Easy Peasy Pasta Aglio Olio With Smoked Salmon

Pasta is a dish that is staple in our home. I like preparing it because it’s one of the easiest dishes to prepare. Thankfully, my family are pasta fans. Though they have different favourites–my lil’ Mr. JG likes red sauce, my lil’ Ms. JG likes pesto and Mr. JG likes agile olio. So whenever I ask them what kind of pasta dish must I prepare, more often than not, I get different answers. So I always make sure our pantry is well-stocked with the different pasta ingredients, so I can easily whip up any of my family’s request.


Filippo Berio is my go-to brand for olive oil and pesto sauces. I first encountered Filippo Berio years ago when I was newly wed. It was pasta & pizza night for my husband & I. Out of all the brands on the shelf, newbie homemaker me picked Filippo Berio’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar–mixed them together and created a dip for our focaccia bread appetizer.

There was something about the brand that made me feel like I can whip up a good dish with its products. Have you ever felt that way too? Since that first time I used Filippo Berio years ago, it’s become part of my kitchen.

Filippo Berio Sun Dried Tomato Pesto (red pesto is made with 40% sun dried tomatoes)  for lil’ Mr. JG’s sausage pasta and Filippo Berio Classic Pesto (green pesto uses 32% fresh Italian Ligurian Basil and 42& black olives) for lil’ Ms. JG’s chicken pesto pasta. Both are made using Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Oil. I’ll share the recipes for each pasta dish next time. 🙂


I’ve been using Filippo Berio Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil for soups, salads & pasta dishes I prepare for my family. Check the color–this is one advice a chef told me when it comes to choosing olive oil. I guess this was also the reason why I consciously picked Filippo Berio Olive Oil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil. the former having a perfectly balanced, mild last and beautiful golden color–ideal for basting, grilling, stir-frying, and stew–while the latter is made from the first cold-pressing of the finest olives, and is distinguished by its full flavor, low acidity, and deep greenish-gold color–perfect for salads, sauces or marinades; wonderful with vegetables and dipping breads too!


I believe aglio olio is one pasta dish that everyone must know. It’s super easy to prepare yet it can be edited based on your preference. So I’m sharing an aglio olio recipe–husband’s favorite pasta. I honestly don’t get why my husband prefers aglio olio over creamy and savoury pastas but after making this dish, I’ve also come to love this simple yet flavourful pasta because whatever you add–tuna, salmon, clam, shrimp, chicken–to the aglio olio base, it enhances the flavor.

I tried Italiani a Miami’s recipe of Pasta Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino and tweaked it a bit with what ingredients I have in the pantry. So I came up with Pasta Aglio Olio with Smoked Salmon




1 clove garlic (chopped)

2 cups of penne pasta (or your preferred pasta noodle)

freshly crushed whole pepper (as needed)

1/4 Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil (but you can add more or less)

1 pack smoked salmon strips (a few pieces will do but you again, you can add more or less)


Boil water in a pot and add pasta, cook for about 7-10 minutes for it to be al dente. Drain and set aside. (don’t through the pasta  water just yet).

5 minutes before pasta is done cooking, sauté garlic in olive oil and add freshly ground peppercorn.

Add the pasta to the pan and add a couple of spoonfuls of pasta water to it, sauté for a few more minutes. Then add more freshly ground peppercorn and drizzle more extra virgin olive oil if needed. Remove from heat and transfer in a casserole. Season with salt if needed.

In the same pan, sear the smoked salmon strips until it changes color to light pink. Since the salmon strips are thin, I recommend you sear it for only a minute on each side. Top it on your aglio olio pasta before serving.


Viola, easy peasy aglio olio recipe using Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


This dish was very much appreciated by Mr. aglio olio himself, my husband!

Total prep time: 5 minutes, total cooking time: 15 minutes

Aglio olio is such an easy pasta dish to make that it has become a staple in my kitchen. Ladies & gents, if you wanna impress someone by cooking for him or her, this is a dish you can easily do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a kitchen newbie because this one is so easy, it can just about make you fall in love with cooking.

Check out other recipes from Filippo Berio’s website.

Filippo Berio products are available at leading supermarkets nationwide.





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