Style Series: Shorts

For the second style series, we give attention to shorts. Denim, colored, cut off, short shorts, bermuda shorts and every other kind. I, personally like wearing shorts most of time, if not, on a daily basis. And because it’s part of the style series, of course its a staple piece in one’s wardrobe. Unless you really dislike wearing one. For me, denim shorts is as staple as a WBD shirt.

I like wearing shorts, like dresses, I can live in them. But sometimes wearing them with a shirt or a tank top makes it too casual. As image is the a crucial part that helps a person create his (first) impression towards you, you wouldn’t want to look too laid-back (unless the occasion calls for it) or underdressed wearing one. So for this style series, I’m showing you one way you can spruce up a basic denim shorts.


Summer gives you every right to wear colors! Bring out your neons and other brights!


So as not to look too casual, inject an accessory that can make the outfit cohesive. In this case, I opted for a jacket. Uy, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t layer. (intentional rhyming happening!) This jacket is lightweight lang naman so it’s not as if I’m sacrificing comfort over style.

Filipinna_Jacket_4The easiest way to wear a shorts is to pair it with a shirt or a tank top. But if you like contrast as much as I do, go ahead and play with lengths and consider pairing your shorts with a long-sleeve shirt, flowy button down blouse or just add a blazer or any kind of topper (cardigan, kimono, jacket) that can bring the look to a whole new level of casual- you know casual but not casual casual! 😉Filipinna_Jacket_3Its the kind of outfit that you can wear to a meeting at a coffee shop with a friend or a client, (unless you work in corporate which requires you to dress in business suit) in short pwede for meeting-meetingan! Heehee.Filipinna_JacketI feel bare whenever I wear shorts matched with tank top only. I feel like either I’m at home underdressed, or I’m at the beach wearing my swimsuit underneath.Filipinna_Jacket_5Ironically, one of my insecurities would have to be my legs. I feel they’re so masculine looking that when I was younger, I seldom wear shorts. A few years have passed and all my bumps and blemishes gone, have I only realized that I really, really like wearing shorts. I don’t know what changed exactly. The fact that my legs are better looking now or that I have come to embrace my flaws, or baka both?!Filipinna_Jacket_6Kelly opted to wear colored shorts and accessorised his look to give a nautical vibe.

Filipinna_Jacket_8Again, you have to know what kind of shorts fit you best. Because if you wear something that makes you feel pretty and confident, then it shows. It shows on how you carry yourself. So don’t forget to try and experiment.
Filipinna_Jacket_9Test shot but its too candid not to share! Akshuli, parang print ad lang ng mobile phone! Hahaha.
Summer-summeran vibe.Filipinna_Jacket_7Totoong nag-selfie kami while being shot. Haha!


Neon green tank top: Forever 21

Denim shorts: Forever 21

Jacket: Filip + Inna for Bayo

Wedge: Chinese Laundry

Photos by: Camille King

Make up by: Eliza Ypon

Check out Kelly’s blog for the brands he’s wearing.



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