Saving Memories With Moleskine

Recently, my sister handed me some of my memorabilia from when I was growing up. Most from when I was in college, some from high school and a few from grade school. These brought back a lot of memories, memories that sadly, I have forgotten. Through bits and pieces of keepsakes I gathered over the years, I get to look back in time and it gives me comfort to know certain moments and memories are preserved. I do have lots of notes and lots of notebooks. So much notebooks, note taking and doodling that I don’t know where I wrote what. NKKLK.

I’m sure some of you can relate. You know when inspiration, overflowing thoughts and random doodling strikes, you just gotta write them down.

What better way to preserve them than write them down on a Moleskine?


The Moleskine notebook is the heir and successor to the legendary notebooks used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries: among them Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin. A simple black rectangle that held the sketches, notes, stories and ideas that would one day become famous paintings  or the pages of beloved books. In the mid-1980s the notebook that Bruce Chatwin nicknamed ‘moleskine’ became increasingly scarce and then disappeared completely. In 1997, a small Milanese publisher brought the legendary notebook back to life, choosing this literary name to revive an extraordinary tradition of creativity and self-expression for the contemporary creatives of our time.


The notebook, the pen, the diary, the different travel companions. All classic tools that are used to record important moments, develop ideas and express identities. As essential objects of our times, they tell stories, convey messages and form connections with others. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug then this Moleskine Travel Journal is a perfect tool for you to fill with your notes and discoveries wherever you go.


Lovely artwork by Abbey Sy was displayed during the Moleskin media launch that happened last month.


Kerwin Haw of Lifestyle Brands, the Philippine distributor of Moleskine warmly welcomed guests to the intimate launch.


Consuelo of Moleskine Regional discussed how the brand has evolve from just being a well-know notebook brand to a lifestyle brand which has different tools that can hone one’s creativity and help one’s productivity.

Moleskine_Classic black notebook

From the classic black notebook to modern hued ones.



Pen and paper are the basic tools that can ignite, spark and unleash one’s creativity or simply, organize one’s life.




No matter how illegible my writing is most of the time, feeling the paper and literally seeing what I wrote takes me back in time. To the moment where I hurriedly scrambled notes because I need to remember it or to the moment I doodled my way as I wait in queue. These mundane moments are memories preserved through ink which the digital world cannot literally grasp.


One can never have too many notebooks.

Moleskine_Cahier Journals

Moleskine_12Months_Classic Diaries


Moleskine_Chapters Journals

Moleskine_Le Petit prince_diaries 2016


Le Petit Prince 18-month Planner at P1,280



Aaah I want this! Maybe I’ll get this for my planner next year.




Moleskine_CCc_smart_notebook (12)-2

Simplify the creative process and create work using both analog and digital without restrictions. The Moleskine Smart Notebook and companion App, Creative Cloud connected, instantly turn your hand-drawn sketches into fully workable vector files accessible within the Adobe Creative Cloud.

From analog to digital, Moleskine believes that creativity and productivity can be doubled when analog and digital tools are used together, thus they have Adobe Smart Notebook and Evernote Notebook.Moleskine_evernote_business_notebook

The notebook that takes your professional life seriously, helping you keep on top of notes, meetings and deadlines across multiple devices. With a unique page layout optimized for use with the Evernote page camera, save handwritten content digitally as public or private, tag it using Smart Stickers and even assign Evernote Reminders just by checking the alarm clock icon on the page. Making your business easily searchable and shareable. Includes 3 month subscription to Evernote Premium.



Moleskine_Alice_Adventures_in_Wonderland  (4)-2

Limited Edition Alice In Wonderland Notebooks starts P1,160


Moleskine_Star Wars_diaries 2016

Limited Edition Star Wars 18-month Planner P1,280


Limited Edition Peanuts 18-month Planner P1,280

Moleskine_Peanuts_diaries 2016


Limited Edition Batman Notebooks starts at P1,160

Specific Journals starts at P1,390

Moleskine_passions_ beer





Aaaah you had me at chocolate!!!


Classic pens at P980 each


Voyageur Notebook at P1,460


Liz of Moleskine Regional discussed the products of the brand that goes beyond the pen & paper.

Moleskine_Device Bags

Minimal containers with maximum versatility, Device Bags are available in Horizontal and Vertical styles to suit your needs best. With pockets specially designed for your tablet or laptop, computer cable, business cards, pens and books, they can be filled with any combination of objects, keeping your essentials safe and secure at every step. The colored lining will make it easier to find your things in a rush.

Moleskine_myCloud Messenger Bag

Moleskine_myCloud Reporter Bag

Moleskine_myCloud Tote Bag



Kerwin and Consuelo of Moleskine.


The launch not only presented the newest and coming soon Moleskine products, there were also DIY stations where we can personalise our Moleskine notebooks.


Stamp away with these Pinoy themed stamps.



Words, words, words.





These limited edition Moleskine are selling fast like hotcakes! If you want one or two, you can order them ONLINE.



We were able to take home our very own personalized Moleskine notebook. Thank you Tippy of Googly Gooeys for this lovely photo. You can have your own Moleskine personalized or order in bulk for corporate giveaways or company trainings, just email Kerwin- [email protected]moleskine_analogue_digital-2

How kyooooot is this doodle? Digital in analog!Monogramma_WTR-2

The new monogram presents the brand as designer of open platforms for creativity, communication and sharing. Designed by Achilli Ghizzardi Associati, the intention was to create a fluid visual icon that communicates its multi-faceted and open nature while unifying its many objects, types of users and brand values.


Moleskine is available online at Lifestyle Brands, Zalora, Pormada, National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Office Warehouse, Urbanize Shangri La Mall, Power Mac Center, iStudio, Pismo Digital Lifestyle, Astrovision Greenbelt.


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