Giveaway: Cordless And Powerful, This Is Dyson Fluffy

Gone are the days when vacuum cleaners are supposed to be big and loud in order for them to be efficient with their purpose. In this day and age, compact is always better. Let’s admit, not all vacuums are created equal & there are just some that you’ll fall in love because of it’s design, durability and function.

Neat freaks, homemakers and everyone who loves having a vacuum, I’d like you all to meet Dyson Fluffy.
Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGoThe Dyson Fluffy DC74 has been engineered to tackle dust and debris on hard floors without leaving a scratch behind. It sucks up large debris and fine dust simultaneously.
Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 18Funny how this sleek thing of technology is thinner than my floor mop!

The Dyson digital motor sits at the heart of Dyson’s cordless vacuum cleaners. Spinning at 120,000rmp – 5 times faster than a formula 1 car engine- the Dyson digital V6 motor offers the power of a full-size vacuum cleaner. Powerful suction in a small, light package and without the hassle of wrangling a power cord around furniture.
Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 19

Dyson engineers redesigned the whole cleaner head of the DC74; as a result the machine’s performance has increased dramatically. The soft nylon cleaner head with carbon strips engulfs large debris and envelopes fine dust. Dirt is effortlessly sucked-up into the clear bin which can easily be emptied.

Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 20

The first thing that caught my eye is the overall design of Dyson Fluffy. I am one of the many who don’t really read the product manual and would rather fiddle & tinker until I get the hang of it. Immediately, I noticed three things about Dyson Fluffy:

1. There’s no on and off button. You simply have to put your index finger on the trigger & press it to start.

2. It can be converted to handheld easily and it comes with a few accessory tools, each having a specific purpose.

3. Easily view and remove what’s in the bin.
Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 3Dyson Fluffy comes with a tube like filter that’s easy to clean; just pop it out and put it under running water.Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 2I’m sure all vacuum enthusiast will love that Dyson Fluffy comes with an assortment of eight tools that can aid one in cleaning different parts of the house as well as different items in the home.

Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 6There’s a tool for hard to reach areas and this particular one is perfect for ceilings. Pin lights can get dusty over time because it’s not everyday that one gets to clean it. Cobwebs no more!Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 7

Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 11You can even attach a brush tool at the tip so you can fully dust away. It’s a good match for your window blinds or ceiling fan.Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 8Another tool that you’ll love is this angled brush that you can twist sideways or downwards, depending on your needs.Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 9It can reach the topmost of a shelf or in this case, the air conditioner.
Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 10When I say Dyson Fluffy is handy, I really mean it is. Easily transform it into a handheld vacuum and you’re off sucking dirt and dust from anything and everything that acquires them.

Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 13

The Dyson Fluffy is always ready to go for easy floor cleaning and with a flick of the wrist switch to the ceiling. With 8 additional tools Dyson Fluffy tackles hard-to-reach places. The motorised turbine head glides up stairs, the flexible crevice tool reaches narrow spaces behind furniture, the soft dusting brush sweeps up dust on blinds, and the stubborn dirt brush tackles the hardest of grime.

Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 14It also comes with a mini mortized tool, I like using this to clean our mattress and our couch since the kids tend to spend most of their leisure time in our living room.Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 12There’s a tool option to choose from whether you’re cleaning the couch, the corners of your house, or even the upholster of your car.Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 21Up the power a notch with the max button. It gives 6 minutes of higher suction for more power.

Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 15Another nifty feature of Dyson Fluffy is its storage. Mount it in a wall through its docking station which also serves as its charging station.

Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 17You can even put additional attachments, those that you use frequently. So it’s easy to switch from one attachment to another.
Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 16Charging time is around 3-4 hours and this lets you use Dyson Fluffy for 20 minutes.Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 1


1. Powered by Dyson digital motor V6. It creates the most powerful cordless vacuum. Dyson cordless vacuums are powered by the Dyson digital motor. This power-dense motor uses digital pulse technology and a neodymium magnet to spin at up to 110,000 times a minute. Its small size means that the machines it powers can also be small, light and powerful.

