Save, Sync & Share: A Mother’s Day Giveaway

I believe women in general are very sentimental. We tend to keep memorabilia & other symbolic things to forever cherish a moment in our lives. I for one have boxes of things that I’ve kept through the years. The first and only bouquet of rose Mr. JG gave for our first Valentine’s together, the ticket of the first movie we watched, even my grade school slam book where I asked my friends to sign (do kids now still have slam books?! :D) and a whole lot of other things, even things that are part of my children’s milestones. It’s usually the things that are very mundane but made extraordinary by moments that I tend to keep. There’s a comforting feeling in knowing that these moments happened and are not forgotten.

Becoming a mom has made me even more sentimental. If only I can keep everything that has to do with my children, my family and being a mom, I would. But as I’ve learned to declutter over the years, I’ve learned to let go and just cherish those moments. But if there’s one thing I couldn’t stop doing it’s to take tons of photos of me and my kids.


Lil’ Ms. JG & I shortly after her Moving Up Day.


Caught my lil’ JGs having a moment on our way to lunch. Every since I became a mom, my digital photo album is filled with tons of photos of my kids. As in thousands! From the day I learned I was pregnant with them, up to now. Every milestone, every moment, every activity they do, I snap, I click, I take tons of pictures.


A good example is a day my kids spent at Kidzania. I have about 100+ photos from that afternoon alone. Heehee.


This lil’ cutie pie sometimes asks for my phone so he can take a look at the videos and photos. But I’ve caught him a few times taking tons of selfies!


So many more selfies!!!



Too cute not to save them all right?

If you’re like me who’ve accumulated tons of photos over the years, consider storing them in an EHD (external hard drive) so you can safely save, sync & share them.


Thank God for WD My Passport Ultra. I’ve had mine for years now and it has really saved my MacBook Air from crashing, one too many times.WDUlraPassport_JackieGo_3

This sleek EHD lets me automatically back up my MacBook (through Time Machine). I also use it to store my blog’s photos and all the photos I have of my family.


Now so happy that my ninja (yes, I named my My Passport Ultra) now has new friends that I can fill with more and more photos! Teehee.


WD My Passport Ultra is a small, portable drive convenient for laptops and on-the-go transferring tasks while My Passport Wireless is a bit bigger than the Ultra but is a good travel buddy as you can transfer files by putting the SD card inside the drive. You can also transfer files through WiFi. You can also use this as a hotspot and streaming gadget for up to five users. Fit for both Windows and Mac users.This has a password protected feature and can be accessed using WD My Cloud OS3.

And since because it’s Mother’s Day in two days, I’m giving away a My Passport Ultra 1 TB to one lucky reader/follower. As usual, easy peasy mechanics!

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Post any photo of you or your mom on Instagram celebrating motherhood. Either you & your mom or you as a mom & your kid. Any photo that shows a mommy moment. So you don’t have to be a mom to join! In the caption, tell us what this mommy moment is and what makes it very special and memorable. Don’t forget to tag @gojackiego and use the hashtag #WDMothersDay

The winner will win one My Passport Ultra 1TB. He or she will be notified on Instagram–I will comment on the winning photo and tag the winner on my photo.

Anybody can join but only one entry per person. Also please make sure your Instagram profile is set to public so we can view your entry.

Giveaway will end May 20. Prize will be shipped to the winner by WD Philippines.

That’s it!

With WD My Passport Ultra, you can save, sync & share easily. So go ahead and snap away–make more mommy moments.

Advance Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!




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