Style Series: White Button Down Shirt

Hello everyone! I’m starting a style series together with Kelly of The Traveling Boots where we’ll share and highlight some key pieces that we believe every woman (and man) should own. As essential as these key pieces are, they shouldn’t be limitedly worn. As you know, fashion and style vary depending on each individual. Some like to wear these key pieces according to how its supposed to be worn. While a few brave souls would dare fashion and experiment by incorporating their own style to it. I say whatever you prefer, own it!

To kick off the style series, we’re featuring the very staple and elegant white button down shirt. A WBD shirt is often times associated as an office attire. It’s a working woman’s (or man’s) best piece. But for us who don’t go to the office for work, how can we wear it? Here’s my take on the WBD shirt.


Here’s how I like to wear my WBD shirt. Clean. Casual. Classy.

WhiteButtonDownShirtI want to veer away from the whole office-attire-only look because the WBD is known exactly for the purpose of being an appropriate work attire. You can change its dynamics by pairing it with a more causal bottom such as this stripped bandage skirt.


White isn’t my strongest nor best color choice when it comes to clothing. I always feel like I’m twice as big when I wear anything white (which I’m sure most women also feel the same) but recently, with this kind of hot humid weather Manila is experiencing, I’m starting to like wearing white. I just need to find the right cut or material and master how to style it in order for it to work to my advantage- highlighting my assets instead of my flaws.

WhiteButtonDownShirt2I’ve always steered clear of anything long sleeves or button down because I find the prim & proper look so not me! Heehee. But then when I pair it with bottoms (most especially my favorite skirts) that look good on me, I come to a realization that the look actually works on me. The contrast of a crisps top such as a WBD shirt paired with a fun skirt like a bandage makes the overall look interesting.

This look can go from day to night. A day full of meeting ending with a night cap with your special someone or friends. You can be playful by changing the shoes to something more fun like a strappy stiletto or a comfy wedge.

WhiteButtonDownShirt4To break the stiffness and formality WBD shirt brings, add a statement necklace such as this lucite piece.

WhiteButtonDownShirt5How Kelly & I wear our WBD shirts.

WhiteButtonDownShirt8Tucked in to tucked out? Your call.

WhiteButtonDownShirt6The nice thing about the WBD shirt is that you can pair it with any color you prefer, just like how Kelly & I styled ours. Casually chic.

WhiteButtonDownShirt7I love the fluidity of our looks. I like it that we compliment each other’s outfit and that both are not rigid, not erratic either. The thing that I adore whenever I post my (in this case, ours, since its a collaboration with Kelly) #OOTD  is that our style is not over the top as we like it clean and  polished. The way we style our clothes I believe is relatable, something most of our readers can pull off themselves.


WBD shirt: Zara

Bandage skirt: H&M

Black lucite pumps: Christian Loubotin

Lucite necklace: Seek The Uniq

The idea behind doing a style series is exactly for our readers. For them to draw inspiration in creating their own personal style and filling their closets with essentials that can last them years of wearing. Invest in key pieces because you can use them over and over again. Just don’t forget to reinvent yourself by styling these essentials differently.

I hope you find this helpful in drawing your own ideas on how you can wear a white button down shirt. Excited to post the rest of the style series! 🙂

Check out the brands Kelly wore in the shoot and visit his blog at

I’d like to thank Camille King for shooting us for our style series. Oh how I wish all my outfit posts are as beautifully captured as this. To book a photo session, visit Camille’s site at Thank you also Eliza Ypon aka The Painter’ Wife for doing my hair & make up. She can do any kind of make up so go ahead & schedule a trial session. To set a meeting & know about her rates, visit her blog at



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    love it! 🙂 i’m not a fan of white as well but lately because of the heat, i find myself drawn to it more and more. and you are so right on the WBD shirt. it can go from office look to casual. 🙂


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