Pandora Autumn 2016 Collection

This year’s PANDORA Autumn Collection is made up of classic, unique pieces that are versatile enough to be worn anytime and on every momentous occasion of a woman’s life, as a clear declaration of the wearer’s individuality and exceptionality.  It boasts of bold and stylish architectural lines, soft shapes, whimsical colors, on trend and nature-inspired pieces that can be customized to fit the caprices and taste of every woman.


I attended the press preview held at Dusit Thani Manila last week. The lounge was surrounded with vignettes offering different themes inspired by the uniqueness of some special women who we




The Petite Memories series introduces the new PANDORA floating locket with petite elements. This new concept mixes Victorian-styled lockets with trios of decorative essentials inspired by stars, love, or family. The versatility of this series allows one to personalize the locket by choosing elements encased behind oval windows of sapphire crystal glass. Dangle bracelets have also been added to the series to make celebrating one’s individuality easily attainable.




In addition to this year’s Autumn jewellery is the launch of the PANDORA Rose collection, crafted with shades of copper, gold, silver, and rose — a great accent to any skin tone. The Rose Bows set of ring and matching pair of earrings capture femininity with vintage and timeless elegance. The Two-Tone Allure series combines hues of sterling silver and warm blush pink motifs for a luminous and textured look. My Princess Tiara, Shimmering Feather, Infinite Shine and select pieces of well-loved PANDORA jewellery are also designed with the unique new PANDORA Rose metal blend.



I want these!!! Time to add them to my long Christmas list.




The Shimmering Droplets series takes a step beyond classic with its innovative new flower dome cut, colourful and pearlescent stones, pavé clusters and pastel-hued enamel. This series boasts polished studs with detachable embellished ear jackets and playful stacking rings, allowing one to either dress up or dress down as the mood and occasion fits.





The Vintage Allure series takes its cue from an abstract Art Deco-inspired mood. It elevates elegance to a whole new level with its glittering sterling silver shapes and timeless stone cuts, effectively recapturing the beauty of times past.







I wanna get the small heart earrings for lil’ Ms. JG. She loves hearts and I bet she’ll love this pretty pair.




I wanna get the prince and princess charms to remind me of my kids. Too cute!

Aside from the newest collection, Pandora Philippines also launched a book called We Are Unique to coincide the global campaign of the brand–Unique As We Are.

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Writer, editor and stylist Tata Mapa, PANDORA Philippines decided to put together a book featuring the remarkable stories of ten special women, stories that tell how these women strive to live extraordinary lives in their own ways. The stories of these ten women, though unique to them, are stories that women of all ages, cultures and beliefs can relate to.

Featured in the book are stories of (clockwise) photographer and videographer Carmen Del Prado, artist and creative consultant Chi Datu-Bocobo, broadcast journalist Mitzi Borromeo, consultant and coach Rachel Consunji, artist Valerie Chua, author Samantha Sotto, artist and writer Grace Katigbak, healing arts practitioner and teacher Tin Jacinto, interior designer Nina M. Santamaria, and psychoneurologist.


Adding these two to my wishlist. Mother & child owls and a bookworm charm. WANT. NEED. LOL




Thanks Ryan Ong for this shot! 🙂

Pandora Autumn Collection is now available at all Pandora stores.





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