#OneWashWonder That’s Olay Skin Whitening Bar

I received a package a few weeks back that got me guessing what this #OneWashWonder is all about.


When I opened the package, I knew it has something to do with skincare. And being a skincare novice, I gladly accepted the invite and off I went to Vask last April 19, 2016 to know more about the #OneWashWonder that’s got everyone guessing.


Vask was transformed into an oasis of pink roses and pretties. OlayOneWash_JackieGo_2

I blended fairly well with the set up! Teehee.

I always like attending events that has activities that would ignite the senses and engage my curiosity. This one got both and I didn’t hesitate to participate.


Liquid nitrogen transformed milk concoctions by Vask chefs into ice cream.


There’s rose, lemongrass and charcoal flavors. I tried all three but I have to say, charcoal was my favorite.OlayOneWash_JackieGo_6

Notice how everything has milk in it? I’m guessing the One Wash Wonder has milk in it. 😉


The Milk Bubbles was definitely a surprising treat. Bursts of flavors popping in my mouth was a delight!

After indulging on the skin treats–if you follow me on Snapchat you would’ve seen how much I indulged ;)–the one wash wonder was finally revealed.OlayOneWash_JackieGo_9

And it’s the new Olay Skin Whitening Bar!

So what’s with the new Olay Skin Whitening Bar you ask?

Well, it has a Triple Whitening System that gently exfoliates, brightens and evens the skin tone. It even contains 90% of the active ingredient found in Olay Natural White Day Cream. More than its proven efficacy, it is also dermatologically and clinically tested to be gentle on skin with naturally-derived ingredients like rose, pearl and milk extracts. It also has a longer lasting scent and a rich lather that leaves skin soft, smooth and moisturized.


Olay girl, Valerie Weigmann shared how much she loved the new Olay Skin Whitening Bar. “Getting and maintaining fair skin has never been easier,” says Valerie. Well being this close to her, I was pretty convinced the moment I saw her. I mean look at how radiant her skin was!OlayOneWash_JackieGo_12

During the launch, we had our photo taken on the spot by no less than Sarah Black. No edits, no filters, just showing off how confident we are in our own skin.

The following day, I didn’t waste no time and tried Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose & Milk variant.

If only you can smell how good it is. Sweet rose & milk that’s bound to captivate your senses. Is it just me or do you also like opening a box of soap and just hold it in your hands, smell it some more and let the scent linger? It’s kind of habit of mine. Teehee. OlayOneWash_JackieGo_17

I took my time lathering Olay Skin Whitening Bar. The scent, oh the scent is just something I want to linger on me. It’s fresh & light. Giving that fresh out of the shower feel that’s something I really want, especially now that the summer heat is too much.

So I put the promise of #OneWashWonder to a test. Can it really do wonders in one wash?OlayOneWash_JackieGo_18Can you guess which hand was washed with Olay Skin Whitening Bar? Well, a bit of dead giveaway the photo prior to this. Teehee. I used Olay Skin Whitening Bar on my left hand and used a different bar on my right. See how my right hand looks more dull & dark compared to my left hand which looks more radiant? Impressed with the #OneWashWonder that is Olay Skin Whitening Bar.

Olay Skin Whitening Bar comes in Rose & Milk, Vitamin C and Papaya. It retails for Php 34.00, 60g and Php 46.00,90g and are available nationwide.

Thank you Olay for partnering with me in letting everyone know of your latest beauty bar! Always a pleasure to get first dibs and review your products. 🙂


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