Oh My Bag: Tools To Take Care Of Your Luxury Goods

I confess I don’t really take care of my bags nor shoes. I’m the type of person who use them for what they are, even if they cost me a good amount of money. I don’t really buy them to keep in the closet yet I also don’t wipe each bag or shoes after use. I therefore conclude I am not good at taking care of my luxury goods. Sorry na! For me kasi, I use and abuse them so I can get my money’s worth.

But I’ve learned that luxury items aren’t really exempted from wear and tear. No matter how fine the materials used and exquisite the craftsmanship is, taking care of your leather bags and shoes should always be considered because they will get worn over time. This I’m trying to practice. Thankfully, I found tools that would help me clean and store my bags and shoes properly. These tools are fool proof and don’t take much time and effort. Perfect ‘to for women like me who have come to understand that proper cleaning and storing of leather goods are a MUST!


I was once afraid to clean my leather bags. I’ve had a fair share of mishaps (color transfer, bleeding and the like) doing this so ever since, I didn’t dare clean my leather bags. Then I discovered Apple Brand and Cadillac, two brands that have been raved by many bag enthusiasts when it comes to cleaning and protecting leather goods, so I gave it a try.


I got my supply from BubbleTotes Shop. It helps rid of dirt on leather. When I got this set, there’s an instruction on how to apply it. Test first Apple Gard cleaner to an inconspicuous part of the bag so as not to ruin it should there be color bleeding. If there’s no reaction, gently apply it section per section on your bag. Let the bag dry first before applying the conditioner. Use Apple Gard or Cadillac Shield rain and stain repellant by spraying it on the bag to protect it from rain stains. Do this at every two or three months depending on how often you use your bag.


The Philippines is a very humid country. To prevent peeling, cracking, molds and mildews on your leather goods, use a dehumidifier and put it in your bag cabinet. You can also opt to use silica gel and put one pack inside your bag. These are easily available at local supermarkets, Daiso or Japan Home and hardware stores like True Value.


Aside from cleaning, storing isn’t really my thing when it comes to my bags. I just pile everything inside my closet. Over time, my bags are either wrinkled or forgotten because they’re not as organised as they should be. Thankfully, Oh My Bag is here to rescue me from my dilemma.


Oh My Bag is an online shop that offers bag accessories that can help better take care of your bags.


They have an array of bag products to help you properly take care of your bags. From bag stuffer, to bag filer even to rain coat and handle wraps. They’ve got it covered. They also have a few leather bags for sale too!


I use to dump my bags back to their respective dust bags and not have a care on how they’ll get wrinkled but now I know better.


Silica gel + bag stuffer to help keep the moisture away from my bag while at the same time keep its structure.


On days when I heavily rotate my bags, I just slip them on Oh My Bag’s bag filer for easy access.


For my tote bags, I love spraying Cadillac water & stain repellant and use a base shaper to help keep its shape.



Same brand of bags tend to have same branded dust bags. To make it easy and avoid confusion, I put each one inside this generic dust bag which is also from Oh My Bag. They have a slot where I can either put a polaroid (must. get. an. Instax!!!) photo of the bag or just a note describing what bag’s inside.

OhMyBag_JackieGo_9Most of my bags are slouchy when stored. To avoid this, I now use bag stuffer for each one.


Tadah! Love how the bag stuffer from Oh My Bag helps my bag retain its look even when stored.


Can you say I was addicted cleaning and storing my bags properly soon after I discovered Oh My Bags?! Yes, yes you can!


Reality: I used to stuff my bags with papers, newspapers and bubble wraps to retain its shape.


Now, I don’t have to. Bye old paper & newspaper! Hello soft and plush bag stuffer!


Since I’m not good when it comes to handling my bags, having protection while using them is exactly what I need. Darkening & scratching of leather handles aren’t exactly appealing. Good thing, there’s readily available handle wraps.

Confession: I once cut an inch off my dress so I can use it as a handle wrap for my bag! Heehee. I am so not doing this again, thanks Oh My Bag, I am loving all the prints of your handle wraps!


Doesn’t the handle wrap breathe new life to my plain blue bag?! What is chic? Ay lavett!


Oh My Bag also has shoe stuffer. It’s kinda the same with the bag stuffer for it helps retain the front part of the shoe.


Consider getting these bag and shoe accessories for your leather goods! You get to prolong the life of your bags and shoes and eventually, you can pass them on to your children when they’re older. Yes, your bags and shoes can be good investments when taken cared for properly. 😉



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