Shop On Cudlsy, It’s On Me!


Spare yourself from the misery of crowded malls shopping for your friends and family for their Christmas gift 'coz Cudsly's got you covered. Cudsly is an online store haven for moms, moms-to-be and children. It was born last year and is the baby of young moms who wanted an alternative to the long treks to the crowded supermarkets and baby stores. These working moms understand the value of time spent with their children and they saw the buying needs for the most important little persons in their ... [ Read More ]

Giveaway Alert: What’s Your Forever 21 Pre-Fall Look?


Forever 21's Pre-Fall campaign is all about self-expression. We mix and match our clothes based on our mood. This is evident in most days when we just want to let loose and let our creativity run wild. This individuality of ours let us show the world who we are and who we're meant to be. Thus the Forever 21 shopper is not afraid of being their authentic selves, using the fashion as means of expression; stepping out of the crowd, into the spotlight and owning their own style. I can totally ... [ Read More ]

Miss Chic: Chic Everyday Jewelry + Giveaway


Murano glass jewelry is something I've been wanting to own for the longest time but haven't really gotten around buying one because I'm not really sure if those available here are authentic murano made in Italy. Luckily, I discovered Miss Chic through my cousin. Chiqui, the woman behind Miss Chic fell in love with murano glass particularly with Millefiori, a glassware technique which uses distinctive decorative patterns on glassware. After years of being in love with Millefiori & murano ... [ Read More ]

What’s Your Red Ribbon Birthday Dedication?


Last month, lil' Mr. GJG & I celebrated our birthdays. I would've given him a cute dedication cake as we initially planned on celebrating intimately with our family. But God had other plans for us as we celebrated his birthday in the ER and spent the next days in the hospital. Although we bought him a cake, I wasn't able to dedicate a message for him. So instead, I'll write it here. You are our ray of sunshine & thank you for being one! May you continue to give happiness to the ... [ Read More ]

Safety Zone Fair

Safety Zone Poster Web Ready

They say that being a parent means having an extension of your heart outside of yourself.  This is so true.  Aside from all your other roles and responsibilities, you as a parent worry about your child’s diet, skin care, physical health, social and mental development and everything else you can think of. With so many other things to be concerned about, it helps to be knowledgeable on the everyday dangers that your child may be exposed to, and how to protect them.  Educating yourself can help ... [ Read More ]