Meet The Smart Launchpad Winners

Last Sunday, Smart finally announced the winners of Smart Launchpad! Smart Launchpad is a talent search and content creation program that encourages the youth to showcase what they do best–whether it’s singing or dancing, doing make-up tutorials, sharing travel tips and more.

I love how platforms like YouTube and brands like Smart are really encouraging the young ones to pursue their dream and do what they love.


The workshop was attended by 100


Carlo Oplesmartlaunchpadworkshop_jackiego_youtuber-speaker-enrique-cuunjieng

Youtube speaker Enrique Cuunjieng


Michelle Dysmartlaunchpadworkshop_jackiego_nicoleandersson

Nicole Andersson


Frank Aldana

These kids (wow, kids talaga! I feel so old hahaha) showing off what they’ve got!


The judges headed by Bogart The Explorer


Announcement of winners were done the day after the workshop.



Lesha Litonua OMG ang ganda ng boses nya! She reminds me of Becca of Pitch Perfect! Panalo yung mash up song nya!

smartlaunchpadworkshop_jackiego_mary-joy-lapenia Mary Joy Labenia MJ’s parody won her a chance to fulfil her dreams in LA!


Tops Unay Panalo yung make up videos nya! He’s super funny!


Congratulations to the winners Lesha Litonjua, MJ Labenia and Tops Unay who got to own their passions and show their talents to the world. As part of their prize to the competition, which is the first of its kind in the Philippines, they will be going to Los Angeles to collaborate with international star and YouTube creator, The Filharmonic.

You can watch the top 100 video entries from the workshop here: Smart Launchpad Playlist

Congratulations guys and good luck on your journey as YouTube creators! Ramdam ko you guys will be YouTube stars soon!


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