Plain, Print & Pumped

Lately I find myself wearing sneakers more than ever. What is happening to me?? Not that sneakers is a bad thing, but I’ve been inclined to lust over it more than heels. It’s probably the practically that comes in knowing that I get to use it more often than stilettos and other tiis-ganda shoes. The comfort it brings can never be compared to heels. While I do like being comfortable, I dislike the idea of it compromising my style– what I wear should be comfortable and should still express who I am or at the very least, what I feel.


Thank goodness wearing sneakers doesn’t immediately mean you either: 1. attend a sport fest or an event that requires you to look sporty. 2. heading to the gym. In this day and age, you can even wear it with a dress or a gown and it’s a-okay.


There are only two colors of sneakers that I am comfortable wearing: black and white. And what few I have are in these colors, same goes for most of my clothes. It’s waaaaay easier to mix and match.


These sneaks were made for walking and running too. Been using and abusing this ever since I got it.


Again, my default style is pairing plain with print. Other times, I do plain or print all the way.



I’ve worn this white top one too many times (check the other #OOTD HERE) ‘coz it’s basic and easy to wear.


I like investing on skirts that give a character. Since most of my tops are basic white and black, I opt for printed skirts so there’s balance in my wardrobe.



top, Zara| skirt, Peter Pilot x Target| sneakers, Nike Huarache available at Zalora





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