Giveaway: Stuffy Nose No More With Euky Bear

For my allergy prone family, it’s mandatory for this mama bear to gear up on products that can help alleviate discomfort, especially when it comes to stuffy nose. Change in weather and the rainy season always prompts my kids to catch colds and flu virus, and it pains me to see them having a hard time breathing.

Thankfully, Euky Bear is here.

Aside from their famous Euky Bearub, Euky Bear also offers inhalant. I tell you, it’s a must for every household who have to deal with stuffy and clogged nose.

Euky Bearub, P400/tube

Euky Bearub is an all-natural eucalyptus rub that helps clear stuffy nose, eases cough, soothes sore throat, and relieves mucous congestion among others.

Eucalyptus oil has traditionally been used to relieve the symptoms of respiratory disorders for more than 160 years.  
It is a “volatile aromatic expectorant”.  This means when exposed to heat (such as steam, hot water, or body heat – in an ointment like Euky Bearub) it produces vapours which have an ‘expectorant’ action – similar to the ingredients in chesty cough medicines.  Expectorants work by making the body’s mucous secretions thinner and more watery, breaking down congestion and making it easier to expel (cough up).

Eucalyptus oil is also a natural antibacterial and antimicrobial; and its aromatic nature is thought to have therapeutic benefits, too.

Euky Bearub is lil’ Mr. JG’s favorite. Whenever he gets allergic rhinitis or colds, he would request Euky Bearub and would apply it on his chest, throat and even on his temples. Whether we travel out of town or on staycations, I make sure I bring a tube with us. It’s such a lifesaver!

Euky Bear Vaporiser, P3,800 (comes with a bottle of Euky Bear Vaporiser Cleaning Tablets)

Just when I was about to place an order of Euky Bearub from Marilen of Koofty Enterprise Inc., the official distributor of Euky Bear here in the Philippines, I found out that they now also carry other Euky Bear products and one of which is the Euky Bear Vaporiser. So without hesitation I immediately ordered one for my family.

Euky Bear Vaporiser creates all-night natural steam vapours to help soothe irritated throats, thin phlegm and reduce coughing due to colds, flu, bronchitis or croup. It may be used from birth onwards – steam helps naturally relieve congestion and is suitable for the whole family. Features a safer, cool-touch water chamber and is specially designed so inhalant is added inside the chamber, out of reach of little fingers.

I remember when I was young, my mom would force me to use a steamer. I would coop myself up inside a blanket and wait for a few minutes for it to produce steam. It didn’t help that I had to wait and the steam that comes from the strong oil gives discomfort when it passes through my eyes, that I  squint incessantly. I never liked our steamer then. It was noisy and it prompted me to sit and wait.

Lucky for my kids, there’s Euky Bear Vaporizer. It starts quickly (about 3-4 minutes), it’s safe (doesn’t electrocute the water), it’s silent, plus it can run for up to 14 hours straight. EukyBear_SteamVaporizer_Inhalant_JackieGo_Our Euky Bear Vaporiser has been used and abused ever since we go it last July. It has been so helpful to us, especially to my kids. Clogged nose no more during night time – they can finally sleep better. On days when my kids feel more energetic than usual, I use Euky Bear Sleepy Time Inhalant on the Vaporiser, It’s lavender-based so it provides lavender soothing vapour which is relaxing. I even tried it for myself and I like how it can wind me down come bedtime.


Euky Bear Inhalant, P420 (100ml) and P600 (200ml)

Euky Bear Inhalant is a natural blend of essential oils especially designed for use in steam vaporiser.  It can also be used in an inhaler or in a bowl or basin of hot water.

And because I love the Euky Bear Inhalant so much and would want you to try it for yourself, I’m holding a quick giveaway here on the blog. Three GJG readers will win a bottle of Euky Bear Inhalant each. How? As usual, easy peasy mechanics.

1. Like Go Jackie Go and Euky Bear Philippines on Facebook.

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4. Post the last photo on any of your social media page (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram). Tag @gojackiego and @eukybearphilippines and tell us why you want to try Euky Bear Inhalant. Use the hashtag #EukyBearJackieGoGiveaway

Please make sure that your profile is set to public so we can view your entry. Giveaway will run until October 16, 2015 and winners will be announced on Go Jackie Go’s Facebook page. The winners must send a message to Go Jackie Go with their complete details and shipping address. The prize will be shipped to the winners by Euky Bear Philippines.

That’s it pancit! Go ahead and join. 😉


Euky Bear products are available at the following stockist: Hobbes & Landes stores, Mamaway, Babyland, Modern Mama,,, BaoBao Babies, Babies to Toddlers and Rainbow Tots.




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