Smonday Blues


That moment when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in.

Smonday happens to me often. Though I love weekends mid-Sunday always gives me anxiety for Monday is just a few hours away. And the start of the week is always my busiest. Monday sets the tone for me. If I have a good one the rest of the week will follow.

It’s literally Monday blues for me.


Easy breezy mom-uniform takes me on a full day of errands.


Comfort is my number one priority on Mondays. I want to take things easy and in order for me to have a good day, I don’t compromise comfort. Running to the supermarket, paying bills, driving my kids to and from school are what make up my Monday so I make sure I wear something I’m comfortable in.




One of the comfiest pair I own. Know more about Regetta Canoe HERE.


Been used to wearing small bags lately which is so not me! I used to bring totes and big bags because being a mom, I don’t want to forget anything my kids might need. But since both of them are schooling already, they’ve got the basics such as alcohol, wipes, towels covered.


No matter how often I get Smonday Blues, I just shrug it off because life! Hahaha.


Kilay and a pretty lipstick can also help me battle Smonday. 😉


top, bought in Bangkok| culottes, Caravela| bag, Givenchy| sandals, Regetta Canoe


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