Visiting H&M Showroom + Mother’s Day #OOTD

What do you do when one of your favorite brands in the whole wide world invites you to an afternoon at their showroom? Well, you basically drop everything! Heehee.

Visited H&M Showroom two days ago with fellow momma friends. If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, you’ve probably seen what went down that afternoon. Sipping Moet while shopping is always, always a fun & a good idea! 😉


Summer vibes at H&M Showroom.


I want everything in this spread. Everything!


Most of the items displayed in the showroom are part of their #HMForeverSummer line. Guys, meron talagang forever e!


Self-we time prior to shopping and just after Nikki of H&M Philippines (rightmost) poured bubbly in our flute!


Since it’s my first time at their showroom, I took advantage and made sure there’s photos of everything. The #HMForeverSummer line is already in stores. They’re mostly made up of light maxi dress, soft shorts, flowy tops, the works! Basta, everything you need for a chic summer vibe, they have it!

See photos to know what I’m talking about. 😀

Meanwhile, these other pieces will be in store in a few weeks time. The kids collection will be out June-July of this year as well.



Tropical donya vibes, check!


Everything a stylish lil’ lady needs. I showed this to lil’ Ms. JG and she was excited, thinking I got a few pieces for her. Teehee. Ummm hun, you need to wait for a month or two before these hit the shelves!

Cuties–shirt, shorts and sandals! I know I cannot resist, I will eventually get these for lil’ Ms. JG.


Frizzy to beat the summer heat!


After a glass or two, we were done taking photos of the showroom and picking our outfits. Here’s what we got for ourselves.

Amazing how we all were able to pick out outfits that very much speak our style. Lavett!



Momma outfits by H&M.


A few more sips of bubbly and we find ourselves talking about anything that comes to mind. Here’s Eliza showing Nikki & I how the Lumee case makes you look more fresher and minimize one’s pores. Winnnnneeeer!

Wearing H&M top to toe! Lavett! That black inner is actually a swimsuit! Amazed at how I was able to come up with an outfit that very much showcases my style. Buti na lang the pieces I want are in my size! 😀



Never too early for a bubbly. Hashtag bubbly pa more. Heeheehee.


Nikki & Dan of H&M Philippines. Thanks again guys! Hh and by the way, I love your job! 🙂

H&MStudio_JackieGo_27Thanks again H&M Philippines and La Vie Fleurs for our lovely flowers. Mother’s Day is the day I really feel extra special and very much honored. And Nikki & Dan, you really made celebrating it this year, extra special. Thank you guuuuuuys!

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