Out Of Town Essentials

A trip out of town prompts this momma to think of what to wear and what to bring for the family. It’s not often that we go on a road trip because we prefer spending more than a day or two when we travel somewhere. But when we do, I make sure we have everything we need to enjoy a steady afternoon away from the hustle & bustle of the city.

OOTD_OutOfTown_JackieGoMy top priority when dressing up for a day out is comfort, espcially when I’m with my kids.
OOTD_OutOfTown_Essentials_JackieGoMy default outfit consists of a top, shorts and comfy shoes.

OOTD_OutOfTown_JackieGo_1Same goes for my lil’ JGs. They like wearing something similar. According to my lil’ Ms. JG, it’s easier for her to spot her baby brother this way.


OOTD_OutOfTown_Essentials_JackieGo_4Aside from having comfort in what we wear, I also make it a point to bring essentials that can entertain us while in transit or when we arrive at our destination. I asked my lil’ JGs to pick something they want to bring that could entertain them. Same goes for Mr. JG & I.

OOTD_OutOfTown_Essentials_JackieGo_5Since my kids & I love snacking, I make sure I bring with us light snacks and bottles of Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water.

Comfort alongside safety is my concern especially when we travel. So I make sure we have enough bottles of Wilkins in tow because my kids are very active (& talkative too), that they consume water much more than what’s in their snack box. For me, I won’t rely on buying water elsewhere when I know I can bring with me my most trusted bottled water with us that is Wilkins.

In case you’re wondering, here are some other essentials that I also don’t fail to pack even if our road trip is just an hour or two away from the city.

Neck pillows & scarf (that doubles as a blanket)

Extra set of clothes & sunglasses

Face towels, wipes, tissue, and sanitizer

Medicines, mosquito patch and self-adhesive bandages

We moms really tend to bring the whole house,  save the kitchen sink, with us whenever we’re out and about with our family. I believe it’s our motherly instinct to be prepared and to provide the things our family needs. Don’t forget to make a check list of the things you need to bring for you and your family so you make sure you won’t forget any.

Now that I think about, I believe you moms have other things that you bring with you on a trip out of town. Got anything else that’s not on my list? Please feel free to share them on the comments section below so I can include it on our next trip.

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