Street Chic x Preppy Kid


I’m so glad I get to dress up my kids with cute clothes. Best part? They like it as much as I do! 😉


I swear, I don’t direct them anymore. Once I tell them that I’ll be taking their photos they immediately know na what to do! Teehee. I gotta say sobrang effective to start them young guys! 😀


Though this lil’ lady love pinks and purples, sometimes she just wants to take the pop colors down a notch. Hmmm, I wonder where she got this? Teehee.


Culottes is a piece that even my lil’ lady has come to love. It fits her just right–not short like skirts, not long and fitted like jeans. According to her it lets her legs breathe and lets her run around all while being comfy. And let’s face it, it’s cute too!


This lil’ one is growing up too fast!


I swear this lil’ girl can pull off the effortless look more than me.


Despite both top and bottom having a billowing silhouette it worked well together because of the balance of print and plain. It added more dimension and the play the textures made it more interesting.


Now we all know this lil’ guy loves the camera. So much so that in this shoot, he even asked me to take his photos as he confidently pose, smile and look at the camera. Teehee.


This was his look when I asked him if he can be a bit more serious. Heeheehee.


After a few seconds, here he is again with his charming smile. Again, this is all him–didn’t directed him to do anything.


It’s all in the details. Cute long-sleeved shirt that’s very comfy to wear. It’s cut from stretchable material so no matter how kulit this bulilit it, the shirt’s practically wrinkle-free. According to him he likes that it’s soft and he can raise his hands or wiggle around while wearing it.


Tired of boring old jeans for your son? This harem pants is a great addition to your lil’ boy’s wardrobe. It’s stretchy, soft material lets your little one run around comfortably in it.


He’s just so happy to know his pants has pockets! Teehee.


How can you resist this face? 🙂


Street Chic x Preppy Kid




Funny how these two have a love-hate relationship. I hope they grow up & be closer than they are now. *insert heart and crying emojicons here*


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