Reflect, Relax, Rest

I know I posted on my Instagram yesterday my last blog post for the week, this is in observance of Holy Week. This was okay with me as I was drawing blanks and have not had ample time to sit down and really write. But then again I got inspired by Chinie of Fab After 40 about how one should write everyday, because writing begets writing begets writing. Truly after thinking about it, it does make sense.

My blogging mojo has been missing and I think the long weekend has something to do with it. Perhaps its in conspiracy with the (blogging) mojo thief or maybe it’s a sign that I should relax and enjoy the time I’m given to just take it slow. But the irony is, the moment I felt relaxed was the moment I finally found something meaningful to write about. Just like what happened to Chinie. So here I am writing my thoughts on the eve of Good Friday, sharing my reflections for the Holy Week.

Back when I was younger my family would do the traditional Holy Week activities. Since my parents were active at our local parish, my sisters and I would oftentimes accompany them during the Pasyon/ Pabasa (a ritual where one sings instead of narrates the Passion of Christ) where my mom or dad participates in. We would even help in the soup kitchen and prepare snacks for those who are involve in the round o’clock activity. We would also participate in the Procession, Visita de Iglesia, and Stations Of The Cross . I really miss doing all these activities. Given the circumstances we have today, we haven’t participated in all four activities for Holy Week. I hope next time, my own family can follow suit the ritual my parents have taught my sisters and I. Despite not fully participating, we make sure that Holy Week is the time for us to reflect and pray.

 While most of our Holy Weeks are spent vacationing elsewhere, this year, we decided to do a staycation in the city. It’s because we need to work and we feel traveling with two kids during Holy Week along with thousands of Filipinos (have you seen the NAIA airport terminals in the news? Horrible queue checking-in and at the immigration) isn’t really enticing us to travel.

Reflecting about my life and how much have change in the past year made me realize that I should stop for a moment and breathe. The message is quite clear. I need to rest.

RestGodIsWorkingphoto source

 The past month few months have been crazy. We’ve been busy setting up our little business that traveling isn’t an option. This, plus the fact that we’re still maidless and yayaless (we’re currently looking and hoping we find good helpers) not to mention, I have a handful of backlogs to finish. It doesn’t stop there, I have to be a homemaker, a wife and a mom in between. These are what’s keeping me on my toes. I seriously am a busy person lately. I’m not complaining though as I know my being busy is a productive one. But then I’m made aware that everybody needs a break and this Holy Week, I am reminded to rest.

Reflect. Sleeping at two o’clock in the morning and waking up at seven, wired with caffeine and fueled by multi-vitamins and other supplements. I feel like I’m constantly tired both mind and body. I feel like there are so many things I need to do, so many things I need to accomplish and yet, I have not enough time nor energy to ever finish them all. Sometimes everything feels so automatic that I haven’t given a quick thought about even the simplest things I needed to decide on. Quite scary thinking about how it is, when I know exactly what to do about it.

Relax. I can’t even remember when was the last time I felt I am completely relaxed. All moms have one way or another felt unrelaxed even if they think they’re already relaxed. As one of the phrases that constantly lingers on my head puts it “There’s no rest for the weary”, which I know I’m living up to. I am the type of person who exerts effort and who makes sure that everything is done when it needs to be done. Regardless if I lack sleep or don’t sleep at all. When I put my mind to it, I make sure I deliver no matter what. This Holy Week, I am reminded that I can put everything on pause except time and the value I put into spending it with the people I love. Sure the laundry will never be done (unless we stop wearing clothes, haha) or cooking is always something I must do (unless we stop eating or always go for a take out) but the fleeting moments are well, momentarily and I may not have the chance to enjoy these moments again.

But for the remaining three days of Holy Week, I have come to my senses after being all nostalgic of how I usually spent it back with my parents and sisters- it’s the time to relax and rest. Matthew11:28 aptly puts it.

ComeToMeAndIWillGiveYouRestphoto source

Rest. Take it literally. When you’re physically tired or emotionally drained caused by events that’s happening to your life. Take time to rest. We’re just human trying to comb our way to having a good and meaningful life and honestly, we can’t achieve these if we don’t take enough rest. Rest to gather strength so that we may be able to think clearly. Rest so that we can thoroughly see our life from another perspective. Rest so that we can enjoy the beauty that is constantly happening in our life more than the sorrow. Rest so that we can praise Him more, inducing a grateful heart and a welcoming spirit.

Whether you’re on a vacation or just staying home. Whether you’re actively participating or not in the Holy Week activities. I say take this week to reflect, relax and rest. Take your time. Slow down. And look back on how your life has become and how you want it to be. Pray. Repent. Forgive. Give thanks and be grateful.

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone.



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    Last Thursday, VISITA IGLESIA, it was a first time for me and the kids not to be able to visit the 7 churches we usually visit. But then again, it didn’t stopped me from praying the rosary here at the comforts of our home. You are right, no matter what happens, parang ang word na RELAX especially for busy moms like you and me, yup just like you, I don’t have any helpers. So that word is like MAGIC TO OUR EARS, it is like a HOLIDAY. hahaha! and you are right again, ndi talaga mauubos ang mga laundry and there will never be non-stop cooking. but then again, even just for a few days, we do need to relax…. Have a blessed Holy Week to you and your family.

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