Giveaway: Cure Natural Aqua Gel & Water Treatment


I know not all women exfoliate. I myself am a late bloomer in this field of beauty. So for those who aren't familiar but want to start on their exfoliating journey, ever considered trying Cure Natural Aqua Gel? It's Japan's no. 1 exfoliator and has been available here in the Philippines for a few years now. It's mild and gentle because it's made of 90% water. You can read about my review about Cure Natural Aqua Gel HERE. Cure Natural Aqua gel is at P1,500 a bottle & can last for three to ... [ Read More ]

What’s Your Nestle Non-Fat Milk Recipe? + Giveaway

NNFM Prizes

Ever since I've chosen to eat healthier and more consciously, I've been more selective about what I prepare for myself and my family. For example, I never thought I'd like milk as much as I do right now. Good thing there's NESTLE NON-FAT MILK to provide my daily serving of milk. Not only does it aid in giving me the daily calcium that I need, it also helps me manage my weight, since each serving has a 90-calorie count and only 0.1% fat. While I find it easy to veer away from unhealthy food, I ... [ Read More ]

New Beginning With Beginnings Baby + Giveaway


Over the holidays, I heard lil' Ms. GJG forcing her baby brother to do baby talk. lil' Ms. GJG: Jurrrrrooooo, do baby talk! Come on show me how you do baby talk! lil' Mr. GJG: Nanamamamama. Na ma ma Mee mee mee. Neeeeeee!!! NKKLK! I know my lil' achie wants another baby sibling, particularly a baby sister. To be honest, adding a new member to the family isn't really one of our options anytime soon as we're truly enjoying our two lil' munchkins. It's weird hearing my youngest do baby talk ... [ Read More ]

Go For Multiple Intelligence + Giveaway


As a mother, I would do anything for my kids. Aside from providing them what they need, I try my very best to give them opportunities to learn. For I believe that their capability to be the best that they can be starts early on. For me, nurturing the ability of my children to be brain smart, people smart and body smart is part of my calling as their primary caretaker and this I take seriously. Multiple intelligence is one of the things I've researched even before I was pregnant with lil' Ms. ... [ Read More ]

Go Walk With Skechers Giveaway


After discovering how ultra-comfortable and lightweight Skechers GOwalk 2 is, I couldn't resist on raving about it. I've been using Skechers GOwalk 2 at least twice a week for three months now and I have to say, I'm in love with it. Raving alone is not enough as I know you too would want to feel that GoGa Mat Technology™ on the soles of your feet. I also know that most of you have included Skechers GOwalk 2 in your Christmas list (must post mine soon). Luckily, our friends from Skechers heard ... [ Read More ]