Food Find: Healthy Snacks

It happened by snaccident.

This is always my reason excuse whenever I find myself holding a bag of chips or munching on a bar of chocolate. I cannot help it! I am a serial snacker. I get hungry easily even if I just ate. I guess my body’s used to snacking ‘coz I have fast metabolism. But my body can only properly burn the food I eat & convert it to energy if they’re healthy food. Otherwise, junk food & processed food end up getting stored in my gut which in return gives me that bloated (aka puson) feeling. While I like indulging on chips & chocolate once in a while, I find myself craving for healthier snack alternative especially on days when I feel like I really need all the energy I can get.

So here are a few snacks I’ve discovered which I find much healthier than my usual snack suspects. Heehee.


Greek On The Go. Greek yogurt coated pretzel bites. Such a yummy snack with less the guilt! Available at Healthy Options.

Simone’s Original Snack. All-natural dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Local brand that offers gluten-free snacks. Order at Simone’s Original Snack on Facebook.

Bark Thins. Non-GMO snacking chocolate. Need I say more? 🙂 Available at Rustans Supermarket or S&R.

The Superfood Grocer Vegan Dark Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies. This gluten-free chocolate chip has become a staple snack at home. I make sure I bring a pack with me when I drive around so when I get stuck in traffic, I won’t go crazy hangry. Heehee. Available at Urban Pantry &

JA Lees Farms Mushroom Chicharon. I discovered this through my friend who offered this while we were at her home. She said she got it at a weekend bazaar. Weeks after seeing it at different bazaars (malls usually), I’ve been hoarding it since I’ve been addicted to snacking it. They now have different flavors which I hope to try all. Available at

Spirulina. This blue-green algae fresh water plant is a super food that boasts of benefits such as boosting energy and speeds up weight loss. I add a teaspoon of spirulina to my drink usually, Available at Urban Pantry &


Got any favorite healthy snacks? Share nyo naman! 😉


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