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There’s a new gel polish in town. And this one doesn’t need any UV light nor does it need any soaking when removing. Ladies, I’m happy to report that Solique by Girlstuff is here.

The gel polish line of Girlstuff was launched last week at Chef Jessie in Rockwell Club. I together with a handful of beauty enthusiasts didn’t miss out on this launch. Finally, a gel polish that you can apply by yourself and all it takes is a 2-step system.

The launch was an interactive event where three other brands came in full support for Solique. It was like a mini bazaar for all its attendants who had a passport which we used at each station in return, we get a little pampering from them.
SoliquebyGirlStuff_JackieGo_3TSG Clothing let us choose an eternity scarf. 

SoliquebyGirlStuff_JackieGo_5Benefit Brow Bar station let us have free brow wax.

SoliquebyGirlStuff_JackieGo_4Ring station let us pick a ring of our choice.

With Earth, Nikki and Dior.

SoliquebyGirlStuff_JackieGo_2Sweetness is my weakness.

I also won a KIT (Keeping It Together) kit.

Solique Gel Polish is a 2-step system: Gel Color + Gel Topcoat. When these two are used, and activated by the sun, the combination forms a tough film over the nail. It contains safe ingredients, and are milked, non-irritant and non-toxic which is safe for pregnant and nursing women. The system doesn’t need any base because the color adheres to the nails. It dries naturally under light and over time, especially under sunlight, it strengthens and becomes shinier and more durable.

Advantages over regular gel polish:

Dose not contain harmful chemicals.

Ciures with natural light. No need for artificial UV light.

Can be removed easily with any nail polish remover and there’s no need for soaking.

Maintains glossiness over time and can be reactivated in the sun.

Affordable at just P180 per bottle and P200 for the topcoat.

Fast drying time.

Advantages over regular polish:

Extended wear

High gloss and shine. Glossiness can be maintained and reactivated by exposure to sun.

It comes in six shades: Baby Blues, Love Me Like You Do, Hush, Just A Fantasy, Manila Girl and Midnight Dreams.


Here’s my Love My Like You Do Solique nails.

To apply:

Make sure nails are clean and free of oil and lotion.

Do not use a base coat.

Apply a coat of your desired Solique Gel Polish Color.

Apply a second coating of the same shade.

Apply 1 coat of Solique Top Coat.

Cure polish under sunlight for about 2 minutes or allow to dry in a natural room light.

Solique Gel Polish is available at all Girlstuff kiosks.


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