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To be honest I never thought I’d fall in love trying to be healthy. When you’re young you feel like you can do anything, eat anything and not worry about the consequences that come with your actions and decisions in life. Wow, may hugot ako don! Hahaha.

It has only been almost two years since I made the conscious decision to live a better life. And by better I mean to live healthier by working out and trying to eat right.

I never thought I’d stick to it. For someone who is asthmatic and loves junk food, I think I’m doing a good job committing to being fit & trying to be healthy. My journey to health and wellness has just started but I’m thankful that it has lead me to places that can further inspire myself as well as other people.


Recently I was invited by Sun Life for a 3-day wellness retreat as a way of launching their wellness community dubbed as #GoWell


The Wellness Retreat was held at Shangri-La Boracay.


Day 1 for me and a handful of people was spent in transit. Our flight got delayed due to the bad weather, we arrived at Shangri-La Boracay just in time for dinner. Nonetheless, we took advantage of the relaxing ambiance and turned in early for the next day’s activities.

It was raining in Boracay (boohoo) but that didn’t stop these hashtag fitspirations to go on with the first activity of the day–morning run by the beach. Didn’t attempt to run because I fear I might catch a cold with the drizzle. So off I went to have breakfast instead. Teehee. Sayang nga e I’ve always wanted to run on the beach. Probably next time!

Shortly after everyone had breakfast, we proceeded with our next activity–NT Sweat Session by no less than my roomie and fitspiration, Nikki Torres.


Everybody was so game! Despite the heart-racing, asthma inducing sweat session of Nikki, I am happy to report that I survived! It was definitely one of the happiest and high calorie burning workouts I’ve done in a long time.gowellwellnessretreat_jackiego_12

All smiles ‘coz we burned almost 500 calories! 🙂gowellwellnessretreat_jackiego_9

Congratulations Nikki! Thanks for challenging me and the rest of the group! 😉

After our NT Sweat Session, we freshened up a bit for lunch. A session about food & nutrition was led by Chris Everingham.


Chris Everingham is a dietitian, nutritionist and Philippine Volcanoes Rugby member.

He talked about forming healthy habits and how having them can change the way one lives his/her life. Like any other thing, it’s not a one-time thing. It’s made of small things that when compounded can make a huge difference.

He pointed out three things that can help create healthy eating habits:

  1. Best source of nutrition is natural food–fruits and vegetables are the way to go.
  2. Water is life. Have more of it than any other colored beverage.
  3. Take it slow and be mindful. Chew your food slowly and be more mindful of what you put into your body. Slow food vs fast food. Ask yourself the two questions Chris was holding–it is a great way to be more mindful when it comes to your food choices.

Nutrition isn’t about dieting. It’s about the little, small things that add up. It’s about consciously choosing good food over bad. But of course a little indulgence once in a while is okay.

Here I was trying to figure out what my roomie Nikki picked for the blind tasting activity. Immediately figured out it’s tea because of the bitter taste and rough texture of the leaves. The blind taste was definitely a good way to go back to basics–knowing the different tastes and their purpose can help us easily make better food choices.


Chris showed us the book If Not Dieting Then What and there’s this one line that stuck with me–

Desire is prompted by what we cannot have; it is quenched when the veils are lifted.

For me the hardest part of eating healthier starts with choosing. The conscious effort of choosing good food over bad will always be a struggle for me. But after days of eating delicious and healthy food, I realized I can do it pala!


Marie Gonzales of Kitchen Revolution shared two easy and healthy recipes for everyone to recreate at home. We learned how to make a smoothie bowl, rainbow salad and a healthy version of caesar salad dressing and ginger peanut vinaigrette.




So weird how my palette is now used to eating salads. The colourful plate filled with healthy ingredients made me giddy. I believe working out regularly has something to do with my sudden appreciation of healthy food–nourishing my body with the right food has definitley helped me be stronger and healthier.


Post lunch posing, posing! LOL Ang ganda ng view!


After our nutrition and food sessions, we have the afternoon to do whatever we wanted. So Nikki & I went around the resort and hung out with the rest of our Boracay buddies.


So very candid of us. I swear this trip was more fun because Nikki was my roomie! There was no dull moment with her.gowellwellnessretreat_jackiego_7

Di ako prepared! Most of my shots were like this–me being so bungisngis (giggling) almost all the time.

When you hang out with people who inspire you to be your fittest and healthiest, you’re sure to be motivated & inspired. Nikki Torres of Pretty Darn Fit and Jeff Lo of Pinoy Fitness, you guys are my forever fitspirations.


Boracay buddies! I together with Ian Banzon, Bea Fabregas, Chappy Callanta, Nikki Torres, and Jeff Lo.

Since it was a bit gloomy in Boracay we decided to jacuzzi to keep ourselves warm. Pero kamusta naman yung ang lamig ng tubig?!

After our steady afternoon we did Sunrise Yoga with Bubbles Paraiso. gowellwellnessretreat_jackiego_23

Teaser agad-agad! Yoga isn’t my strong suit but I love how Bubbles took it slow and guided us to get to each pose. It’s humbling to know there are so many things you can learn–the yoga session definitely proved this.gowellwellnessretreat_jackiego_24

After yoga we had a Meditation Session headed by Neil Salang to cap off our Wellness Retreat.


We capped off our wellness retreat with a sumptuous yet healthy dinner while fire dancers entertained us.gowellwellnessretreat_jackiego_26

We indulged the dancers when they lead us in for a photo. Guys, I was panicking bilang ang HOT literally! I was holding Jigs’ hand all throughout but it was a fun experience. 😀


Super fun to be surrounded by people who have the same intention to be well and be healthy as you. Fun bunch this one!


I truly believe that life is good not because you have no problems but because you’re healthy and well.

So why did Sun Life created a fitness website and a wellness community? As an insurance company, they learned that health is one of the major concerns here in our country–the Philippines– yet when it comes to preparedness (if one of the family members suffer from grave illness or require expensive medical treatment) only 2 out of 10 households are well prepared. That’s about 78% who are somewhat prepared to totally not prepared. How ironic no?

Though health is a top concern for us Filipinos, sadly we don’t really prioritize it. That’s why Sun Life created GoWell, to encourage everyone to start their fitness and wellness journey.



GoWell community is led by The Bull Runner herself, Jaymie Pizarro, who is Sun Life’s Marketing Manager for Health and Wellness.

To join the GoWell community, you just have to visit the website www.gowell.com.ph & register for FREE to become a member. The site offers fitness and wellness content with articles from experts such as 360 Fitness’ Coach Chappy Callanta, sports nutritionist Harvie de Baron, yoga instructor Monica Manzano, and The Sexy Chef’s Chef Barni and Rachel Alejandro, among others.

GoWell memberships also comes with several benefits, including discounts in partner establishments such as R.O.X., The North Face, Newton, Runnr, New Balance, Hi-Precision Diagnostics, CW-X, AQ Support, Urban Ashram, Anytime Fitness, and Garmin; and access to community workouts such as Zumba, cycling classes and yoga.


Don’t wait for any season or the right time to prioritize your health and wellness. Sign up for free and be part of the GoWell community and start your fitness journey today.



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