2. Soft roller cleaner head. The Dyson V6 Fluffy vacuum comes with the soft roller cleaner head. Full-width coverage: soft woven nylon, with rows of anti-static carbon fiber filaments enabling simultaneous fine dust and large debris pick-up.

3. Up to 20-minutes powerful fade free suction. Suction starts strong and stays strong. Trigger releases instantly so battery power isn’t wasted between cleaning tasks. (16 minutes with motorized floor tool attached.)

4. Max power mode. Push button to select power. Provides 6 minutes of higher suction for more difficult tasks.

5. Hygienic bin emptying. Just push the button to release the dirt.

Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 4Spot the lint and other dust that has immersed from the carpet.

6. Balanced for floor to ceiling cleaning. Center of gravity located towards the grip for easy, lightweight cleaning up top, down below and in between.

7. It comes with a mini motorized tool. Stiff nylon bristles remove pet hair and ground-in dirt from furniture, car seats and tight spaces.

8. Converts for handheld cleaning. All Dyson cordless vacuums quickly convert to a handheld for quick clean ups, spot cleaning and cleaning difficult places.

9. Convenient docking station. Stores and charges the machine, and holds additional attachments. So it’s always ready to go.

10. Dyson Fluffy is sleek and easy to use. Need I say more?

Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 5We tested how it will fair with this carpet. Can you spot which side was cleaned with Dyson Fluffy? The left side is spotless while the right still has lint and visible dirt. For such a small device, it’s pretty powerful.

Dyson_Fluffy_VacuumCleaner_JackieGo_ 18

Dyson Fluffy retails for P38,500.

My kids now think cleaning is fun especially since they have a cool & nifty gadget. This, I have Dyson to thank for. Now they fight over who gets to clean up the mess they made because they both want to “shoot” the dust and dirt with their “gun” that is Dyson Fluffy.

If you’re in the market to get a vacuum cleaner that’s compact and powerful, I suggest you get Dyson Fluffy. It’s perfect for people who like cleaning every nook and cranny, whether you’re a newlywed, have small kids, have pets or even a bachelor wanting to keep your place spic and span, Dyson Fluffy’s got you covered.

Aaaand because I want one of my readers to experience the awesomeness of Dyson Fluffy, I’m holding a giveaway. Yay! Please follow the easy, peasy steps.

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Dyson Fluffy DC74 is available in Century City Mall (Dyson Concept Store), Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-La, Rustan’s Cebu, Rustan’s Gateway, Abenson Ascott, Duty Free Philippines, Anson’s Makati, Robinson’s Appliance Magnolia, True Value Rockwell, True Value Estancia and True Value 8Forbes.

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  1. Lynn Romero Villanueva says

    This is really a great help for mothers like me! Will never miss this chance to own this! Thanks for the opportunity..

  2. Carol Chan says

    Wow. Thank you for this awesome giveaway! Such a compact and powerful vacuum to suck up all those dust in our home caused by the nearby construction in progress!

  3. Carina Marie Castillo says

    I immensely enjoyed reading this article on Dyson Fluffy DC74! Right from the first few sentences and photos, I was fascinated how a very sleek looking piece of technology can be so powerful and can totally change the usual way we do our household chores! It felt like it was straight out from a Sci-Fi movie, leaving me on the edge of my seat until the very end waiting to know more of what the DYSON FLUFFY can do. It took my breathe away when I read the word CORDLESS and I am totally sold to its POWER-DENSE MOTOR. Its functions are superbly innovative. The DYSON FLUFFY DC74 gives a whole new dimension to cleaning! The right vacuum can do wonders for our family, who are first-time DOG OWNERS (a cute fluffy Havanese!). We fell in love with our dog and having a good cleaning tool will ALLEVIATE my siblings’ ALLERGIES to pet hair and dust (we live right across a busy street and a current building construction site). It would also make cleaning a family bonding (I bet everyone wants to get their turn using the Dyson Fluffy!) and BEARABLE for my meticulous mom who easily gets tired (because of hypertension) using our old, bulky vacuum. We want to try first hand the DYSON FLUFFY DC74’s

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