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People who know me can attest to how much I like owls. Even the people I’ve become friends with online would tag me whenever they see anything owl. My lil’ GJGs would make an effort to draw an owl for me and would even point out that it is my favorite animal.

There’s something about owls that I connect with. Perhaps their big eyes which somewhat resembles mine, or their being nocturnal? Or maybe it’s their stillness and silent confidence?Either way, I love them!

Recently, Memo launched their young & game-changing line of polos. The launch of this fashion staple to take from work to play, day to night caters to their clientele who are multi-faceted and constantly on the go.

The Memo Owl Polo is a new line of tops designed to be both versatile and fashionable. They come in basic colors and printed variations, accented with colorful tipping and a unique gingham check inside the collar. The slim fit polos are made of no less than cotton-blend pique fabric, perfect for our tropical weather to wear during work or play. There’s a style available for every individual, versatile enough to be worn by preppy types or people with more eclectic taste.

I admit, I don’t really wear polo shirts as often as other clothes but if it’s a polo shirt with an owl, then it’s entirely a different thing. So here’s my take on how I wear my Memo Owl polo on a weekday and on a weekend.


Who says polo shirts are just for the sporty and preppy? This closet staple can go beyond looking basic by styling it differently. Go feminine & play around texture with a jacquard skirt. Pair it with a sexy pumps and you’re corporate chic ready.




Owl polo shirt, Memo| Jacquard skirt, Memo| Snakeskin pumps, Zara


Weekends are for laid back dressing. Give up your heels for a comfy but of course still stylish pair.  Opt for a lounge-y type of outfit so you can just take it easy & chill with your family, whether you’re in the metro or out of town. Notice how I unbuttoned the shirt? This gives a more relaxed fit, perfect for the weekend.


Owl polo shirt, Memo| Bermuda shorts, Memo| Sandals, Melissa Shoes




 How would you wear your Memo Owl polo shirt? Use the hashtag #TheOwlHasLanded when you post it on your social media. I’d love to see your outfit ideas!



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