Hello & Goodbye Magnum Manila

For someone who loves sweets, I admit I have never tried Magnum Manila until recently. I know, I know I suck at being a lover of sweets but every time we’re at SM Aura, the queue is always long & buying a create-your-own Magnum doesn’t give you a seat inside for dine-in are for those who would order their savoury treats.

Since I really wanted to try Magnum, I did my errands one weekday at SM Aura with my lil’ GJGs. So finally after 48 years, we were able to try Magnum Cafe.


The lights at Magnum Cafe are inspired by chocolate drops.


 Emblem of pleasure. This Magnum M is made entirely of Magnum sticks.



Aside from designing your own Magnum bars, Magnum Cafe also offers pleasure eats.


So here’s what we ordered:


 Kabocha Pumpkin Soup P180

The soup was flavourful although, I find it a tab bit runny. It could’ve been more thicker so it’s more comforting to eat especially on a rainy day.


Magnum Bolognese P300

This got a thumbs up from my lil’ Mr. GJG who loves gourmet pasta. For me it was okay, I didn’t taste the Belgian chocolate shavings that topped the dish.


Spinach Cannelloni P350

This spinach-filled dish was filling but I would recommend you share this with someone as the creaminess may be too much for one.


Carbonara with Cocoa Dusted Bacon & Sous Vide Egg P320

My carbonara loving lil’ Ms. GJG enjoyed this dish very much. According to her, it’s creamy but not too creamy that it tastes like milk & cheese! Funny the way she describes her food. I personally love the bacon despite not tasting the dust of cocoa on it.


Magnum Burger P400

It was a good burger. The burger buns were a treat- soft and crunchy on one side while the Wagyu patty was cooked to my liking- it was tender and juicy.

We enjoyed the savoury dish and we look forward to dessert. I asked my lil’ GJGs to pick dessert for us. They opted for plated dessert instead of creating their own Magnum.

6 simple easy steps to create your own Magnum.

photos from Magnum Manila & Shoot First Eat Later.


Red Velvet P290

Dessert on a slate. The red velvet cake wasn’t as moist as I expected it to be. Nonetheless, it complimented well with vanilla Magnum with dark chocolate sauce, crushed pistachios and red velvet crumble.


Cookie Dough Skillet P250

The chocolate cookie dough was da bomb! It was chewy and hot from the oven, topped with two frozen vanilla Magnum bars, making it such a delight to eat.

Magnum Manila Cafe is a pop-up concept with just a 15-month run, just like any other pop-ups in Bali, London, Stockholm, Cannes, Rio, etc. Now Magnum Manila is on its final stretch as they’ll officially close this July 26, 2015.

So you have a few more days to try Magnum Cafe before it bids farewell to us Pinoys.


5F SM Aura Premier

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


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