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My kids like drinking juice. A LOT. They’ve tried so many brands but only like a few. They like different kinds of flavors–mango, apple, grape, cranberry, grapes tops their list. So when we got a package from Oishi, my kids were very happy to know it’s a package of Oishi Great Lakes juices!


Great Lakes is a line of natural fruit juices with pure and wholesome goodness, made from the finest fruits and vegetables. Everything about Great Lakes is all-natural–that means no artificial coloring or flavors, and no sweetener. Starting with its original flavors, Fruit & Vegetable Mix (which my son also likes) comes two newest refreshing flavors: Pure Pressed Apple and Just Right Red Grape.

Aside from their naturally beneficial properties, the Great Lakes juices have a clean, refreshing taste that is not too sweet, nor too bitter as is expected in natural fruit juice. Great Lakes Pure Pressed Apple is made fro 100% apple juice. Cloudy in color is caused by the fiber in apples, thus imparting a different taste than the regular apple juice. My kids immediately noticed Great Lakes Pure Pressed Apple juice being hazy in color which according to them is the “real apple juice” cute!  Just Right Red Grape, on the other hand, has just the right amount of natural grape juice, giving it a taste that is “just right”.

I’m definitely ading these two new flavors of #OishiGreatLakes to my kids’ favorite juices. It’s a refreshing way to bring more fruits and vegetable into my family’s diet. #WholesomeRefreshment

Great Lakes is available at leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide for Php 20.00 (250ml) and Php 70 (1 liter) variants. 



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