Achievement Unlocked: Coping With Eczema

Ever since my lil’ Ms. JG started gymnastics she’s been experiencing skin irritation more often. It’s probably her skin’s exposure to external factors (dust and dirt particularly because her gym is a public place). I was so tempted to not let her continue training because every time she gets home, flare ups would occurs mostly on her exposed skin–arms and legs.


Sometimes it’s too much that she couldn’t help but be distracted by the incessant itching that only gets worse because she couldn’t stop scratching. The result? Skin patches all over her legs.


We thought it was just a case of insect bite. There are days she would ask me if she can wear leggings instead of her gymnast uniform. Still, flared skin persistent shortly after training. This was when  I realize her eczema is really affecting her training. She began to get conscious. On weekends, she would prefer wearing pants so her legs would be covered and so she won’t be tempted to scratch. I fear that if this persists she would give up gymnastics just because of her eczema. Thinking about it, I feel so heartbroken for the possibility. When I learned my kids having eczema, the first thing I thought of was ‘will it affect their way of living?’


Thankfully, we’re far from such possibility for lil’ Ms. JG has Elica to rely on.

She prefers using Elica ointment on her legs because it’s great for dry, thick lesions. We also notice the ointment dries up easily so she can go about her activity without immediately after applying it.elicaointment_jackiego_5

It’s inevitable for her to sweat every time she trains. Sweat combined with dust and heat (her gym can get hot in the afternoon) can really agitate her eczema.


Lil’ Ms. JG’s firs line of treatment for eczema–Elica


Because she really loves gymnastics, she’s determined to pursue it. No eczema is gonna get in her way of achieving her goal.


Her flare ups are better and have definitely eased out just in time for her first ever competition. She was confident to do her routine and was no longer scratching her legs incessantly.


She preformed well and she bagged a few medals and placed silver in her category. So proud of her!

Though we know that eczema doesn’t permanently go away, with the right treatment it can definitely be managed. The one and only brand we trust is Elica.

Elica cream and ointment  is at Php 428/tube and are available over-the-counter at leading drugstores nationwide.




  1. Maya says

    Hello! If I may share, it could also be from the food she eats. My eldest had a very bad case of eczema on both her feet which affected the sides, soles, toes, even her toe nails. We used several tubes of steroidal creams, too, but knowing its harsh effects on continuous use, we focused on her food intake. She held back from eating allergy-causing foods like, chicken, eggs, chocolates, and even milk, but it didn’t help that much in changing her condition. Then, I decided to replace our white rice gradually with multi-grain (mix of black, brown, red rice) gluten-free rice, and told her to limit sugar-y and salty junk foods, (the operative word is limit, because she has her cravings, being a teen, and having hormonal issues), and I’m just grateful that her feet improved dramatically in just 2 weeks. She’s all better now. 🙂 She can even eat chicken, eggs, and have milk again and not have flare ups, and for her chocolates, she now has them in dark, instead of milk, which she enjoys more. 🙂 Hope this helps you, one way or another. 🙂 Sending love, light, and healing to your kiddo. 🙂

    • says

      Hi Maya!

      Thanks for sharing. Could also be with what she eats so we’re monitoring her diet as well. 🙂 Thanks for sending love, light and healing 🙂

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