the Dove Summit as I want to be confident wearing my bare face in public. I want to have smooth, even, poreless, blemish-free and soft skin. So I'm really open to trying ... [ Read More ]