Push For Healthy With Purefoods Sexy Chix + Giveaway


Food confession: I love chicken. People close to me, especially my family know that it's one of the food I cannot live without. I always make sure we have a fillet chicken breast, thigh fillet or leg quarter in our freezer because really, whipping up a chicken dish is easy with these around. So when I had my Food Intolerance Test, I was praying to the nutrition gods to spare me from chicken intolerance because I don't know what I would do if I had to bid goodbye to it. Lucky for me, I'm not ... [ Read More ]

HP Deskjet 4515 Review + Giveaway


Don't you just love all-in-one products? Doesn't it make our lives so much easier? Gone are the days when you have to go to a photocopy centre to have documents copied or have a scanner to email a soft copy of a document. With HP Deskjet 4515, you can scan, copy, and print wirelessly. HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4515 is at P6,990. It lets you print WIRELESSLY & affordably whenever you need it. It's the perfect printer to have in your household so you can give your child the Ink ... [ Read More ]

Be Your Best Beautiful With Olay Miracle Duo + Giveaway


A lot has shown interest when I reviewed the newest from Olay-- The Miracle Duo. I guess in this day and age, more and more women (and even men) are really investing on skin care and a lot have become more cautious when it comes to taking care of themselves. Olay Miracle Duo can help you prevent premature skin aging and can boost your skin cells renewal for that younger looking skin. The New Olay Miracle Boost Pre-essence. Just the 1st drop starts renewal of a million skin cells. ... [ Read More ]

Giveaway: Cure Natural Aqua Gel & Water Treatment


I know not all women exfoliate. I myself am a late bloomer in this field of beauty. So for those who aren't familiar but want to start on their exfoliating journey, ever considered trying Cure Natural Aqua Gel? It's Japan's no. 1 exfoliator and has been available here in the Philippines for a few years now. It's mild and gentle because it's made of 90% water. You can read about my review about Cure Natural Aqua Gel HERE. Cure Natural Aqua gel is at P1,500 a bottle & can last for three to ... [ Read More ]

What’s Your Nestle Non-Fat Milk Recipe? + Giveaway

NNFM Prizes

Ever since I've chosen to eat healthier and more consciously, I've been more selective about what I prepare for myself and my family. For example, I never thought I'd like milk as much as I do right now. Good thing there's NESTLE NON-FAT MILK to provide my daily serving of milk. Not only does it aid in giving me the daily calcium that I need, it also helps me manage my weight, since each serving has a 90-calorie count and only 0.1% fat. While I find it easy to veer away from unhealthy food, I ... [ Read More ]