Skin Rebirth™ With Laneige Perfect Renew

I learned a new skin care term, baby triangle. A dermal structure shaped of small triangles that is only found in the surface of young and healthy skin. Younger skin presents smaller, denser baby triangles. Now for some of us who want to get back that younger-looking skin, Laneige offers their Perfect Renew line which targets the baby triangle.


LANEIGE Perfect Renew Regenerator line was developed using Skin Rebirth™, a technology that rejuvenates the skin through flavonoid component extracted from the galangal root that increases skin energy. Ceramide Water is a core moisturizing factor of Perfect Renew– has been further upgraded to imitates skin barrier and thoroughly moisturises skin–to have a more powerful hydrating effect.

The key technology of Perfect Renew Regenerator, Skin RebirthTM boosts the youth energy of the skin, rebuild the weakened skin texture to restore a dense baby triangle structure.



Perfect Renew Skin Refiner

Refreshing Gel-type skin refiner that absorbs into the skin to replenish moisture & youth energy.

1. Youth energy & moisture recharge
2. Refreshing gel-type texture
3. Anti-wrinkle functional skin refiner

– The small and round sodium hyaluronate are instantly absorbed when applied, which helps create moist and resilient skin.
– It contains key natural moisturizing factor that helps relieve skin dryness.

I’m not a toner kinda girl but I’ve come to form a habit of using it because it has it’s benefits. And Laneige Perfect Renew Skin Refiner has become one of my favourites. It being gel-type makes it delightful to use especially for someone who has combination skin. Dry areas on my face tend to be more taut & feel drier than they already are after using a toner but with Perfect Renew Skin Refiner, it feels like I’ve already applied a thin layer of moisturizer on my skin.


Perfect Renew Regenerator and Emulsion

Regenerator is a fresh oil serum that boosts the youth energy of the skin for moisturized, smooth and radiantly younger skin.

– Developed using the Skin RebirthTM technology, it vitalizes skin’s energy to create a youthful Skin texture.
– the advanced ceramide water was Developed to be similar with the skin’s layer.  it also strengthens the skin’s barrier and helps keep it healthy and smooth.


– Restoration of damaged Skin
– Improve skin barrier
– Enhanced skin radiance with natural glow
– Improve appearance of fine wrinkles
– Enhanced skin Resilience
– Enriched moisturizing effec
– Keep skin texture smooth


– High concentration fresh oil type serum with light texture that easily absorbed for long –lasting moisturizing effect

Emulsion helps to restore skin’s moisture-oil balance, enhance moisture barrier and protect the skin from irritants.

1. Balances oil and moisture levels in the skin
2. Protects skin
3. Anti-wrinkle functional emulsion

– The botanical oil and moisturizing compounds are absorbed in skin to keep its moisture balanced, as well as healthy.
– Acetyl glucosamine compounds protect skin and helps keep it healthy.


Perfect Renew Regenerator Cream & Eye Cream

Cream, a moisturizer that  fortifies the skin barrier and leaves your skin filled with vitality.

1. Strengthens skin barrier
2. Moisturized and smooth skin texture
3. Anti-wrinkle functional cream

– Skin lipid compounds boost skin texture and firmness. These compound also strengthen the skin’s defense mechanism.
– Reed and poria cocos compounds improve skin damaged by external stressors. They provide nourishment that keeps skin healthy for a long time.

Eye Cream, a deep-hydrating eye  cream that repairs damage and moisturizes the fragile eye area.

1. Moisturized and smooth eye area
2. Protects delicate eye area
3. Anti-wrinkle functional eye cream

– The advanced ceramide water strengthens the eye contours’ skin barrier, which is prone to dryness and damages. It helps keep the eye contour area moist and healthy.
– Tocopherol’s anti-oxidant effect smoothens  the eye contour area.

I like how light the Perfect Renew Regenerator Eye Cream is. It gets absorb easily and leaves a hint of moisture under my eyes.

Laneige Perfect Renew Regenerator is available at all Laneige stores.


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